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Just Because It’s Cute…

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Inside reads: “now and always

I’ve definitely been having “one of those weeks” – so for anyone out there that can relate, hope this “Double Decker” letterpress card from Elum makes you smile too! (Or inspires you to send a similar message to someone you know that could use it right now!)

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6 responses to “Just Because It’s Cute…”

  1. Kim O. says:

    Love you, Jenn! And I’m here for you!!!!:)

  2. Very cute.

    Hope next week is better. The good news is: it’s Friday!

  3. jenn s. says:

    Thanks, Girls!! And you’re right – TGIF for sure! :)

  4. angelica09 says:

    That is so cute… I know I have been going through stressful times but I realized life goes on…
    I hope you have a better weekend :)

  5. Brandi Starr says:

    Great card and great message! I can totally relate to how youu felt last week. But it is a new week, hope your’s is starr studded :-)

  6. Venetia Louise says:

    so cute!