13 May

Guyot Designs: Smart + Cool + Eco-Chic

guyot designs

I came across an image of these “Squishy Bowls” in this month’s issue of Real Simple (June 2009) and was instantly intrigued by both the name and mod look. You can use these bowls to serve dishes like pasta & salad on when your on a picnic/at an outdoor BBQ, then squash them into your bag for hassle-free, space-conserving transportation on the way home. They’re made of food-safe silicone, easy to clean, and come in fun colors like Tangerine and Tomato (see bottom pic).

A little investigation into the company behind these bowls – Guyot Designs – revealed lots more “smart+cool” designs like the Squishy Bowls. For example, the Firefly accessory turns your wide-mouth water bottle into a lantern!

guyot designs

The Firefly lid is retro-fitted with an LED light that spreads a warm glow throughout the bottle, and you can control/adjust the levels from “nightlight” to “reading light”!

Save money, save the earth: Guyot’s TapGuard accessory (pictured below) replaces hundreds of disposable bottles. Add it to your widemouth bottle and you’ve got carbon-filtered water from any safe source!

guyot designs

Speaking of “green bottles” – check out these Stainless Steel beauties:

guyot designs

According to Guyot, “Every bottle we produce carries 100lbs of verified green house gas emissions reductions- making our bottles not just carbon neutral, but carbon negative!.

Next up: The Utensils: “a functional way to bring everything you need from the kitchen to the trail”. Twirl your pasta, sip your soup, spread on the PB, or cut your food – all with this handy set. Also available in a Microbites version for kids!

guyot designs

Check out guyotdesigns.com for more cool products like these. (All 5 available colors of Squishy Bowls pictured below.)

guyot designs

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Jill SAYS:

The lantern accessory is genius! I’m going to give that to my husband for Father’s Day – thanks!

Reply May 13, 2009 at 7:53 am

Gina SAYS:

The squishy bowls sound perfect for summer days with the kids. We go to the park a lot when the weather is warm and these will be great for lunchtime!

Reply May 13, 2009 at 7:58 am

Down Comforter SAYS:

Love the “Firefly” – clever idea :)

Reply May 17, 2009 at 4:36 pm

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