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Host a Twilight Theme Party at Home

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twilight party ideas

This past Friday I invited my local Twilight-loving friends over to watch the new DVD that just came out… and I’ve gotta say it was a fun excuse for a party! Although my husband wasn’t really surprised that I was decorating for this get-together, he still asked, “Why all the fuss to watch a DVD?“.

The answer is simple of course: for fun! The way I see it is this: I can sit on my couch in my regular living room and watch a movie any ol’ Friday night, so when the movie lends itself to a fantasy-type theme that’s the perfect excuse for breaking out the twinkle lights and red martini’s, why the heck not? Life is too short not to mix things up when you can… and there’s no reason why we should save all the fun for just birthdays and holidays!

twilight party ideas

The main elements of this particular Twilight party were:

mood lighting created with white twinkle lights & candles
red (blood-themed) cocktails, favors, & drinks
apples & Italian food
framed quotes from the book & movie (pictured at top & below), which I dressed up a bit in photoshop, then printed out & framed. (The framed quote above is a line from the movie that Edward says when he catches an apple in a manner that mimics the book cover.)

Want to use these movie quote designs for your party? Download all of them right here: 8×10 quotes (3.1 M pdf) / 5×7 quotes (6.3 M pdf). *If you have trouble opening the files once downloaded, please see the “Download Tips” note at the bottom of this post.


twilight party ideas

I designed these downloadable blood-themed drink labels a couple weeks ago and mocked them up digitally in an earlier post, but they look way better in person when wrapped around bottles of red sodas,  juices, and cocktail mixers! (Remove the original labels from the bottles first. Soaking them in hot water for 10-15 minutes first will make this task easier.)

Download these drink labels here (high res pdf format).
Label designs include: i’m thirsty, drink up, type A negative, type B positive, and type O negative

twilight party ideas

More easy party decor ideas: Fill glass vases with apples, pillar candles, floating candles, and dark red acrylic sea glass. Decorate the vases with satin ribbon, black tulle, sparkly stickers, and movie quotes.

twilight party ideas

Rhinestone appliques would be appropriate decor for the vases too… anything sparkly is actually a great reference to the “diamond” effect that sunlight creates on the vampires.

twilight party ideas

Since the changing color of Edward’s eyes are a big part of the story, I thought that would be a good thing to call out with a quote as well. (For those of you that haven’t read the story, black eyes = thirsty/hungry.)

twilight party ideas

If you’re planning to serve dinner at the party, Italian is a great choice for a couple key reasons:
Bella orders Mushroom Ravioli in the Port Angeles restaurant with Edward. (as seen in the picture in the background above, which is from the book Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion – only $9.68 at
In the movie, the Cullens attempt to make Italian food for Bella when she visits their home for the first time. I framed Esme’s line: “We’re making Italiano for you.” to display on the buffet table by the food.

twilight party ideas

On the drinks table, framed signs read: “thirsty?” and “drink up.” (Both signs are included in the ” 5×7 quotes” pdf.)

twilight party ideas

Also served, but not pictured here: red wine & red Pomegranate-Cran Martinis served in martini glasses rimmed with a “hard candy blood drip“.

Last but not least are the party favors…red candy in cellophane bags make for fun, super-easy “blood bag” party favors.  These bags are filled with Red Vines (which Bella is also seen eating in the movie) and aptly named Twizzler “Bites“. Both the candy and the cellophane bags are from Target, but there’s also a huge variety of red candies available online.

twilight party ideas

Another fun favor idea: sparkly red lip gloss! These red-shimmer NYC Liquid Lip Shine glosses were only $1.72 each at Target! Display them with a little sign that reads “Vampire Kisses“.

twilight party ideas

*Check out more pictures of the party details over at the Twilight Screening Party facebook album.


MORE Twilight party ideas:

In my dreamworld – if I had the time/resources/excuse to do even more with this theme – here are some ideas that would top the list (in no particular order):

Use a fog machine and hang umbrellas to give the effect of Forks – rainy and misty.

Include a chocolate fountain in the dessert buffet – featuring white chocolate that’s been dyed red to look like blood, of course!

Serve Red Velvet Cupcakes that look like they’ve been splattered with blood… just like these fabulous creations from Retro Bakery in Las Vegas:

twilight vampire cupcakes

Create napkin rings from glow in the dark plastic fangs… and have more sets of fangs available for photo opps!

Drizzle bowls of popcorn with butter that’s been colored red.

Set up a creative, themed black & red candy buffet…mixed in with “bloody” candy accents and clever details from the movie.

Have the Twilight Movie Soundtrack playing as background music before the movie.

Play some sort of movie trivia or themed game – and give a golden onion as the prize. (This is the same thing that Bella & Edward “won” in Biology; to create: literally spray paint a store-bought onion gold!)

Make “blood drip candles” by drizzling melted was from a red candle on top of a white taper candle, then displaying them in cool candelabras – like this fabulous & elegant Red Acrylic Candelabra from Social Couture.

If this was the theme for a big-budget event, I’d love to recreate the look of the meadow by bringing in lots of foliage and covering some of the tabletops with dewy grass & purple flowers. How fun would THAT be?! And then, of course – there’s that fantastic twinkle light canopy from the prom scene at the end of the movie…sigh…like I said: dream!


Hope you found some good inspiration here for a Twilight party of your own!

Have more party ideas to add? Please share them in the comments section!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: You are free to download and print these movie quote & drink label designs for your personal use only. They may be printed from your PC or at any commercial print shop such as FedEx Office/Kinkos.

Please do not attempt to resell or redistribute these designs. If you’d like blog about these templates, please make sure to link to the full post at HWTM and not directly to the downloadable files. Thank you!


Download Tips: When files are downloaded to a PC, you might need to “extract” them before they’ll open properly, especially if it looks like the files size looks very small, which means it is probably still compressed. Select the file that won’t open and look for a button at the top of your downloads folder that says “Extract”, then click it.  For some reason this only happens to some and not others – not sure why!

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  1. jenn s. says:

    Is it possible that there’s a “privacy” setting turned on for that album where only your flickr contacts can see it? That’s the only think I can think of…

  2. Rhonda says:

    Hmmm. I have it set to public so everyone should be able to view it. I’ll have to check again later and see if there is something else I’m missing. sorry. Hopefully I can get it fixed so everyone who’s interested can view it.

  3. Lisa says:

    WOW – can I say amazing!! Here is a link to my vampire blood lollipops – I was making these for all my friends. We are going to see the movie on sunday

    Take care

  4. claudia says:

    i am turning 17 next year and i am a hude fan of twilight and all this looks perfect 17

    “how long you been 17″(bella)
    “a while”(edward)

  5. Cora says:

    This looks so awesome! How did you print, or what type of paper you used to print the labels??

  6. jenn s. says:

    Hi Cora –
    I printed them at Kinkos on their photo quality paper (matte finish, not glossy). I highly recommend this route since there’s so much black in the designs and it can be hard for most home printers to handle!

  7. teresa says:

    Love all of your ideas! I printed the drink labels and they look great- What type of adhesive did you use?

  8. scullir says:

    great job!!!! those are great ideas you really helped me get a idea for my twilight party!!!


  9. Bianca says:

    These ideas are kickass! I have a twiparty in a week and these will ROCK DA HOUSE!!

  10. maria pap cullen says:

    ok i have 2 questions…
    1.what do you use for this red colour? and
    2.what is this type of papes?because i print these labels using the common paper and the letters weren’t so good….(forgive me about the mistakes…)

  11. jenn s. says:

    Hi Maria –

    You should print these out on photo quality paper – that will turn out a lot better because there’s too much ink in the design for regular paper to handle. If possible, save the files to a disc or thumbnail drive and take them to a place like Kinkos and have them print everything for you!

    For the red color – I’m think you’re referring to the vases with candles – and those are filled with red acrylic ice gems at the bottom. Here’s a link to where you can buy those:

    Hope that helps! :)

  12. alex says:

    that is a madd dawg themed party imma have to steel it

  13. maria pap cullen says:

    thnx u jenn!!!you really helped me!!!

  14. Breezie says:

    these ideas are awsome…my mother is going to use some of them for my sweet sixteen party…everything looks kool….

  15. Twilight saga fan says:

    Yea, so funny i will do that! I what type… a i think… :P

  16. Majah says:

    This is perfect! My friend´s turning 14 and we´re going to surprise her with a twilight party. Thanks!

  17. mrs cullen says:

    im doing this 4 my party !!!! :) :)

  18. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the free downloads and ideas. My daughter is turning 12 and told me whe wanted this theme but me to surprise her with the decorations and you have some great ideas. Thanks again!!!

  19. Jessica says:

    Sorry my fingers must have been crossed – I meant to say what that she told me that she wanted this theme but to surprise her with the decorations. lol Thanks

  20. Tammy says:

    I’d love to share some of the pictures of my Twilight party last October. I used many of Jen’s GREAT ideas, but I have no idea how to post pics. Can someone help me out?
    Thanks again Jen!!

  21. KK says:


    I am completely new to this website – but i’ll definitely be coming back!
    I stumbled upon this website – while doing some research for a party.
    I am actually looking for Ideas for an event for the Eclipse Movie release in June of this year.
    I work for a nightclub – so I would have a decent sized decoration budget.. And I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that would be cool to use on a larger scale – these ideas are great – but might not work for an 800 person party. haha.=) I did see the idea of doing foliage and a meadow like theme. But was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions regarding Decorations? Black & Red? Red Ribbons(for the book logo)? any Ideas would be greatly appreciated! =)

    I want to do whatever I can to make this event huge! My boss didn’t believe me when I told him we needed to do one when New Moon came out – But now he does.. and we’ll hopefully going to be doing a huge party for Eclipse.

    The management team and I are kinda throwing together some ideas right now to build the night.
    If we do this event we will be doing it with a radio station and doing sneak preview prize packages, etc.

  22. Lisa says:

    Hi, Jenn: I stumbled on this while looking for ideas for my daughter’s 9th birthday Twilight party. Awesome ideas!! I was wondering if you would mind emialing me the labels for the licorice? I would love to use that idea if it is okay. Thank you.

  23. Julie says:

    I just had a Twilight Party this past weekend for my mom’s group and it turned out great! I could not have done it without my friend, Akane’s help and all of your ideas. We used all of your ideas and even made our own Pure Vampire Venon labels for our bottled water. (cuz you know vamp venon is not red – it’s silver! LOL!) Anyway check it out! Hope it makes you proud!
    Can’t wait til my New Moon dvd release party! It’s coming out March 20th and we will definitely be using your printables! : )

  24. Julie says:

    I hope the link works. and I wanted to add that I had my brother doctor up some more quotes from Twilight that I used to wrap around the candles and put in frames for my Edward and Bella “shrine”. ; ) We also had Diamond Hard, Crimson red nail polish as one of the favors (instead of the lipgloss). So much fun to prep for this party – almost as much fun as the party!!!

  25. Cora says:

    I have to thank you for all these materials and ideas. THANKS TO YOU my party was hit!!!

  26. Lisa says:

    Hi, Julie:

    I am sorry. I am new to this. I didn’t see the link. Thanks.

  27. Julie P. says:

    Sorry – I put in 2 comments (#224 & #225). The link is on comment # 224. but here it is again.

    I hope you can see the pics if not I may have to change my settings on facebook so please let me know. Thanks!

  28. Julie P. says:

    ok – so I was told that the link would not work but here’s my last shot at this. It should work. Hope you like the results – the party wasa a hit!

    thanks for looking!!!

  29. Rhonda says:

    Julie –
    Awesome pics. You did a great job. I was just wondering where you got the labels for the water bottles or how you did them? Everything I’ve tried always didn’t fit right. Thanks.


  30. Julie P. says:

    Hi Rhonda – thanks! I thought of the idea and my brother made it come true. I think it may be easier to do on an excel spreadsheet? Not sure how he did it. : )

  31. marianna says:

    hollywood or twilight party

  32. Julie P. says:

    Hi Star – it’s actually just cranberry and vodka. I believe that’s called a capecod? Anyway, we did it to stick w/ the blood theme. ; ) Hope you post your party so we can enjoy it too!

  33. Julie P. says:

    Hi Rhonda – i hope you check this post but I will try to give you a link to the water bottle label. Probably in a few days?

  34. star says:


    love your party! you did an awesome job! what is the drink you have in the dispenser? i like the deep red color, i’d like to make it for my party! thanks!

  35. Rhonda says:

    Thanks Julie. I appreciate it.

    [email protected]

  36. star says:

    julie p-

    I will share the pics, of course! may i also have the link to the water bottle labels? thanks!

  37. Photogrl001 says:

    You are awesome,My sister and I are doing a surprised sweet 16 for her daughter and love all your idea’s and prob. will use them all, however I have a tricky question I love love the way the Twilight set looks but her party is for both boys and girls is this acceptable if boys are included ? meaning r the guys going to rip about the whole thing? I also saw your new moon set but really loving the whole color scheme of Twilight could do sooo much with this color and as a photographer I’m seeing great possibilities. However I need teenage drinks that they will like and is the theme and music enough,,,at 16 they won’t do games will they? even if twilight oriented? so what else could We do to keep a hug room of teenagers entertained and not humiliate my niece, We want her to feel when the nights over she will think this was the best day she has ever had….HELP…Her birthday is in May actually right before the new release of Eclipse to the theater. But as for now it is all about Edward….lol….We r throwing around the idea of it being a dress like your favorite character with my niece as the only Bella or is this too much? we will be renting a hall of some sort so will have dance space and tons of room for decorations and I will have my fog machine most likely as I was actually making up some of my own sound clips,doing some Photoshop play to make pictures show on the walls for the evening it might be a little juvenile and was doing some research and there you were taking some of the work load off of us,,I think we are having more fun trying to plan than anything else…hehehe hummm I’m seeing stars in this party…..what is lame to 16 yr olds. I think I’m pretty ok about the most but still would like back up…. Thanks

  38. photogrl001 says:

    hey, thanks for all the labels can’t wait till may when we use them,But I can’t seem to find the candy labels they look thicker than the drink labels are they the same or different could I please get them if they are different.

  39. Halloween Costumes Chick says:

    Looks like fun! I love it!