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Host a Twilight Theme Party at Home

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twilight party ideas

This past Friday I invited my local Twilight-loving friends over to watch the new DVD that just came out… and I’ve gotta say it was a fun excuse for a party! Although my husband wasn’t really surprised that I was decorating for this get-together, he still asked, “Why all the fuss to watch a DVD?“.

The answer is simple of course: for fun! The way I see it is this: I can sit on my couch in my regular living room and watch a movie any ol’ Friday night, so when the movie lends itself to a fantasy-type theme that’s the perfect excuse for breaking out the twinkle lights and red martini’s, why the heck not? Life is too short not to mix things up when you can… and there’s no reason why we should save all the fun for just birthdays and holidays!

twilight party ideas

The main elements of this particular Twilight party were:

mood lighting created with white twinkle lights & candles
red (blood-themed) cocktails, favors, & drinks
apples & Italian food
framed quotes from the book & movie (pictured at top & below), which I dressed up a bit in photoshop, then printed out & framed. (The framed quote above is a line from the movie that Edward says when he catches an apple in a manner that mimics the book cover.)

Want to use these movie quote designs for your party? Download all of them right here: 8×10 quotes (3.1 M pdf) / 5×7 quotes (6.3 M pdf). *If you have trouble opening the files once downloaded, please see the “Download Tips” note at the bottom of this post.


twilight party ideas

I designed these downloadable blood-themed drink labels a couple weeks ago and mocked them up digitally in an earlier post, but they look way better in person when wrapped around bottles of red sodas,  juices, and cocktail mixers! (Remove the original labels from the bottles first. Soaking them in hot water for 10-15 minutes first will make this task easier.)

Download these drink labels here (high res pdf format).
Label designs include: i’m thirsty, drink up, type A negative, type B positive, and type O negative

twilight party ideas

More easy party decor ideas: Fill glass vases with apples, pillar candles, floating candles, and dark red acrylic sea glass. Decorate the vases with satin ribbon, black tulle, sparkly stickers, and movie quotes.

twilight party ideas

Rhinestone appliques would be appropriate decor for the vases too… anything sparkly is actually a great reference to the “diamond” effect that sunlight creates on the vampires.

twilight party ideas

Since the changing color of Edward’s eyes are a big part of the story, I thought that would be a good thing to call out with a quote as well. (For those of you that haven’t read the story, black eyes = thirsty/hungry.)

twilight party ideas

If you’re planning to serve dinner at the party, Italian is a great choice for a couple key reasons:
Bella orders Mushroom Ravioli in the Port Angeles restaurant with Edward. (as seen in the picture in the background above, which is from the book Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion – only $9.68 at
In the movie, the Cullens attempt to make Italian food for Bella when she visits their home for the first time. I framed Esme’s line: “We’re making Italiano for you.” to display on the buffet table by the food.

twilight party ideas

On the drinks table, framed signs read: “thirsty?” and “drink up.” (Both signs are included in the ” 5×7 quotes” pdf.)

twilight party ideas

Also served, but not pictured here: red wine & red Pomegranate-Cran Martinis served in martini glasses rimmed with a “hard candy blood drip“.

Last but not least are the party favors…red candy in cellophane bags make for fun, super-easy “blood bag” party favors.  These bags are filled with Red Vines (which Bella is also seen eating in the movie) and aptly named Twizzler “Bites“. Both the candy and the cellophane bags are from Target, but there’s also a huge variety of red candies available online.

twilight party ideas

Another fun favor idea: sparkly red lip gloss! These red-shimmer NYC Liquid Lip Shine glosses were only $1.72 each at Target! Display them with a little sign that reads “Vampire Kisses“.

twilight party ideas

*Check out more pictures of the party details over at the Twilight Screening Party facebook album.


MORE Twilight party ideas:

In my dreamworld – if I had the time/resources/excuse to do even more with this theme – here are some ideas that would top the list (in no particular order):

Use a fog machine and hang umbrellas to give the effect of Forks – rainy and misty.

Include a chocolate fountain in the dessert buffet – featuring white chocolate that’s been dyed red to look like blood, of course!

Serve Red Velvet Cupcakes that look like they’ve been splattered with blood… just like these fabulous creations from Retro Bakery in Las Vegas:

twilight vampire cupcakes

Create napkin rings from glow in the dark plastic fangs… and have more sets of fangs available for photo opps!

Drizzle bowls of popcorn with butter that’s been colored red.

Set up a creative, themed black & red candy buffet…mixed in with “bloody” candy accents and clever details from the movie.

Have the Twilight Movie Soundtrack playing as background music before the movie.

Play some sort of movie trivia or themed game – and give a golden onion as the prize. (This is the same thing that Bella & Edward “won” in Biology; to create: literally spray paint a store-bought onion gold!)

Make “blood drip candles” by drizzling melted was from a red candle on top of a white taper candle, then displaying them in cool candelabras – like this fabulous & elegant Red Acrylic Candelabra from Social Couture.

If this was the theme for a big-budget event, I’d love to recreate the look of the meadow by bringing in lots of foliage and covering some of the tabletops with dewy grass & purple flowers. How fun would THAT be?! And then, of course – there’s that fantastic twinkle light canopy from the prom scene at the end of the movie…sigh…like I said: dream!


Hope you found some good inspiration here for a Twilight party of your own!

Have more party ideas to add? Please share them in the comments section!

Looking for New Moon Party Ideas? Check out our Free New Moon Printables too!


IMPORTANT NOTE: You are free to download and print these movie quote & drink label designs for your personal use only. They may be printed from your PC or at any commercial print shop such as FedEx Office/Kinkos.

Please do not attempt to resell or redistribute these designs. If you’d like blog about these templates, please make sure to link to the full post at HWTM and not directly to the downloadable files. Thank you!


Download Tips: When files are downloaded to a PC, you might need to “extract” them before they’ll open properly, especially if it looks like the files size looks very small, which means it is probably still compressed. Select the file that won’t open and look for a button at the top of your downloads folder that says “Extract”, then click it.  For some reason this only happens to some and not others – not sure why!

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

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  1. Manvi says:

    Very very cool. I have to post a link to this from my Twilight blog. – Twilight fans are going to love this!! Thanks!!

  2. I’ve been thinking about a Twilight screening party since you posted the drink labels last week! As always, you delivered! I looove the lip gloss. I’ll have to go to target today to snatch some of those up!

    Thank you for all the free downloads! I can’t wait to take a look at all of them and throw my own party! I’ll have to use this again when New Moon comes out in theaters!

  3. RLV says:

    That looks great! Might have to steal some of those ideas! ;)

  4. Jane says:

    jenn, awesome! so creative and made me laugh several times. great job! (ps…your party looks better than the movie)

  5. Kim O. says:

    I am so, so sad that I was not in SD to go to this! Everything looks awesome! And it would be fun to host a party like this in November to get everyone ready for the New Moon release:)

  6. robin says:

    aw, i wish i was a fan, this is something i would have so much goin nuts with!

  7. robin says:

    oopse, meant so much FUN goin nuts with… :O)

  8. Valerie(momof3crazykids) says:

    Those are all great ideas! I need to have a Twilight party!

  9. Ooooo this would be such a fun party to do for my daughter!

  10. Emily says:

    This is incredible! I had my party this past Friday so I’m kinda bummed I didn’t wait so I could totally copy yours. The drink labels were a hit, and I made red velvet cupcakes with white icing and had red tealights all over. A friend even brought a life-size cardboard cutout of Edward so we could all take pictures with him. It was so fun. Thanks for the idea, everyone loved it.

  11. star says:

    love these ideas! will definately use these! i cant get the 8×10 pdf’s to work. saya the file is damaged? has this happened to anyone else?

  12. Tiffany says:

    I love all your fun ideas! I’m having my Twilight party this week and these are fabulous tips. I’ll totally have to use some of these. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  13. Wow, what a cool Twilight party! I wish I had that kind of decorating pizzazz! I love the ideas on this blog so much!

  14. What a great teenage birthday party idea.. with all the teen craze over this series a sleepover / movie to end it.. Thanks Jenn!!!

  15. jenn s. says:

    star –
    I just tried the link and it downloaded and opened for me. Is the problem with the download or opening it after? Here’s the link again – maybe try it one more time just in case… hope it works!

    Jenn :)

  16. star says:

    Jenn, i tried it and it worked! thanks so much!

  17. Elissa says:

    My friend and I just had a Twilight Party. It was one to remember. If you want to see some creative ideas just check out my blog. Maybe you all could use some for your party.

  18. Elissa says:

    Thanks Jenn. It was so much fun. I love seeing other peoples parties too. Makes me want to go to all these parties. How much fun would that be!!

  19. Alicia says:

    I wish I’d seen this before my party! I made OME (Oh My Edward) Cupcakes. They were red velvet filled w/ pureed cherry pie filling topped with white chocolate cream cheese frosting sprinkled with edible shimmer dust. They were pale and sparkly on the outside, bloody on the inside just like Edward :)

  20. jenn s. says:

    Elissa – Agreed! How excited are you for theater pre-parties/after-parties in November?! ;)

    Alicia – Your OME cupcake idea/description is way too clever! Love it!

  21. Elissa says:

    OMG! Jen dont even get me started about November. I can hardly stand the wait!!
    I loved the OME cupcake idea too. SO COOL!

  22. Virginia says:

    This is fantastic. I tried to download the drink labels and it said the file was corrupted. Can you please repost? I can’t wait to throw my Twilight party. : )

  23. Joan says:

    OMG!!! All this stuff is AMAZING! GREAT JOB ON ALL OF IT!!!!!!

  24. mara wong says:

    wow..that is so neat :) you probably mentioned this before but where do you get the drink labels? Are they just paper or is it a sticker?

  25. jenn s. says:

    Mara –
    They’re actually printable labels that I designed – you can click here to download the templates:

    I printed them on photo-quality paper then attached them to the bottles with double-sided tape.

    If you need to print a LOT of them, I’d recommend doing it at somewhere like Kinkos or a local copy shop because there’s a lot of black ink coverage and it might end up being cheaper to do it there in the long run than having to buy a lot of ink jet cartridges.

    Jenn :)

  26. jenn s. says:

    Virginia –
    Here’s the link again:

    If that doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’d be happy to email them to you – the file is a little over 3 Megabytes.

  27. Mara says:

    Thank you Jenn! :) This is a great idea, even for non-twilight theme parties! I’m throwing my sister a birthday party & since she’s born on Halloween, I’m trying to gather ideas. If you have any suggestions that would be wonderful!

  28. Lana says:

    That’s really awesome. It gives me more ideas for my next TwiParty for New Moon.

    If you want to check out what I did last November,
    for the movie release, check out my album here.

  29. Erica B. says:

    This is just the best party idea ever!!!

  30. jenn s. says:

    Lana –
    Thanks so much for sharing the link to your Twilight party album – LOVE it all! Especially the blood shooters – I’m so doing that in November!! The labeling is hilarious.

    Looks like you guys had a blast!
    Jenn :)

  31. Lana says:

    No problem. I love being able to share all these ideas and! Seeing that i’m not alone in doing this. Your party just looks so classy, I’m definately using the labels and vampire kisses!

  32. jess says:

    sooooooooooo kwwwwwwllll

  33. Michelle says:

    Everything about this is GREAT!! Im going to have to link it to my Twilight blog

  34. star says:

    jenn, what type of paper of paper do you recommend we print the drink labels on? Thx in advance!

  35. Princess says:

    This is an awesome website!!! My party is so gonna be like the way those pictures are!!!

  36. Katie says:

    I am totally using all of this to throw my friend a birthday party. She LOVES Twilight so this will blow her mind :) YOU’RE BRILLIANT!

  37. jenn s. says:

    Star – For the paper, photo quality is best so that it holds the ink well, but make sure it’s not too thick. Text-weight paper (in a matte or gloss finish) is better than cardstock because it will be easier to wrap around the bottles.

    I used 100# text, matte finish for this party. The standard “photo paper” that they use at places like Kinkos is actually perfect.

    Jenn :)

  38. jenn s. says:

    Ranai –
    I used “Zephyr” and “Be Safe” for all the labels and quotes.

    Zephyr is the “twilight” looking font and “Be Safe” is the script-y font. You can get Be Safe here:

    and just google “Zephyr” to find it lots of places…

    Glad you liked everything! :)

  39. Ranai says:

    What font did you use to create all of the materials? It’s AMAZING! Great job!!!

  40. LT says:

    This will be helpful for me to start hosting my own parties. What program(s) did you use to create the twilight bottle labels? What programs are out there to create personal labels? Also what type of paper do you use to print these labels out. Thank you so much for your help.

  41. Katie says:

    Super creative. Even though I personally didn’t like this movie it gave me lots of ideas for movie-themeing a movie I do like for a party. Great, thanks for sharing.

  42. 360krissy says:

    WOW! You are so clever and creative…and how cool that you included the downloads for those of us who are not creative! My daughter is going to love this….thank you so much for sharing your great ideas! Long live Edward and Bella……lol….. :)

  43. Jodie says:

    Hosting my party today in Australia after the dvd release this week and sooo happy to grab a couple more ideas from you!! Thankyou so much, I am going to keep all my things together in a special box for the release of new moon. Well done!

  44. Miss Vini says:

    Wow, this all looks great!
    Thanks for all the ideas!!
    I’m trying to download the pdf documents with the quotes & both won’t open, saying the file is damaged. Any chance I might be able to get them?
    Thanx Thanx!!
    (writing from Tahiti!!!)

  45. Amy Morris says:

    plz could you tell me what ingredients you need for the italiano dish that the cullens cook in there kitchen for bella the first time she comes round thankyou this will help me a lot p.s i need to know before 12th May thankyou please reply!

  46. Christine says:

    This is so great! I also wrote a Twilight party idea for my daughter:

  47. laura says:

    Thosa are really creative ideas, I love them and may have to try to host my own Twilight party

  48. Carol says:

    You rock! You are so bookmarked in my Twilight folder. I am having a “100 Days ’til New Moon” party in August. The lip gloss idea is fantastic! Thanks.

  49. S. Jones says:

    Now that the end of the school year is nearing, you’ll find lots of “apple” decorations for teachers in the graduation section of party stores.

  50. Jessie says:


  51. marsha says:

    This site is awesome…i cannot get the drinklabels.pdf to open–it says it is damaged or something like that. We are having a Twilight party with the work girls and this would be great!

  52. Eve says:

    Your blog is amazing! I LOVE this post. Thanks for sharing the print outs. You can go here to see what I did with some of them!

  53. Aly says:

    omg i am turning twelve and i will definatly use some of those ideas…( not the martinies of coarse). Only one prob….. the cullens don’t have fangs!!!!!!!!!!

  54. kathy fanfulla says:

    Thank you for your amazing ideas, a big kiss for sharing it all with us, we did our our Twilight Party for the DVD release in Melbourne, OZ and it was AMAZING!! A great night was had by all, and here is the link to 2 of our albums … there was just too many photos ENJOY!!!

    hope it works!

  55. Olivia says:

    WOW I’m having a Twilight birthday party and I am gunna have to steal these ideas. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!:)


  56. kisskiss says:

    LOOOve the lipgloss! I am using as a birthday theme and maybe to have a party when ALL 4 movies come out!!! Thanks for the AH-mazing ideals

  57. Gabriela says:

    OMG! Wow, that is amazing.. Ok. I need help on Twilight themed parties.. My mom & I decided-since it’s my 12th birthday party- that we should do a Twilight Themed Party because we want it to be special.. Now, my mom wants it to be perfect and she has tons of ideas in her mind. I would love to help her out but, she like totally read my mind in everything.. Hahaha! So, if you have any ideas of what should be there,how, and etc. then you can send me a message on my e-mail. Thanks !!

  58. Coggie says:

    Awesome…can’t wait to try out a few of your ideas! Just wondering what font the quotes are written in? Thanx!

  59. jenn s. says:

    Hi Coggie –
    The main font (the one that looks like the twilight movie title) is called “Zephyr” and the accent font is called “Be Safe”.

    If you google them you should be able to find them for free! :)

  60. Charlaine says:

    Where can you get the Zephyr font to make things for free?

  61. Hannah says:

    hi i am looking for a twilight theme for my bowling party hook me up with some good stuff k

  62. Oneroa says:

    THANKS !!
    i’m having a twilight themed sweet16!!
    these are awesome ideas thanks!

  63. Twilights no 1 fan (is me) says:

    THANKS SO MUCH! i’m using some ideas for my ‘how to host a twilight party’. credit goes to you, and your awesome website.

  64. Suzanne says:

    Fabulous ideas! We’re having a Twilight Pool Party tomorrow so will be modifying quite a bit. One thing we are adding is red-colored (with food color) apple juice — I’m going to put dry ice in it. I used to do this years ago at Holloween parties. It carbonates the apple juice as well as cools it — and of course, the best part is the “fog” it makes.

  65. Makenzie says:

    This is amazing. My birthday is on July 4th! Yay!(:

  66. emmy says:

    OMG i have gotten so many ideas from this! THANKYOU! and omg my birthday party is on the 4 July: the birthday was on 26 June :)

  67. jade and andrea says:

    ok so all of the ideas u put on here were fabulous and we want to thatnk u sooo much cuz 2morrow i am having the twilight game night party:) i used a liitle bit of my own style with my aunt but i will be posting pics up on my blog of the party soon i will comment again and give u the info soon:)

  68. kaits says:

    omg this is so cool I am going to host one very soon and I need a lot of ideas! thankyou

  69. Chinel says:

    wow that looks amazing, i’m going to have to steal your ideas because my birthday is in August & it’s gonna be Twilight themed…

  70. Mesiah says:

    I absolutely love love LOVE your ideas! Absolutely brilliant and downright fabulous. I am hosting a late birthday party for myself, and am having a Twilight theme, so naturally — I downloaded all of your PDF’s and have gotten tons of picture frames for our place.

    I am so stoked, and thanks to you — I will have an amazing birthday.

  71. jenn s. says:

    Thanks for all the sweet comments! So happy you guys are finding these ideas helpful for your parties! Have fun! :)

  72. kathy fanfulla says:

    Hi Jenn, thanks once again for everthing i posted earlier with pics of my party, and it turned out spectacular cant wait to get into my new moon themed party i have to ask you…the beautiful scrolly pattern you used on your quotes did you design it or did you get from somewhere else?? the reason i am asking is that i love it so much i am incorperating it into a tattoo and would love the backround behind it thanks heaps!

  73. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome ideas and templates! We had my daughters Twilight party today,and it turned out great. So, Thanks again!

  74. jenn s. says:

    Stephanie – You’re welcome!!

    Kathy – I just emailed you the scroll design ;)

  75. Bailey says:

    I’m having a surprise twilight themed b-day party for my older sis. any ideas? i need help!!! she’s turning 15!!!!!!!!!

  76. star says:

    jenn, please email me the scroll design too! i love it!

  77. Crystal says:

    Wow, this is absolutely AMAZING! I found some pictures when I was searching the Forks Chamber of Commerce site, found the Cullen House were theres a B&B and these pictures instantly caught my eye! Absolutely amazing! Certainly going to have to use some of your ideas!

  78. star says:

    thanks so much Jenn for the scroll design!

  79. Ruby says:

    This is such a great list…. I would add a few things… like some of the Twilight cell phone charms on Amazon that look llike Bella’s bracelet (comes in 10 packs for favors), and maybe some of the blook lollipops they sell that are associated with Harry Potter but would work too. I also think glow in the dark fangs are a MUST. They’re cheesy, but great.

  80. lauren mackintosh says:

    oh my god this is brilliant, im looking at having a twilight party with a few mates and you have just given me some excellent ideas, i cannot wait to show them off to my fellow twilighter’s

  81. Linda says:

    my birthday is comming up so i am having a twilight theme thanks for the good ideas

  82. Kiersten says:

    OMG!!! i love this!!! Im having a Twilight themed sweet 16 and will totally have to steal some ideas!!!! you did such a fantastic job!!! so creative and smart!!!

  83. Miss Julie Belle says:

    Hi, I am planning a New Moon Premiere Party and am coming up with some ideas for me and my pals (we are going to the midnight premiere! yahoo!!) Do you have any ideas for Premiere Goody Bags? I made some for the premiere of Twilight, you can check that out at my blog:
    , do you have any ideas for New Moon? I would really appreciate any help/insight!!You are VERY creative and I love all of your ideas!

  84. Chinel says:

    my Twilight party is next week & I’m so nervous but realy, realy excited! Jen you’re amazing!
    it’s on the same day as my actual birthday, i have rented a hall but still need to find twinkie lights which fyi are a must
    I just came back from oddering my cake so im soooooooo excited. the party is pretty small- only 25 people are coming but it’s still s dream come true!!
    thanks sooooooooo much Jen i might start a blog & post some pictures that i take to show you
    Chinel Cullen
    xx .

  85. clo says:

    OME! I am planning a twilight party and those ideas i just have to use!!!! Thanks a ton! try putting a sign on your front door saying “welcome to forks, population-vampires.”

  86. Bella says:

    i think you should get big pics of edward and bella and have someone take the pictures of you and your friends with them!

  87. Bella Cullen says:

    OMG idk what to do for my twilight bday but your ideas are fangtastic Jen!

  88. Gabi says:

    i was planning on having a halloween party. just a regular one, but now im definetly doing all this stuff! thanks so much for all the ideass!

  89. Bella says:


  90. Mesiah says:

    I just had my Twilight-themed 27th birthday celebration this past Friday, and it was a success!

    A huge HUGE thank you, since I utilized the print-outs you provided. All of my friends thought I did a fantastic job. =)

    Thinking about having a New Moon birthday next year for my 28th. Hoping you create some snazzy print-outs then. ;) You are amazing, and extremely creative. I thank you Jenn!


    PS: Here is a link to my photo album on Facebook of my party. Please don’t judge me — I got pretty trashed towards the end of the night. LOL.

  91. Jacobs Mom says:

    Such creativity. Thanks for so many good ideas. Will be using your ideas for a sweet sixteen party for my daughter’s babysitter.

  92. mariah says:


  93. Dana says:

    This is perfect! I am having a party before the New Moon movie. your ideas rock!
    go team Edward.

  94. Jillian says:

    Have you posted a link to print the blood bag (Twizzler) labels? I LOVE the idea. Thanks :)

  95. Quick question – did you print the quotes and bottle labels on any specific type of paper, or in a specific way? i.e. certain printer, paper…that kind of thing.

    Thanks in advance!

  96. jenn s. says:

    Hi Amber –
    Your best bet would be photo quality paper if you’re printing these at home – it will hold the ink a lot better and make the colors brighter. I had a friend that works at a copy shop (similar to Kinkos) print these for me – and they used a good quality matte paper, similar to the standard color-copy paper used at Kinkos. Good luck! :)

  97. Jennifer says:

    Hi Jenn- LOVE the party such cute ideas! I have a question..If I wanted to print the labels at Kinkos how do I go about doing it..can I send this link to them and print them when I get there..or do I have to print it out at home and take it there? Thanks SO much!

  98. jenn s. says:

    Hi Jennifer –

    The easiest way would probably be to send them the links to the pdfs directly, instead of to this post. Here are the direct links:

    They can download them directly – or you could of course always bring them with you on a disc or thumbnail flash drive too – but they should be able to access them either way.

    Good luck! :)

  99. Jennifer says:

    Jenn- Thanks alot!!

  100. Karen Palmer says:

    Hi Jenn – thank you so much. I have convinced our
    local diner to turn it into the Forks Diner on Halloween night and have a Twilight Night. Our PSU
    students are dressing like the Cullens, even our
    local Police Dept. is giving us a police car to say
    Forks Police Dept. Car dealers are bringing in a
    silver Volvo, Bella’s look-a-like truck Rosalie’s
    convertible and of course, the Jeep of Emmetts
    We have prizes and the Forks Diner Menu
    decorations and are expecting a huge crowd.
    Anyone out there close by come on it’s FREE
    only pay for what you order from menu.
    DuBois, Pennsylvania (DuBois Diner)
    Please list on your site if you can.
    Go to DuBois and see the diner.

    Love, Karen
    thanks for some more party tips

    can’t wait for NEW MOON

  101. Carmen says:

    I forwarded the links to my local Kinkos store and they won’t print them because of copyright infrigement. Any ideas? Also, can you please post a link to the labels you used twizzler bags? They look different than the ones you used for the drink labels. Did you use sticky labels for those or just tape them on the back? Please let me know, my party is Saturday

  102. Crystal says:

    Where can the red gem thingys be purchased? I was looking for some at Walmart and didnt see any… anyone have any ideas?

  103. Crystal says:

    Hi Jenn, thanks so much!! I appreciate it! I noticed in one of the comments above it says that Kinkos would not allow her to have the labels printed off… do you think Staples would have a problem doing it?

    I also just wanted to say that this is best idea ever, I cannot WAIT to have this party!

  104. jenn s. says:

    Carmen & Crystal –

    The best way to get around the copyright issue is probably to just download them at home first and bring them to Kinkos on a disc or thumbnail drive.

    Of course if they read the post, it should be obvious that the labels were purposely made available for people to download, but maybe they’ve had issues with that in the past and have strict rules about it. If you bring them in on a disc though, you should be fine ;) Good luck!

  105. Crystal says:

    Thank you Jen! :) I really appreciate it!

  106. Lexi says:

    I’m having my 10th birthday party and I love this idea. If anyone could give me some ideas about incorporating twilight theme party as a pool party.
    Please write me soon, because my birthday is coming up soon and I don’t have much time. Thanks! :-)!

    I’m going to have to
    download these ideas

  107. taylor says:

    thanks so much. love the ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  108. Shari B says:

    Hey I’m having a New Moon Movie Release party on November 19th before my friends and I go to the midnight showing. Do you have any great ideas for that yet?

  109. jenn s. says:

    Hi Shari –
    We’re working on New Moon party ideas right now! Look for them to here in early – mid October :)

  110. Kim S. says:

    I LOVE the movie quotes. was wanting to use then for my daughter’s 16th birthday party. can not download them could you email them to me?

  111. mizzy says:


  112. Jodi says:

    Luv the ideas….tried to download the 5×7 quotes and error message file is corrupt. Can you email them to me?



  113. Tammy says:

    Is there a name for that font? It’s so cool. I’m not a computer person all the help I can get would be less stressful as I try out some of your WONDERFUL ideas. Thanks!

  114. jenn s. says:

    Hi Tammy –

    The main “Twilight” font is called Zephyr and you can get it here:

    and the other one I used is called “Be Safe” – and you can get that one here:

    jenn :)

  115. jenn s. says:

    Um…WOW. Thanks, Val, for letting me know that was happening! :0

  116. val says:

    hey no prob, I’ve been a fan of your site for a while and you’re pretty much amazing. I just hate to see people abuse your freebies. :)

  117. tammy says:

    Hey Jenn,
    Thank you so much. Your site has made me very excited to have my own Twilight gathering.
    Thanks for the ideas and downloads. You have a gift. You’re very kind to share it.
    Best of luck on any future ideas.

  118. Mesiah says:


    Thank you for sharing what you found. I am outraged by whomever “mommymogul” is because that is just so sketchy to be selling Jenn’s creations in a party lot when people can get it for free here.

    Wow, I don’t know why I’ve got my panties in a bunch about this. Maybe it’s because Jenn’s been so generous about sharing her party ideas with the world for free, and people are ripping her off!


    Thanks again for sharing.

  119. Sarah says:

    Hi Jenn!!! Thank you sooooo much for all these great freebies and ideas. Definitely the BEST source on the interwebs. :) I had a birthday party for Bella, and you can find my pics here:

    Turned out GREAT! Used a ton of your graphics and my guests LOVED. Can’t thank you enough!!!!! xo

  120. Eve says:

    Dear Jenn,your scroll desing is the best thing I had found!Can you please! e-mail them to me.I wound love to used them for my mom’s 60th birthday.Thank you & God Bless!

  121. Katherine says:

    I can’t give you enough PRAISES for this site! Thank you so much for the freebie PDF’s. They are fantastic!

    I was wondering when you put the drink labels on if the drinks were cold? I’m curious about condensation and how that’ll affect my photo paper. Just curious how YOU did it. Thanks!

  122. kaytlin says:

    this site is so cool! i was wornden where my mom got all of the aswome ideas for my birthday party know i see.

  123. jenn s. says:

    Eve –
    Just to clarify – did you just want the scroll motif that’s used in the signs above? I can email it to you in Illustrator or Photoshop format. Let me know which you prefer…

    Katherine – Thanks for the kudos! I was worried about condensation too, so the drinks were a bit cold but not chilly. Most people poured the drinks into ice-filled cups to actually drink them, so it was mainly about the initial display :)

  124. jenn s. says:

    Sarah –

    Thanks so much for sharing your party pics! Everything looked GREAT! It’s so fun to see the quotes in use at other peoples’ parties :) Love the earrings you made too!

  125. diane says: has a life size Edward poster- perfect for this party!

  126. Katherine says:

    Another quick question for ya! :)

    Twizzler Bites – did you just separate out a big bag of Twizzlers & put them into individual bags? What kind of bags did you use? Are they sandwich bags or ziplock bags?

  127. jenn s. says:

    Hi Katherine –

    I used clear cellophane “treat bags” from Target. They were in the gift wrap section. I just filled the bottom 1/3 of the bags then rolled the extra over and taped it down.

    And yes – I just divided up a big bag of Twizzler Bites, which I got at Target too :)

  128. Katherine says:

    Thanks, Jenn! Ahh…I never would have thought of the treat bags in the gift wrap section. Perfect! :)

  129. flor says:

    WOW…. thanks for ideas i have to do 1

  130. Crystal says:

    Hey everyone! So we are deciding to throw a new moon premiere/birthday bash, and I have a few questions :]

    –would it be tacky if we had both red & beige lip glosses to have vampire & werewolf kisses?

    –any ideas for guy “goodies”? We have some male friends coming.

    –going along w/ the New Moon theme, we are trying to make it both Edward & Jake (well duh, it’s the theme of the book & movie!) I need some more ideas, food, decorations & etc, any ideas, I’ll take ’em.

    –Should I play music in the background (I have the twilight soundtrack) or play the new moon trailers on a loop??

    –I need some help planning “activities”. Everyone at my party is ages 17-22 so I don’t know if it would be lame to have activities or lane not to… And what sorts of activities?

    Thanks a bunch everyone!!!!

  131. Aeron says:

    I had an AMAZING! SWEET 16!!
    we had ‘The Great Twilight Race’ lots of prizes.. posters, books, jewelry and random girly products.

    A game we had was Red Jelly shots for ‘newborns’. you have to eat as many shots… using chopsticks and not being able to touch the cup. It was VERY messy but ALOT of fun!

    we also had best dressed. It was dress up but some couldn’t afford to dress up so we made the theme colors black, red and white. We had people dressed up as the volvo! very funny!!

    ALOT more games to if you want me to tell you details please ask and I’ll e-mail you or something.

    Thanks !! :)

  132. basia wajda says:

    This is such a good idea!Can i please have some of the quotes if you can because I am very obsessed with Twilight and my 14 birthday is coming up so I want everything Twilight realted if you can thank you=)

  133. Britni says:

    Are you going to make any quotes from New Moon? Just wondering =)

  134. kerry says:

    How do you make your own labels?

    What type of software

  135. jenn s. says:

    Britni –
    Yes I am! I’m shooting some New Moon party ideas on October 23, so I’ll have them done before then. If there are any specific quotes that you think are especially important to include, please let me know :)

    Kerry –
    I mainly use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I’m a graphic designer though, so I can use these programs for work, which justifies the high cost. You could also get away with using Photoshop LE – a smaller, much less expensive version of Photoshop, if you’re mainly going to be using it to make labels!

  136. Crystal says:

    Hey Jenn! I am throwing a New Moon Premiere Party & Birthday Bash November 14th and I was wondering if you wouldnt mind doing some specific quotes for me?

    “Leave it to you, Bella. Anyone else would be better off when the vampires left town. But you have to start hanging out with the first monsters you can find.”

    “The hardest part is feeling… out of control. Feeling like I can’t be sure of myself—like maybe you shouldn’t be around me, like maybe nobody should. Like I’m a monster who might hurt somebody.”

    “Hunting vampires is fun. It’s the best part of this whole mess.”

    “Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?”

    “You’re not asleep, and you’re not dead. I’m here, and I love you. I have always loved you, and I will always love you. I was thinking of you, seeing your face in my mind, every second that I was away. When I told you that I didn’t want you, it was the very blackest kind of blasphemy.”

    “I’m surprised they left you behind. Weren’t you sort of a pet of theirs?”

    Thank you!!!

  137. star says:

    jenn, im having a new moon party, and was wondering if you could include these quotes;

    forbidden to remember, terrified to forget. bella page 117

    it will be as if i’d never existed. edward page 71

    I thought I’d explained it clearly before. Bella, I can’t live in a world where you don’t exist. edward page 509

    I cannot be without you, but I will not destroy your soul. edward page 518

    I’d rather die than be with anyone but you. bella page 45

    Which is tempting you more, my blood or my body? bella page 52

    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Mesiah says:

    Oh my goodness, yes — PLEASE draft up the quote “I’d rather die than be with anyone but you.” and “Which is tempting you more, my blood or my body?”

    I will love you forever Jenn. =)

  139. stormigrl says:

    This would be a good idea even for a devils night idea.

    I’m not a fan of twilight but I would def use some of these idea for a Devil’s Night Theme idea at work.


  140. What a great post and a great blog! Wish I had found this before I had my own Twilight Dinner Party last week. I really liked the stuff you did with the blood types. Check out the article I just posted on my Decorating/Party website at with lots of photos and ideas for a Twilight Dinner Party. I’ll have to add this blog to my favorites list!

  141. Ryan says:

    Love these ideas!!! Will you please do signs with New Moon quotes?? We are having a New Moon party next month!!

  142. jenn s. says:

    Hi Everyone –
    I’m going to work on the New Moon quotes sometime next week. I will do my best to incorporate the most popular/favorite quotes, but I can’t facilitate everyone’s individual requests due to the volume of quote suggestions that have been coming in. Hope you can understand!


  143. Mesiah says:

    I understand completely about the quotes. You are brilliant Jenn, and I know you will blow us away with whatever you come up with.

    Can’t wait!

  144. teresa says:

    Love the whole idea! What type of paper did you print the labels on? where is it available?

  145. Darcy says:


    Did you design the flourishes or can they be found somewhere online where I can buy/download them? I am designing some invites for a party coming up and even though I found some flourishes, I just don’t like them as much.

  146. Jennifer says:

    I’ve looked at a lot of party ideas, but I was surprised no one has said to dip strawberries in dark chocolate. Yummy and it goes with the black/red theme!

  147. jenn s. says:

    Hi Teresa –

    The paper is just “photo quality” with a matte finish. You can find it at most office supply stores and probably even Target and Walmart!

    I’d recommend having these printed at some place like Kinkos though (I did too). There is so much black ink that it’s probably cheaper to do that than to go through 1-2 ink cartridges on a home printer. Less of a hassle too :)


  148. Eve says:

    Dear Jenn,
    Sorry, I couldn’t get to you sooner .You can e-mail me, the scroll motif that’s used in the signs above in photoshop format.
    Thank you & God Bless:

  149. twilght fan says:

    i love twilight it is amazing so anyone that hasn’t read it yet get to reading you will love it i’m not lien!!! my favorite quote is “stupid shiny volvo owner” lol its my favorite

  150. Rachel says:

    Hi Jen,

    I love love love your ideas. I am planning on throwing a New Moon Party on the movie premiere day (November 20th). I noticed that you mentioned to another blogger that you will be putting together some New Moon stuff. You said you’d have it ready by the 23rd. I have looked around on your site and haven’t found it. Just wondering if you have posted anything yet! Please let me know! I want to get my shopping done and planning started! I am so very excited!

  151. Rhonda says:

    Hi –
    I was just wondering what ideas you have for New Moon etc. I love what you did for Twilight!

  152. Melissa says:

    Thanks for these ideas! I will be printing your quotes and using them at my Twilight Game Party! Can’t wait to see what my friends think!

  153. Jenn R says:

    What is the blood coming out of the cupcakes. My friend and I are hosting a party for the new movie and really really want to make those, but neither of us can figure out if it’s food coloring or is it strawberry preserves. Thanks!

  154. jenn s. says:

    Hi Jenn –
    I’m not 100% sure what that bakery used, but it looks like raspberry sauce to me – the kind restaurants use to decorate decadent desserts (and sometimes even drizzle on the plates).

    Here are a few examples:

    You could always use food coloring to make the color even darker!

  155. Carmen says:

    Hey Jenn. I noticed you were going to do some new moon quotes. No pressure, I was just wondering so I could add them to the ones I already have from the twilight party I had for the new moon premiere.

  156. jenn s. says:

    Hi Carmen –
    I’m working on them as we type! Was hoping to have them uploaded today, but it will probably be tomorrow… so much going on lately, it’s been hard to keep up!

    The New Moon quotes are a little different than the Twilight ones though – I’m designing them to match the colors/vibe of the New Moon movie posters… stay tuned!

  157. Bella says:

    Im going to use some of your ideas and printouts for my halloween vampires themed party.

    Thank you

  158. Bella H. says:

    Jen you are awesome for always sharing with us! I too would love to have the flourish design, but I realize how super busy you must be , so whenever is good for you hon.

  159. Becky Prieto says:

    Hi Jenn – I am trying to download your 8×10 twilight quotes for my twilight/new moon party next week. Adobe is saying that the file is damaged when I try to open it. I have successfully opened the 5×7 quotes and the drink labels. Can you email me the 8×10 quotes or do yo have another link that works please??? Also, have you posted your New Moon quotes yet? Thanks so much! And you are very talented and love your stuff!!!!!!!!!

  160. Becky Prieto says:

    Also, does anyone have any good ideas for games – I already have a twilight/new moon jeopardy board i made and bingo. Any other suggestons for adult women who are crazy for edward and jacob :)???

  161. thomas says:

    Twilight Party Supplies now available at

  162. Crystal says:

    Becky— we are doing New Moon quote trivia, a t-shirt design contest & a bon fire for our party :)

  163. Jes says:

    I am in the beginning stages of hunting for the perfect details for my daughter 14th brithday. There is no doubt that she will be getting the best party ever, done the Cullen’s way. Thanks for the ideas they are great.

  164. Drea says:

    Hi Jenn,

    Thanks for your great ideas. I am having a New Moon party and was wondering when you were going to blog about your ideas for that. I am not very creative, so I need all the help I can get! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  165. Carmen says:

    Can’t wait to see what you have instore for us. I am excited that your new design is around the new moon colors and motif. My party is next week and I hope I am able to use some of it at my party. I will check in, I know you are very busy and much appreciated for your time and skill.

  166. Jackie says:

    Hello HWTM!!!

    I just wanted to thank you for the Twilight theme inspiration and your signs. I used them for a friend’s Bachelorette party. She is obsessed with Twilight (as we all are) so I called it the “Breaking Dawn Bachelorette – Party ’til the sun comes up.” I gave a way red satin wristlets that included a note from Edward (“Be Safe”) and “No Blood, No Foul Mini first aid kits” and “Vampires get headaches? Ibuprofen packs” for any clumsiness and hangovers. I got a life size cut out of Edward for pictures and “Twilighted” the room out with your quotes, candles, red ribbon, and pictures of the bride to be.

    I took tons of pictures of the set up here:

    Thanks again!


  167. Ivy Colon says:

    Wow Jackie! Saw the FB pictures for the Bachelorette party & they are fabulous!!! great job!

  168. Courtney says:

    We are using this entire theme idea for my 30th Birthday Bash in December! I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing :)

  169. Jill says:

    I was so excited when I found this webpage. I am hosting a Twiparty for my friends and the quotes in frames is a genius and inexpensive decoration idea. I can’t wait to see their faces when they come through the door! Thank you!!!

  170. Cheryl P. says:

    You are BRILLIANT! We’re using many of your ideas for our Twilight themed party next weekend! Thank you!

  171. Becky P says:

    Had my Twilight/New Moon party last night – I used Jenn’s quotes and ideas and added some ideas of my own – check it out – we played Twilight Jeopardy and Twilight Bingo and I made Edward and Jacob coaster tiles and gave them away as prizes. I also gave each person a ruffled tulip with a love note from Edward or Jacob (depending on who was their favorite). We had a blast and Jenn’s quotes really made my place look amazing :)

  172. Drea says:

    Becky – how did u do the blood drop glasses? Did you use the recipe on this site or did u do something else? thanks!

  173. jenn s. says:

    Wow, Becky! You did SUCH a great job on the party & really went all out with the creative details! Nice work! ;)

  174. Tammy says:

    I’d love to see what you did, but I am not on Facebook and cannot access your pics.
    Could you possibly post them some other way or send them to my e-mail?

  175. Rhonda says:

    Becky –
    I am the same as Tammy. Not on facebook, but would love to see what you did. Can you send it to my email please or post another way? Thanks!


  176. Becky P says:

    tammy and rhonda – my email is send me an email and i will email you the pics.

  177. Katherine says:

    Did you use a different kind of label other than the drink labels for the Twizzler bags?

  178. Carmen says:

    Becky P,
    There are twilight downloads on your bookshelf that I do not see in the downloads on this web page. One has a parrot tulip in the background and the big on on the top shelf, where did you get those?
    Great looking party!!!

  179. jenn s. says:

    Carmen –
    Those are actually the new printables for New Moon that I posted last week :) You can get them right here:

    Katherine –
    The labels on the twizzler bags are the same labels as the drinks. I just trimmed the edges down to fit better on the cellophane bags.

  180. Mary says:

    I am trying to host a new moon party..but I’m completely clueless to computers.

    My question is what do you mean by “You may need to direct third party printers to this note before they’ll agree to print them for you.” as far as getting them printed from Kinkos.

  181. jenn s. says:

    Hi Mary –
    This only applies if you ask Kinkos to download the files directly from this post. If you download them first yourself and put them on a thumbnail drive or disc to bring into Kinkos, you’ll be fine.

    But if you ask Kinkos to go to the blog, then download and print the designs directly from the post, they sometimes worry about copyright issues, so I put that note at the bottom of the post to let the employees know that I’ve given permission for other people to use these designs and that it’s okay to print them for you.

    Hope that all made sense ;)

  182. Mary says:

    Hi Jenn!
    Thank you sooo much for taking your time to clarify things for me! I’m looking forward to using the new moon printables for my daughters b-day party. Hopefully I can pull it off without embarassing her.

    thanks again! =)

  183. katie says:

    I just had my party last night it was so FUN!!! thanks for all the awesome ideas!

  184. Lisa Datema says:

    your ideas are great. My daughter wants a twilight birthday party, and your ideas are wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You rock!

  185. Hanna says:

    Thankyou so much for this. It is absolutley wonderful that you are putting forward such wonderful things for Twilight fans to enjoy! I think even Edward Cullen himself would be impressed with your fine work…

  186. Michelle says:

    Wow, is all I can say. That is one of the best ideas I’ve seen. Your graphics and creativity are amazing. Give yourself a huge pat on the back. Keep up the great work!

  187. Rhonda says:

    Did Becky ever send you the pics. I don’t think I ever received them.
    Just curious.

  188. Rhonda says:

    Tammy –
    No she did not.


  189. jenn s. says:

    Tammy & Rhonda –
    I just emailed Becky to see if I could feature some of her pics on the blog. Keep you posted :)

  190. Tammy says:

    Jenn s.
    WOW! Thanks.
    If you’re the hugging type…. I’m sending you a virtual one. You’ve been more than amazing with EVERYTHING!!
    Thank you so much.

  191. Rhonda says:

    Thanks Jen. I appreciate it. You are just awesome!
    We just had our party last Saturday and it was sooo much fun. You can check out the pics here:
    Hope this works.

  192. Becky P says:

    Hi Tammy and Rhonda – I’m sorry about the photos. They are too big to send via email and I have been trying to figure out how to make them smaller into a zip with no luck. I see, Rhonda, that you have your pics on flicker – I think I’ll try that tonight and see if that works. Sorry again for taking so long.

  193. Rhonda says:

    That’s ok Becky. I know it’s difficult and busy at times. I chose Flickr to share with the guests since I’d used it before. There’s also and many others. I was just curious as to what others have done. I forgot to take additional pics that show more of what we did, so this is what I ended up with. We were in a hurry when I took them. Anyways, hope those sites help you.


  194. jenn s. says:

    Thanks, Tammy! I’m definitely the hugging type ;)

    Rhonda – I’d love to see your pics but it says the page is set to private when I click on the link…

  195. Tammy says:

    Flicker said I did not have access to your pics. Any idea what I’m not doing right?

  196. Rhonda says:

    Tammy –
    I’m not sure why. I just clicked on it and it took me right to the site. If you want to send me your email and I can try to share it with you that way. My email is

  197. jenn s. says:

    Is it possible that there’s a “privacy” setting turned on for that album where only your flickr contacts can see it? That’s the only think I can think of…

  198. Rhonda says:

    Hmmm. I have it set to public so everyone should be able to view it. I’ll have to check again later and see if there is something else I’m missing. sorry. Hopefully I can get it fixed so everyone who’s interested can view it.

  199. Lisa says:

    WOW – can I say amazing!! Here is a link to my vampire blood lollipops – I was making these for all my friends. We are going to see the movie on sunday

    Take care

  200. claudia says:

    i am turning 17 next year and i am a hude fan of twilight and all this looks perfect 17

    “how long you been 17″(bella)
    “a while”(edward)

  201. Cora says:

    This looks so awesome! How did you print, or what type of paper you used to print the labels??

  202. jenn s. says:

    Hi Cora –
    I printed them at Kinkos on their photo quality paper (matte finish, not glossy). I highly recommend this route since there’s so much black in the designs and it can be hard for most home printers to handle!

  203. teresa says:

    Love all of your ideas! I printed the drink labels and they look great- What type of adhesive did you use?

  204. scullir says:

    great job!!!! those are great ideas you really helped me get a idea for my twilight party!!!


  205. Bianca says:

    These ideas are kickass! I have a twiparty in a week and these will ROCK DA HOUSE!!

  206. maria pap cullen says:

    ok i have 2 questions…
    1.what do you use for this red colour? and
    2.what is this type of papes?because i print these labels using the common paper and the letters weren’t so good….(forgive me about the mistakes…)

  207. jenn s. says:

    Hi Maria –

    You should print these out on photo quality paper – that will turn out a lot better because there’s too much ink in the design for regular paper to handle. If possible, save the files to a disc or thumbnail drive and take them to a place like Kinkos and have them print everything for you!

    For the red color – I’m think you’re referring to the vases with candles – and those are filled with red acrylic ice gems at the bottom. Here’s a link to where you can buy those:

    Hope that helps! :)

  208. alex says:

    that is a madd dawg themed party imma have to steel it

  209. maria pap cullen says:

    thnx u jenn!!!you really helped me!!!

  210. Breezie says:

    these ideas are awsome…my mother is going to use some of them for my sweet sixteen party…everything looks kool….

  211. Twilight saga fan says:

    Yea, so funny i will do that! I what type… a i think… :P

  212. Majah says:

    This is perfect! My friend´s turning 14 and we´re going to surprise her with a twilight party. Thanks!

  213. mrs cullen says:

    im doing this 4 my party !!!! :) :)

  214. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the free downloads and ideas. My daughter is turning 12 and told me whe wanted this theme but me to surprise her with the decorations and you have some great ideas. Thanks again!!!

  215. Jessica says:

    Sorry my fingers must have been crossed – I meant to say what that she told me that she wanted this theme but to surprise her with the decorations. lol Thanks

  216. Tammy says:

    I’d love to share some of the pictures of my Twilight party last October. I used many of Jen’s GREAT ideas, but I have no idea how to post pics. Can someone help me out?
    Thanks again Jen!!

  217. KK says:


    I am completely new to this website – but i’ll definitely be coming back!
    I stumbled upon this website – while doing some research for a party.
    I am actually looking for Ideas for an event for the Eclipse Movie release in June of this year.
    I work for a nightclub – so I would have a decent sized decoration budget.. And I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that would be cool to use on a larger scale – these ideas are great – but might not work for an 800 person party. haha.=) I did see the idea of doing foliage and a meadow like theme. But was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions regarding Decorations? Black & Red? Red Ribbons(for the book logo)? any Ideas would be greatly appreciated! =)

    I want to do whatever I can to make this event huge! My boss didn’t believe me when I told him we needed to do one when New Moon came out – But now he does.. and we’ll hopefully going to be doing a huge party for Eclipse.

    The management team and I are kinda throwing together some ideas right now to build the night.
    If we do this event we will be doing it with a radio station and doing sneak preview prize packages, etc.

  218. Lisa says:

    Hi, Jenn: I stumbled on this while looking for ideas for my daughter’s 9th birthday Twilight party. Awesome ideas!! I was wondering if you would mind emialing me the labels for the licorice? I would love to use that idea if it is okay. Thank you.

  219. Julie says:

    I hope the link works. and I wanted to add that I had my brother doctor up some more quotes from Twilight that I used to wrap around the candles and put in frames for my Edward and Bella “shrine”. ; ) We also had Diamond Hard, Crimson red nail polish as one of the favors (instead of the lipgloss). So much fun to prep for this party – almost as much fun as the party!!!

  220. Julie says:

    I just had a Twilight Party this past weekend for my mom’s group and it turned out great! I could not have done it without my friend, Akane’s help and all of your ideas. We used all of your ideas and even made our own Pure Vampire Venon labels for our bottled water. (cuz you know vamp venon is not red – it’s silver! LOL!) Anyway check it out! Hope it makes you proud!
    Can’t wait til my New Moon dvd release party! It’s coming out March 20th and we will definitely be using your printables! : )

  221. Cora says:

    I have to thank you for all these materials and ideas. THANKS TO YOU my party was hit!!!

  222. Lisa says:

    Hi, Julie:

    I am sorry. I am new to this. I didn’t see the link. Thanks.

  223. Julie P. says:

    Sorry – I put in 2 comments (#224 & #225). The link is on comment # 224. but here it is again.

    I hope you can see the pics if not I may have to change my settings on facebook so please let me know. Thanks!

  224. Julie P. says:

    ok – so I was told that the link would not work but here’s my last shot at this. It should work. Hope you like the results – the party wasa a hit!

    thanks for looking!!!

  225. Rhonda says:

    Julie –
    Awesome pics. You did a great job. I was just wondering where you got the labels for the water bottles or how you did them? Everything I’ve tried always didn’t fit right. Thanks.


  226. Julie P. says:

    Hi Rhonda – thanks! I thought of the idea and my brother made it come true. I think it may be easier to do on an excel spreadsheet? Not sure how he did it. : )

  227. marianna says:

    hollywood or twilight party

  228. Julie P. says:

    Hi Star – it’s actually just cranberry and vodka. I believe that’s called a capecod? Anyway, we did it to stick w/ the blood theme. ; ) Hope you post your party so we can enjoy it too!

  229. Julie P. says:

    Hi Rhonda – i hope you check this post but I will try to give you a link to the water bottle label. Probably in a few days?

  230. star says:


    love your party! you did an awesome job! what is the drink you have in the dispenser? i like the deep red color, i’d like to make it for my party! thanks!

  231. Rhonda says:

    Thanks Julie. I appreciate it.

  232. star says:

    julie p-

    I will share the pics, of course! may i also have the link to the water bottle labels? thanks!

  233. Photogrl001 says:

    You are awesome,My sister and I are doing a surprised sweet 16 for her daughter and love all your idea’s and prob. will use them all, however I have a tricky question I love love the way the Twilight set looks but her party is for both boys and girls is this acceptable if boys are included ? meaning r the guys going to rip about the whole thing? I also saw your new moon set but really loving the whole color scheme of Twilight could do sooo much with this color and as a photographer I’m seeing great possibilities. However I need teenage drinks that they will like and is the theme and music enough,,,at 16 they won’t do games will they? even if twilight oriented? so what else could We do to keep a hug room of teenagers entertained and not humiliate my niece, We want her to feel when the nights over she will think this was the best day she has ever had….HELP…Her birthday is in May actually right before the new release of Eclipse to the theater. But as for now it is all about Edward….lol….We r throwing around the idea of it being a dress like your favorite character with my niece as the only Bella or is this too much? we will be renting a hall of some sort so will have dance space and tons of room for decorations and I will have my fog machine most likely as I was actually making up some of my own sound clips,doing some Photoshop play to make pictures show on the walls for the evening it might be a little juvenile and was doing some research and there you were taking some of the work load off of us,,I think we are having more fun trying to plan than anything else…hehehe hummm I’m seeing stars in this party…..what is lame to 16 yr olds. I think I’m pretty ok about the most but still would like back up…. Thanks

  234. photogrl001 says:

    hey, thanks for all the labels can’t wait till may when we use them,But I can’t seem to find the candy labels they look thicker than the drink labels are they the same or different could I please get them if they are different.

  235. Halloween Costumes Chick says:

    Looks like fun! I love it!

  236. Brittany says:

    :D WOW!!!! these ideas are GREAT!!!! i am having a twilight/edward party for my 14th birthday in a month!!!! i might have to use some of these ideas. (if you dont mind)

  237. jenn s. says:

    Brittany –
    Don’t mind at all… actually that’s what HWTM is here for – to inspire! :)

  238. jenn s. says:

    photogrl001 – The labels used on the candy actually are the same as the drinks. I’d had a bunch of extras so I just trimmed them down to use on the candy bags :)

  239. Vanessa says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve search all over the place and you have the best ideas! I love that you’ve provided printables too! Thanks!

  240. jenn s. says:

    Thanks, Vanessa! =)

  241. robynx says:

    omg this is suchhh a good idea i will deff b useing it 4 my b-day

  242. Kerrie says:

    Thank you sooo much! The quotes will add the right touch to make my party over the top!

  243. Monica Dockery says:

    I absolutely LOVE this site and all your dazzling ideas for a Twilight party. I’d thought of some things, but am not a graphics guru, which obviously you are. I am so thankful to you! I’ll be using the picture frame idea now, thanks to you!

  244. Kevin says:

    I would just like to say thanks for having this awesome site. I threw my wife a twilight themed 30th birthday party this weekend and if it weren’t for this stie and all the great ideas here I don’t think I could have done it. I’ve not read the books or seen the movie, but she was quite impressed with all the little details I put in. Thanks again.

  245. AC1320 says:

    I’m so glad I found this very useful site! I’m throwing my sister a suprise birthday party the 19th and cooking at home and baking a 3 tiered cake along with this decorations was a huge money saver compared to a restaurant..Not only’s a lot more nicer!!!

  246. haley says:


  247. Danielle says:

    Thank you so much! I used many of your print outs for our New Moon party last night and was such a hit! I had a tiny guest list, only 2 others, but we went all out with the decor…I’d be happy to share pics if you or your readers would be interested!

  248. robbie says:

    omg i have had a twilight themed birthday party and i just wished that i was able to find this… i want another one this year and now that i saw this im hooked absoluteley hooked my mom is gonna call me obsessed but hey well a girl want wat a girl wants thank u for putting this up it really helps! and thnks for all the ideas and everything :) that must of been adn awesome party hopefully mine will be good too!

  249. Mallory says:

    This is awesome! Fantastically fun party ideas that I am excited to put into effect! Thanks for the tips!

  250. maia says:

    omg i cant wait to have my twilight party

  251. jessica says:

    Thanks so much, I’m on a budget and your ideas are awesome!

  252. Michelle says:

    I love these ideas. My sister and I are planning a Pre- Eclipse party in June.( Yes we are already planning) Its going to be big, red carpet and all. We still are lookin for ideas for favor bags. We have a few like Eclipse Gum, Twilight Woods lotions from Bath& Body Works, red apple charms for bracelets, etc…. If you have any more please let me know. Super Excited!

  253. Kierstin says:

    Oh my Gosh! Thank you so much for these fabulous ideas and the labels! I’m so glad i found this web page, i dont know what i would have done without it!! Now, when i turn 13 i can have the best birthday ever! THANK YOU.THANK YOU.THANK YOU.

  254. Bobbie J. says:

    WOW! Loved your ideas. My PARTY was the BOMB! Tweaked a few of yours, added some of my own and VIOLA! Fab Party! Thanks!

  255. Mindy says:

    Love all of these ideas! For my first Twilight party, dessert was chocolate pots de creme with bright red raspberry sauce. The sauce was delicious and looked very blood-like…I’m sure it would be great on the red velvet cupcakes, too!

  256. Sarah says:

    I am having a twilight themed 14th birthday party and some of these ideas are deifnately going on the list especially the drinks i love them they are a great idea!

  257. Catherine says:

    thx! alot im having a twilight party soon, this is going to be super amazing!! it seems like so much fun, o and i have all the recipes for every major food in twilight!!

  258. Amy says:

    We are having a Twlight Party tonight! We used a lot of your ideas! So excited!

  259. Jackie says:

    My friends threw me a Twilight party last night using many of your ideas! It was the best birthday surprise! Oh, and Amy right above me was one of the hostesses! Thank you for posting these neat ideas! :)

  260. emily says:

    yes. i am luvin the ideas and will definately be stealing them

  261. Krystal Dhondt says:

    Love the Twilight and New Moon ideas! You wouldn’t happen to have anything for Eclipse would you?

  262. Jennifer says:

    Let me know if you come up with a PDF of quotes for Eclipse. We are having a birthday party for a friend at the release party and I am going to use some of your ideas. You truely are the hostess with the mostess. Thanks again!

  263. Jenn @ HWTM says:

    Krystal & Jennifer –
    I am planning to do some for Eclipse… been getting a lot of requests for those lately so I should probably get on that soon. I’ll post them as soon as they’re ready! :)

  264. Natai says:

    Thank you soooo much Jenn!!!!

  265. Haley says:

    Hi Jenn! I am a big fan on all the ideas you have. My birthday is on June 30, and I was wondering when you get the Eclipse stuff done could you email me and tell me that it is up.

  266. Angie says:

    I’m going to have to use some of this I’m getting a 18th and I want it all about the twilight saga

  267. Elyse says:

    Is it possible if you could please repost the link for the 5X7 quotes? I’m having a twilight party soon but it says the file is damaged. I would really appreciate it! By the way, your ideas are amazing! Thanks :)

  268. Alyssa says:

    I absolutly love this idea i am having it for my b-day!!!!!!!!

  269. Naomi says:

    I am looking for clear test tube shots with caps to make “blood shots”. I only need 50 and don’t want to spend a lot on them. any ideas?

  270. Renee says:

    These are the best adult Twilight party ideas! The .pdf files are great too. I wish they were available with a white background too, because the black will use too much ink.

  271. Jaide says:

    Loove your ideas! I’ve been throwing twilight themed parties for the last few years. Thanks so much for the inspiration–I’ve learned a few more tips and creative party planning!

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  273. Murtaza says:

    Hey HWTM,

    Thanks for featuring Jamali Garden’s Dark Red Acrylic Sea Glass. We recently revamped our site and the new link to our product is:

    Jamali Garden

  274. Niki says:

    I just used the downloadable Twilight & New Moon movie quotes and threw a party for my fellow Twilight fans – check it out! so fun!:

  275. […] with the Mostess has printable Twilight labels and ideas for your drinks and […]

  276. […] make some delicious treats, and enjoy!  Here are some great party ideas that I found over at Hostess With The Mostess, as well as some spectacular cakes and some of my favorites scenes from […]

  277. Beth says:

    I am planning on using these ideas for my daughter’s 16th birthday – I want to make it special – if anyone has any other ideas specific to her party please share. Thanks!

  278. Monique M. says:

    I can’t thank you enough! My daughter is turning 13 and we are having a Twilight party thanks to your great suggestions and printables. I had them printed off at our local Staples and they are beautiful.

  279. Melissa Sanchez says:

    Im making a 15th party for my special need child. And she wants it Twilight Theme. Im really enjoying the ideas. Thanks!!!!

  280. nicole says:

    i recently gave my daughter an eclipse 6th bday party. ive never had more fun decorating for a party or planning the activities. your party went a different direction since it was geared for adults but it looked amazing. i cant wait to use some of your ideas for my other daughters 13th bday party in december…..right after the release of breaking dawn part 1…..woo hoo!

  281. Jesse says:

    This is possibly the best planned Twilight party every. The cupcakes are hilarious and perfect for vampire fanatics. I was looking at candy sites for more dark and dreary candy for this theme and I found actual edible blood in bags that you’d find at the hospital. A bit morbid, I know, but awesome.

  282. Tina TuM says:

    Great Idea!!!

    wedding candy buffets

  283. Rashonda says:

    Great ideas that I can use when I give my daughter her Twilight Sweet 16 next year. We are planning and looking at different ideas and suggestions.

  284. Ann says:

    thank you so much for the inspiration. my god daughter celebrated her 16th birthday with 10 of her closest friends and we used your printables for our simple favor table…

    your generosity made a huge difference in her celebration!


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  286. TwiMomDO says:

    Great ideas! I’m planning my very first Twilight party for the Breaking Dawn premiere and I can’t wait to use some of your ideas!

  287. Sheri says:

    Fabulous ideas for my very 1st Twilight party…a combination Breaking Dawn premiere party & birthday party! Thanks so much!

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  289. MANDY says:

    Love all your party help! Please, Please, Please give us some Breaking Dawn printables to go with all your other fabulous Twilight Saga printables!!!

  290. Jenna says:

    I absolutely love your ideas and your site! It has helped me so much with planning my Breaking Dawn dinner party in a few weeks! :) Question- I want to print the drink labels…. can you tell me which labels you used to print them onto? Size and brand name? Thanks so much! :)

    • jenn s. says:

      Hi Jenna –
      I actually just printed them on laser paper, then cut them out with a paper cutter and attached them with a glue stick. It’s actually easier that way because you don’t need to worry about getting the artwork to line up :)

  291. […] j’ai trouvé des étiquettes de « sang » à imprimer sur le blog Hostess with the Mostess, mais en plus d’être en anglais, le fond noir me faisait craindre pour le niveau […]

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  293. D.Cockerham says:

    I know this thread is old BUT I’m using some of these ideas for my Breaking Dawn premiere party. I’m steering clear of fangs and blood tho. I’m taking more of an Alice influenced route. Displaying the twizzlers in crystal vases, etc. in my dining room the decor will be more elegant with white, purple, crystal-creating the wedding. I’m having a small double layered white cake made, trimmed with lavender rosettes and fllowers in “Edwardian” script, the top of the cake will read ‘Congratulations Edward & Bella’ I also have a blinged out letter C cake topper (from my own wedding;). In my family room there will be the classic red,black& white color scheme. Red velvet cupcakes w/creamcheese frosting and dark chocolate cupcakes with red buttercream frosting will be arranged to simulate a chessboard. I have all the soundtracks so it’s a no brainer on the party music! OH I have tons of clear twinkle lights, again saved from my own wedding along w/ white and red table linens and cloth napkins, LOTS of white candles of different sizes. Guess I got lucky, my wedding was 2yrs ago and was twilight inspired not to mention my married name starts w/ C :D I have touchs of C monogram throughout my home already, and WHITE furniture! Lol I’m so ready to get this party started, AND see my Cullens!

  294. D.Cockerham says:

    I didn’t get to post my menu in the previous entry. upon entering my home guests will see a chalkboard made to look like Bella’s wedding invitation there will also be an elegantly written menu on another board as guests enter the dining room. here are a few menu items:

    Fried mushroom ravioli w/ a pesto dip
    Veggie frittata (to incorporate the egg craving AND feed a crowd)
    Bella’s favorite fried chicken
    Veggie tray w/ hummus

    Drinks will be served in martini glasses that I bought on clearance a few years ago, I’m definitely using the red ribbon idea and tieing it around the stems of the glasses.

    Strawberry daquarie
    Bloody Mary
    And maybe something tropical, piña colatas or something (a nod to isle esme of course;)

  295. Stacy says:

    Really well done! This would make a fantastic 17th birthday party theme. Love it! :)

  296. Lindsay says:

    Fantastic ideas! :) I featured this on my blog today, feel free to come check it out.

  297. Amber says:

    This is fantastic! My 7 year old wants a vampire party, but its in January and I didn’t want to be too creepy and Halloween like, but the ideas you have are fantastic and will work for this time of month!!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

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  302. Kyra Bennett says:

    I think I might have this for my party one year.

  303. […] Tu peux télécharger et imprimer les étiquettes de bouteilles là. Elles ont été réalisées par Hostess with the Mostess. […]

  304. Gabriela Jimenez says:

    Thank you so much! I'm going to use your ideas along with some of my ideas. I'll send you the pictures. What type of paper should I use for the drink labels?

  305. Gabriela Jimenez says:

    Thank you so much! I'm going to use your ideas along with some of my ideas. I'll send you the pictures. What type of paper should I use for the drink labels?

  306. Annette Sanchez says:

    I'm planning a party November 15th! Going to use some of these ideas! Thanks so much!

  307. Maxine Sandoval says:

    Thank you, my partner is throwing a party for the last movie and this wil help!

  308. You just gave me an idea for a great birthday party, since my friends and I are great fans, although already married and became mums, the twilight is still in our hearts <3

  309. […] sent over these pictures of a Twilight dinner party that she recently co-hosted, utilizing the HWTM Twilight printables and New Moon printables as party decor. It’s seriously so much fun to see the printables in […]

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  311. Stacy Perez says:

    You have been my inspiration for all four saga parties I've held. You have wonderfully Twilight appropriate ideas that I love! (p.s. I've been taking most of the credit among my friends :) Thank you so much for making me look like a genius!

  312. we LOVE these printables!! We made a couple additional coordinating printables to give in goodie bags for our release party this week. Check them out here — the “Bite Me” apple sticker is our fave :)

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