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Absolutely Amazing DIY Birthday Cakes!

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amazing DIY birthday cakes has a fabulous birthday cake gallery/tutorial that is nothing short of AMAZING! Each of the 31 cakes in this gallery comes with step-by-step instructions on how you can recreate it at home. There’s some serious creativity & resourcefulness going on here!

Pictured at top: Castle cake – featuring ice cream cone turrets…SWEET!

Pictured below: Pirate Ship and Soccer Ball cakes. (The use of Oreo Crisps for the soccer ball is GENIUS!)

amazing DIY birthday cakes

This Lion cake design is adorable too… especially the chow-mein noodle “mane”!

amazing DIY birthday cakes

More favorites pictured below: Purse Cake with Giant Tootsie Roll handle, Train Birthday Cake – Engine (also check out the entire train cake) ,Ladybug cupcakes, Snake cupcakes, Dump Truck cake, ridiculously clever French Fries cake (toasted pound cake slices with red frosting dip!), Shark cake, and Monkey cake.

amazing DIY birthday cakes

amazing DIY birthday cakes

amazing DIY birthday cakes

amazing DIY birthday cakes

amazing DIY birthday cakes

Click here for a thumbnail view of all 31 cakes!

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31 responses to “Absolutely Amazing DIY Birthday Cakes!”

  1. wow, What a nice looking cake !
    It will definitely be a delicious one also.

  2. Candice says:

    These look awesome, but they’d taste horrid

  3. Shadya says:

    ts amizing will try on ma sons birthday

  4. Danielle says:

    What amazing ideas!

  5. cheza says:

    I love th rocket cake!!! will defo b trying that 4 my lil mans bday :-)

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  7. happy life says:

    this DIY cakes are so lovely, think i might make the purse one for my mother’s birthday ,really admire your inspiration.

  8. fiorella says:

    love your site, i made a lot of things by myself for my baby BDay!!!

  9. What a fabulous recipe!! this sounds like a great variation.

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  11. My favorite is the purse cake.! but all those cakes are so cute and beautiful