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REAL PARTIES: Pretty in Pink Baby Shower

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Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

It’s no secret that Amy Belle Isle from Stem Parties is a creative genius when it comes to celebrating! I’m so excited (or maybe I should say “stoked“) to share her latest baby shower creation with you… it’s so much fun! Keep reading for lots of images and all the details, as told by Amy herself…

Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

“I am really excited that Jenn asked me to share this Pretty In Pink baby shower with all of her readers. This shower was such a joy for me to do since I am not only a child of the 80s but because it was also for a very dear friend of mine that I’ve known since Jr. High.

Since Kacie’s favorite movie back then was Pretty in Pink and she was having a girl, it was a given what the theme would be. The trick was combining the movie and the era with a baby shower and make it all work. Okay, the trick was really making the 80s seem anything but tacky neon!

Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

I decided to really play up the pink and add in different touches from the 80s along with a few baby related items. Remember, baby showers don’t have to scream “BABY” to work. Subtle works, too!

Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

Guests were treated to homemade box lunches with cassette tapes tied on top with pink and white ribbons. I bought a lot sale of 50 cassettes from an eBay seller for $10 and painted them all different shades of pink. Be patient, it takes several coats of paint to cover these babies! Boxes were from The Container Store and the Pretty In Pink label of front is easy to make with these round labels from Paper Source.

Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

The pink linens were set off with old albums covered with round pink labels custom worded for the occasion, table “runners” made from photocopies tiled with the Pretty In Pink movie cover, simple floral arrangements and pink pacifiers.

Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

Two tables had pregnant wire forms from tmarco encased between two acrylic box frames filled with pacifiers, while another table had this larger version of the wire form center stage.

Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

You can’t have an 80s shower without balloons, can you? Approximately 150 various shades of pink balloons not only provide the backdrop to the room but also filled the alcove ceiling (not shown…sorry).

Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

Taking a cue from the fabulous Amy Atlas, I recreated a pink dessert table with sweets from several local bakeries in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

Paper hanging daisies in the background from Luna Bazaar really set this area off. And, you can’t really have a Pretty in Pink party without Duckie. The fact that I found pink ones just about did me in. Oh sweet fate.

Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

More sweet treats were found at the hot beverage station on the butler’s pantry. It’s amazing how much bang you can get for your buck with some simple hot chocolate, coffee and tea if you present it with yummy toppings and fun Irish Coffee mugs!

Pretty in Pink - 80's Inspired Baby Shower

In addition to playing a baby related trivia game with some 80s questions thrown in, I asked guests (in the invitations) to bring a picture of themselves from the 80s. Each guest was given various pink scrapbook pages to fill with their pictures and words of advice/encouragement for Kacie. The pictures provided a good laugh and the sweet words from all the guests made for a very special keepsake.

Thanks again, Jenn, for asking me to share this with everyone and Congratulations to Kacie (and baby Grayson Laine born February 9th). You’re going to be a totally RAD mother. Fer sure.”

Thank, Amy! I’m inspired to throw a party based on an 80’s movie myself now – what other good ones could we do? Maybe a Some Kind of Wonderful bridal shower or a funny Princess Bride inspired engagement party/couples shower. Hmmm….

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

71 responses to “REAL PARTIES: Pretty in Pink Baby Shower”

  1. Carie says:

    Oh wow, I love this.. Its too cute :)

  2. Chris Nease says:

    Yes, once again Amy has shown her creative genious! ….. I would love to see you transporting those 150 balloons!! LOL

  3. Cherry says:

    This is such a great idea. I can’t wait to use some ideas for my next party!

  4. amy @ stem says:

    Thanks, again, Jenn!

    Chris – girl I had the helium tanks on site and put some kind souls to work. Can you imagine the chaos of me with 150 in the car?

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  6. Natalee says:

    This is outstanding! I am completely in love with all these ideas. You are truly inspired and inspiring. I’m working on throwing a 90’s themed bridal shower… suggestions? :)

  7. Fabulous as always!!!!!
    love love the pink cassettes!

  8. Jenny says:

    I love the cassette tapes tied on to the boxed lunches! What a creative idea!!

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  10. Francisco,
    I would seriously travel through a sea of swirly twirly gum drops to get to one of your parties.
    You should know that I really truly am your number one fan (you already DO know that, don’t you?).
    You inspire me.

  11. cheryll says:

    it is simply fab! I love it!

  12. Joanna says:


  13. tanya says:

    i just love this take on the pretty in pink. retro with a chic update–very cute!!

  14. Joyce says:

    What a lovely display It is so true that you can provide “cheaper” desserts, but the display is what really adds that classy element. Loved it all :)

  15. Yvett says:

    I love this theme! That would be a blast!

  16. That is absolutly perfect, how funky is that! I love the old lps as placemats or chargers, very rad.


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  18. Lisa says:

    I love pink! Bonnie Marcus has the cutest stationery in pink for a baby shower:
    Then the cutest gift for mommy are her pink expecting in style flip flops on sale at Adorable!!

  19. I love this idea…The decor is so fab. The album chargers, casette tapes. I love it all. So cute. So many great details.

  20. Jaime says:


    Thanks for sharing this idea! You did a great job pulling together baby, 80’s, and pink! I LOVE the homemade boxed lunches and the beverage bar. It’s so nice to see those tricks on how to stretch a buck these days without cutting back on the party ambience. Nice job!

  21. Sandra @ Ribbons and Favors says:

    This gives such good do-able ideas for the budget conscious or over the top decor. Thanks for sharing this great theme.

  22. Cara says:

    I LOVE this! Pretty in Pink was and still is my favorite movie. What a great idea!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  23. Chelsea says:

    Oh gosh!! I love the glitter on the cupcakes, and the casette tapes. Just so nice.

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  25. tOMIKA says:

    This is a fantasic party with fantasic decor. What size dress form is used for the centerpiece? Perhaps 11”

  26. amy @ stem says:

    Thanks for all of the compliments. I truly appreciate it and am so glad to be able to share with you!

    tOMIKA – The larger pregnant wire form is the 15″ one. Hope that helps!

    amy belle isle
    stem parties

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  28. fussball live says:

    Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

  29. Danielle - Sui Generis Events says:

    I love the Pretty in Pink Baby Shower theme!

  30. Kathy says:

    Great job! What a fun party. I couldn’t tell from the pictures but what did you use to make the heart lollipops stand up?

  31. Kathy,

    Thanks! The heart lollipops are standing in a block of styrofoam wrapped in pink gift wrap. Hope that helps.


  32. * TONYA * says:

    This is absolutely fantastic. How fun.

  33. Michelle says:

    I LOVE IT…EVERYTHING!! Can’t wait to show my creative side in June! I’m donig a Mod Mommy theme and would like to use the cray paper decorations (looks like hot pink cray paper flowers) you have shown in the slide that reads “Fabulous Pink Details”. I tried the aprty stores and looking online but can’t find them. Can you head me in the right direction?

  34. jenn s. says:

    Hi Michelle –
    I think what you’re referring to are the pink paper daisies. Here’s a link to where you can buy them at

    Hope that helps! :)

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  36. Jamie says:

    I absolutely love this theme!! Question: where did you find those cute pink plastic looking boxes that the cupcakes are sitting on as well as the small pregnant wire forms?

  37. Michelle says:

    Your even more awesome now! :-) Thanks so much for the link…Now I’m ready to get this party started!

    Hope to see more of your skills soon.

  38. Michelle says:

    What a gorgeous setup! You’re an amazing friend to do all this. It’s so creative and thoughtful.

  39. Sharlene says:

    Okay I am love. You could easily make this into a bridal shower as well. AWESOME IDEA!

  40. Michelle says:

    It’s me again…I have some baby bottles for favors that I picked up at a party store going out of business. The problem is I can’t think of anything unique to use them for. Any suggestions? The “couples” shower is for a girl and the couple is young, trendy and a little bit on the party side. I searched the web for favor ideas and only found they were used for candy and bath salt…too boring! I want to do something unique and fun with them and I’m racking my brain. The bottles 33 with a 1/2′ opening. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

  41. Michelle says:

    Sorry typo….3′ tall with 1/2′ opening when you take the plastic nipple off

  42. love the pink details. great to see how the balloons make the room pop. and the hot beverage station was simple yet great!

  43. Ivette says:

    This is so fab! Do you think I can do this for a boy shower?

  44. Ivette says:

    It could be Pretty in Blue? What do you think.

  45. Ebony says:

    This so so utterly fabulous!!!! I love everything about this and how you could easy make these ideas for any retro style party! As always Amy.. GREAT WORK!

  46. Tammy says:

    Where did you get the glitter for the cupcakes?
    So adorable and girly!

  47. Carmen Miranda says:

    WOW!!! What a talent!! Thank you for sharing your ideas with everybody!!

  48. VJ says:

    Hi. Love, Love, Love your baby shower theme. I am using the same theme, Pretty in Pink. BUT..what you did…SO FAB I LOVE IT.

    I am hosting a baby shower on 8/22/09. I would love to find out where you purchased or made the Album Charges and with Pretty in Pink?

    And, how did you get the cupcake stands? And, please share. How did you get the 150 ballons into that house? I would love your input.

    Again, absolutely LOVED your Baby Showere Theme.


  49. Kim says:

    I was wondering if anyone knew where to get the large vinyl records in bulk used as charges. I need about 50 of them and can not find the large ones anywhere online.

  50. VJ says:

    I have a couple of questions.

    1. What lsize label (dimension) did you use for the pretty in pink album cover?

    2. How did you print the wording as it appears in the exact style as the photocopied pretty in pink wording?


  51. Charlotte Johnson says:

    Hi, love this Baby Shower Theme! Awesome! TO KIm: I live here in Chicago, IL and you can get the vinyl at this store “Out of the Past” Records – “”! She has everything in that store, I bought 28 good conditons LP’s and she only charged me $6.00!
    (773-626-3878, Ask for Marie. I’m doing a baby shower in this theme in September but our movies is “The Notebook”. Have fun!

  52. To those with questions that haven’t already emailed me…please do at stemparties @ and I’ll let ya know!

  53. cibeles says:

    This is so beautiful I’ve being looking for ideas and this is lovely! where did you get the pregnant women wire??

  54. cwinters says:

    Thank you! I was looking for ideas around the movie for my girlfriends baby shower; these are perfect! I LOVE the records!

  55. Michelle says:

    This is just beautiful. where did you get the wire pregnant shape?

  56. jenn s. says:

    Hi Michelle –
    Amy purchased them here:

    Jenn :)

  57. Dana says:

    Would you mind sharing where you purchased the white carafes?

  58. Natalie says:

    Hiii!!! I absolutely LOVE and adore this whole site! I think you should have a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show themed party!

  59. Samantha says:

    Hi ……Love this theme…..I was wondering where exactly did your order the fuschia acrlyic box the wire forms are standing on? Also the acrylic box the wire form is in? I am having a hard time finding the photo box with both back and front with acrylic….I would appreciate any help…thanks :)

  60. Lamonica Williams says:

    I am trying to think of something creative to go with pastel colors such as mint green pink purple and yellow for my baby shower PLEAS HELP !

  61. Love every little detail but the album chargers have to be my favorite part! Such a great theme and execution.

  62. Tammy says:

    Where did you purchase the pink table clothes?
    I can’t seem to find any I like. I have pink shower theme in April.

  63. Beki says:

    What size is the mother-to-be wire form?

  64. jenn s. says:

    Beki – the wire form is the 15″ size!

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  66. Sandra says:

    You are really the hostess with the mostess. Your baby shower ideas are incredible!

    Great Work!

  67. monique says:

    I love it! Does anyone know where I can find the record labels?

  68. Ashley Mayfield Whittenburg says:

    Where did you find your pregnant dress form?

  69. Svetlana says:

    Very beautiful!!! Where can I get the baby bump silhouette stand? We have a shower coming up in three weeks and would love to have this.