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Chambord Hip Hostess Event

Hi Everyone – I want to start the new week with an apology for the light posting last week. I was pretty much consumed with getting everything ready for Thursday’s Hip Hostess Event at the SLS Beverly Hills – and since this party was so soon after the Boston event, I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with everything…including regular posting, sleep (zzzzz), and a truckload of emails from the past few weeks!

Chambord Hip Hostess Event

Anyways, I’m very happy/relieved to report that the event was a success – despite the substantial rain, even-heavier-than-usual L.A. traffic (due to the weather), and very last minute swap of our party space from the hotel’s outdoor terrace to the indoor ballroom…thank goodness it was available! I actually think the ballroom worked out even better than the original space though, so these particular rain clouds really DID have a silver lining!

Chambord Hip Hostess Event

Given the event location and the fact that we’re right in the middle of Awards Season right now (with the Oscars coming up soon!) – we went with an “Old Hollywood Glam” theme and featured ideas for hosting an Awards Party or Red Carpet-themed bash. Many thanks to Chambord for generously sponsoring the evening!

I hope to have our own photographer’s pictures back soon to do a full recap of the event & party ideas, but in the meantime, one of our guests – who also happens to be a photographer – was kind enough to share her own photos with us so I could give you a little preview today. (Thanks again, Pamela!)

Chambord Hip Hostess Event

Tic-Tock Couture Florals made the fabulous – and huge – chandelier tree pictured above – and I gave tips on how to easily create a scaled-down, DIY version for at-home parties during the demonstration portion of the evening (more info on that to come soon). We also had a photo booth and life size cardboard cut-outs of Old Hollywood movie stars around the room for fun photo opps! (Cardboard cut-outs from HollywoodMegastore.com)

Chambord Hip Hostess Event

Pictured above: guests browsing the party decor ideas table; martini glass decked out with marabou craft boa, and a French Martini – one of the party’s 4 signature Chambord cocktails. (All feathers & feather boas from FabulousFeathers.net)

Pictured below: more shots of the decor ideas and a sneak peek of the tablescape.

Chambord Hip Hostess Event

Chambord Hip Hostess Event

Lots more images, details & cocktail recipes to come soon… please stay tuned!

Chambord Hip Hostess Event

{All photos by Pamela Masters Photography}

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16 responses to “Hip Hostess L.A. – Sneak Peek”

  1. kathryn says:

    very cute ideas

  2. Jill says:

    Everything looks so festive and glamorous! Sounds like such a fun night!

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  4. Kelli says:

    SO sad we missed it! Between sickies and too much rain it was just too much to drive up from San Diego. I hope that you will consider throwing a Hip Hostess party in San Diego soon!

  5. chic runner says:

    Loved the event! Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event at such a great location! PS, I stood next to your father during your part of the presentation and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, he is so proud of you. :)

  6. Ladi says:

    I’m really loving this color palette!!

  7. blog.lifedesignevents.com/ says:

    What an event! I love that you incorporated a photo booth; perfect for any special event. Fantastic job!


  8. Chris Nease says:

    That chandelier tree is Fantastic!! Can’t wait to see more photos!


  9. alice says:

    thank you, jen. it was a fabulous event. my gfs and i truly enjoyed it. i have a few photos on my blog with link to some pics on flickr as well. looking forward to the next event!

  10. Res says:

    I can’t wait to hear the rest of the party ideas, and see the recap! This sounds like a great theme idea for my upcoming birthday party.

  11. Gina says:

    Hi! Im in shock with this amaizing decoration. I’m plannig my 30 now in January and the party colors are, black, red and white.. I have 2 questions for you, if you can… Where I can found in the internet the feathers in lowest price??? And the most important question, you have the imprintables of this theme???? Let me know

  12. jenn s. says:

    Hi Gina –

    Fabulousfeathers.net is a great online resource for purchasing feathers in bulk! http://www.fabulousfeathers.net

    Just answered your question about the printables on the other post: http://www.hwtm.com/2009/02/hip-hostess-la-photo-gallery/

  13. TAniqua says:

    Your color palette and decorations are amazing! I am trying to redo the big feathertree centerpiece. What size and how many feathers did you use in the above small feather trees?

  14. Keisia says:

    I love this theme, its really pretty. Can you please tell me the photo you used for the Old Hollywood Sign.

  15. Party Booth USA says:

    The theme of this party looks awesome.