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Winner Update 2/3: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks so much to everyone that entered! And the lucky random winners are: Commenters #150 – Amber, #376 – Ruby, #387 – Tonya, and #141 – Rose. Congrats, everyone! We will be contacting you via email. Hope you enjoy the winnings!

see's candies valentines day giveaway

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, See’s Candies is offering up $25 gift certificates to FOUR  lucky HWTM readers! Whether you’re shopping for Valentines Day Gifts or your own favorite treat (by way of chocolates, lollipops, peanut brittle & more) – doesn’t the concept of “free” make it sound even sweeter?!

see's candies valentines day giveaway

Post a comment here telling us YOUR favorite flavor(s) or type(s) of See’s Candies. (Definitely brown-sugar-and-vanilla-buttercream Butterscotch Squares for me!)
Giveaway ends Friday, January 30th at midnight PST. Winners are chosen randomly and will be announced here on Monday, Feb 2nd. Good luck!

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581 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: See’s Candies”

  1. Meghan E says:

    I love the dark chocolate peppermints! YUM!

  2. Sue S. says:

    Rasberry Truffles!! My old boss used to live in Seattle and he’d bring me Sees back from his trips…MMMMMMMM.

  3. david basile says:


  4. Nanette Olson says:

    Mmmm, chocolate. I love the Dark Nuts & Chews.

  5. Cheryl Riecke says:

    Dark chocolate caramels

  6. Heather S says:

    I love truffles

  7. dianne says:

    The rocky road footballs are the best!

  8. Kathy Scott says:


  9. Maddy says:

    The Scothmallows look faaaaaantastic…

  10. Lynn Jones says:

    caramel, caramel, caramel

  11. Krista Gager says:

    We included See’s candies in our welcome bags for our wedding guests! I love the Peanut Brittle Bars! And the Caramel too… Yum Yum Yum!

  12. Tracy says:

    Peanut brittle bars sound yummy!

  13. Deborah R says:

    I love all of See’s truffles; raspberry is my favorite truffle.

  14. Theresa says:

    Definitely the California Brittle. It brings me back to the days where my mom and I would mess the kitchen up with our feeble attempts at peanut brittle.

  15. Carolyn G says:

    Milk chocolate nuts and chews

  16. Krisinda Smith says:

    Milk chocolate with almonds, or walnuts, or peanut butter….okay, milk chocolate with anything

  17. Susan C says:

    The Red Heart with Sugar Free Dark Nut Clusters are my favorite. Yum!

  18. Monika Iszard says:

    dark chocolate truffles.

  19. Patti Sherman says:

    Dark chocolate soft center assortment

  20. Denyse says:

    The Scotchmallow would be devine.

  21. Jeanette McCabe says:

    I’ll take dark or milk, fill it with any nut and some caramel and I’m in heaven. Yum.

  22. Kathleen L says:

    My favorite is Chocolate Walnut Fudge . Thank you

  23. Amir says:

    I choose the Chocolate Nut Chews.

  24. Carol G says:

    The dark chocolate mints, but there are so many flavors to love!

  25. Carson says:

    nuts & chews rule, from first to last

  26. Leanne Prewitt says:

    milk chocolate buttercream

  27. Jennifer W. says:

    I would pick the soft centers assortment. However, I love chocolate, so any will do!

  28. Karin says:

    all truffles, and fudge, i love all chocolates

  29. AJ says:

    peanut brittle for me!

  30. Holly says:

    I like the carmels best.

  31. Evelyn says:

    chocolate caramel and nuts my mouth is watering as I write

  32. JAN says:

    I was just in there and they game me a sample of an apricot with coconut something or other – delicious!

  33. Shannon says:

    My favorite? Maple Walnut! Yum!

  34. Margie says:

    Dark chocolate buttercreams with vanilla centers–my all-time favorite!

  35. alva says:

    Dark Chocolate BordeauxTM

  36. Megan says:

    OOOH I love See’s! My favorite growing up were the Molasses Chips, but I called them Melissa Chaps for some reason…don’t ask! And I loved the gel eggs at Easter time, yumm!

  37. Debbie says:

    I love See’s chocolate!

  38. Jessicca says:

    Dark chocolate chewy caramels, yum!

  39. Melissa V says:

    the Assorted Chocolate Heart box with milk and dark choclate looks delicious!

  40. April Jacques says:

    I love the assorted with nuts. Yunny