Healthy Snacking… New Year’s Resolution Take 2

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healthy snacking ideas

Okay, here goes: My name is Jenn, and I’m an unhealthy snacker. There… I said it. That’s the first step towards recovery, right? We’re a few weeks into the new year now, and I’m realizing that my “healthier eating” resolution has been a tad (okay more like completely) non-existent. How about you? The problem on this end of the computer: it hasn’t been a priority because there’s so much going on and an endless to-do-list that I’m always distracted with… but does that ever really change?

When I say “healthier eating” is the goal – don’t get me wrong: I love enjoying food and have no intentions of becoming a walking calorie and sodium calculator deprived of all the culinary world has to offer. BUT, I could use some serious help in the “everyday” eating department and am thinking it’s time to actually kick things into gear… Here’s the situation:

My approach to snacking right now is almost 100% “convenience” based, paired with an insane sweet tooth which often threatens a sugar-induced coma. Looking back on the past week, for example, I realized that my between-meal snacks have consisted of what has added up to a box of See’s Candies Nuts & Chews, a bag of conversation hearts (yes… Valentine candy already…eek!), tons of Hershey’s Kisses leftover from the holidays (we wouldn’t want those to go to waste, right?), and a Fiber One bar thrown in for good measure now and then (oats-and-chocolate flavored of course in case the word “fiber” threw you off).

conversation hearts

Ugh. After reading this back to myself, I think the only thing keeping me from massive sugar crashes is all the Diet Coke and Lo-Carb Monsters. Thanks, caffeine? (Question mark intended.)

The one thing I HAVE always been able to make a priority is this blog, so I’m thinking that if I address the issue here, I might be a tad more accountable or even get some great tips from you guys… and maybe we can inspire each other along the way. So if you have any suggestions for quick, easy & healthy snack ideas – emphasis on the easy (grab-n-go is important here) – I’d love to hear them!healthy snack ideas

Pictured below are 5 snack ideas I think I can swing, but I’d love to expand the list with your suggestions…

healthy snack ideas

1. Hummus with Pre-Cut Veggies or Baked Pita Chips
I seriously envy those people that adore vegetables and reach for the naturally. I am so, so very far away from that place… but I do love a good roasted red pepper hummus dip, so maybe that will do the trick!

healthy snack ideas

2. Campbell’s Soup at Hand

Only 80 – 150 calories, lots of different flavors to choose from, doesn’t require refrigeration, and you can just pop them in the microwave then sip as-is… perfect! Soup always fills me up too… added bonus.

healthy snack ideas

3. Apples & Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter – I do love this simple duo… and we all know what they say about an apple a day… Are there any other easy, healthy dips that pair nicely with apples?

healthy snack ideas

4. Fiber One Bars (sweet tooth satisfaction + fiber + convenience = good news)

5. Turkey & Cheese Roll-Ups – simple, quick, and protein=good


So those are some ideas to kick things off – what are YOUR favorite healthy snacks?

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16 responses to “Healthy Snacking… New Year’s Resolution Take 2”

  1. Brianna says:

    Celery and Reduced-Fat PB
    Hard boiled egg + an orange
    Reduced-fat string cheese + sliced apple

  2. nichole says:

    such a great ideas!

    just so you know… the Peanut Butter would be better for and fill you up more if where natural PB…

    (fat free adds sugar which will make you more hungry. and the natural will give you protein filling you up.)

    so try adams or any other peanut butter with the oil on top (how you know it is REAL peanut butter).

    my favorite snack is apple sauce… i know i know it is kids food… but i eat it with a little bread- yummy! (maybe i am just weird.)

  3. Holly says:

    I love to snack on Salsa & Tostito Chips. Even the regular ones a pretty good for you. No sugar or weird chemicals.

    Sometimes I will make turkey bakon and munch on that here and there when I don’t have time for breakfast…it’s even tasty cold.

  4. Amber says:

    I’m a huge fan of the single serving cottage cheeses. Top it with your favorite accompaniment; pineapple, strawberries, tomatoes, cantaloupe…

    Edamame is always an easy savory snack.

    And for the sweet tooth I always have sugar free jello and pudding on hand. And if you happen to be at home you can always top it with a light whipcream. Yummy.

  5. Kelli says:

    Thanks for being so honest about your snacking and sweet tooth! I have a special spot in my heart for sugar as well! :)
    * During the winter months try clementines {called Cuties at Trader Joe’s}. They peel so easily, are seedless and oh so tasty! They are easy to pop in your purse as well.
    * What about yogurt? I LOVE yogurt! Good bacteria, a little sugar and a lot of yummy-ness.
    * Chocolate protein shakes {with a scoop of coffee ice cream for good measure} really tide me over when I need a shot of protein, something super quick and drinkable in the car.
    I am sure there are more options, so enjoy exploring the world of healthful snacks!
    Maybe you could do a follow up post on your new favorites to inspire us all to stick with healthy eating.

  6. Amy says:

    I got a food dehydrator for my birthday in December and love to snack on dehydrated apples or strawberries. They are so fun to eat!

  7. This seems like a really fun idea for motivation… love your suggestions, too. What I’ve had a lot of success with (also have the sweet tooth prob – especially when working late-night) is buying frozen organic fruits, a thing of organic french vanilla yogurt, and some organic apple juice and throwing it in the blender. A really healthy smoothie that doesn’t cost $6.00.

  8. violarulz says:

    I my favorite healthy snacks are hard boiled eggs (protein), hot tea (hydration), and dried fruit (kinda sweet, chocked full of goodstuff). Home made trail mix is also great…. Mmm, I love me some white chips, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and dried cranberries. It’s so colorful too!

  9. sarah says:

    it’s all about crunch for me!! Have you ever tried WASA crackers? I buy the wholegrain ones. High in fiber and very low in sugars. I like to put all natural peanut butter (smucker’s) on them or hummus. Also, sliced tomatoes with mozzarella slices. Mmmmm.

  10. Alli says:

    My favorite snacks are yogurt with honey pretzel sticks, hard boiled eggs, 100 calorie popcorn, a toasted whole wheat english muffin with low-fat peanut butter or jam, salsa with almost anything is super low-calorie, a handful of cereal, dark chocolate (a little goes a long way!), saltines with avocado sliced on top, and tuna with wheat things.

    Good luck! I can totally sympathize! :)

  11. jo says:

    I hear ya. I’m tired of finding excuses to “start” my NY resolution “next week” or “next month”.

    My suggestion: Instead of potato chips, peanuts, or even crackers… I get a ziploc bag & fill it halfway with baby carrots or pre-cut peeled carrots. Add some lemon pepper seasoning that you can get at any grocery store in the “seasonings” aisle, shake them up, and voila! You have a healthy + tasty snack that fulfills all munchie cravings. The lemon pepper seasoning adds a little kick to the carrots, without you needing to grab any Ranch dressing.

  12. bubblybride says:

    Try popping a single serving bag of light butter popcorn.. it will fill you up and is healthy!

    Also, I always snack on clementines and grapes (satisfies that sweet craving!)

  13. Jaime says:

    Jenn, is a great source of healthy eating tips. You can sign up for daily e-mails which might be a nice reminder of your resolution.

    The one tip I have that helps curb snacking is to drink water when you feel snacky. It can fill you up, and it helps you with your daily water intake!

    Good luck!

  14. Alison says:

    Mmm I love snacks in general! An apple sliced up with a little fat free vanilla or plain yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon and a few nuts (walnuts work well) thrown in is my favorite right now. I also second the 100 calorie popcorn bags! Any fruit, in general, should curb the sweet tooth, though! Larabars are fantastic, too, or Cliff ZBars. Just aim for something with a little bit of protein and fiber to stay fueled and filled!

  15. Susie says:

    I agree about using natural peanut butter. But read the labels and choose yourself. I have found that most the low fat ones add hydrogenated oils (trans fats), sugar, salt and sometimes other stuff I don’t even know what it is. The ingredients should read: Peanuts (and maybe salt if you aren’t on a low sodium diet). And I pour the oil off the top, btw.

    Thanks for the Campbell’s Soup tip, I am so going to pick some of those up!

  16. Andrea says:

    My favorite snacks:

    – Yoplait vanilla yogurt with sliced strawberries
    – Pre-sliced colby jack cheese with whole grain crackers
    – Dove dark chocolate with almonds (one square satisfies my chocolate craving)
    – Whole wheat english muffin toasted with butter and jam
    – Dried banana chips and Craisins

    Hope this helps!