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Enchanted Fairy Birthday: Photo Album + “Toadstool” Bites

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enchanted fairy birthday party

The rest of the pictures from the Enchanted Fairy Birthday Party (see Sneak Peek from yesterday) are now up on the HWTM Facebook Page! Complete details on how to recreate this theme will also be up in the Party Themes section before the end of the year, but in the meantime feel free to ask any questions you might have either here or over at the photo album.

Also – while browsing for some inspiration on Flickr, I came across this ridiculously clever themed appetizer idea that is definitely worth sharing:

enchanted fairy birthday party

Little “Toadstools” made out of hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, and feta sprinkles…ADORABLE!

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

43 responses to “Enchanted Fairy Birthday: Photo Album + “Toadstool” Bites”

  1. The entire party looks fantastic, but I am in love with the “toadstools.” I am definitely feeling a fairy party in my daughter’s future!

  2. Joanna says:

    This is just beautiful, what great ideas!

  3. wedding-palindrome-wedding says:

    that is THE cutest hors d’ouevre i have ever seen!!!!

  4. Brenda says:

    The “toadstools” are just too cute! What a clever idea. Love it!

  5. I’m in love with the toadstools

  6. Who doesn’t love food that is not only tempting to the taste so visually appealing and cute! Great idea!

  7. * tonya * says:

    Absolutely adorable. I just became a fan of your Facebook page too and loved all of the other photographs.

    Those little toadstools are so cute.

  8. I have to show my friends with kids the toadstools. They will adore. Imagine serving them at a family brunch.

  9. This is the cutest thing ever! I am totally going to make it for a Christmas party.

  10. ROOM design studio says:

    this is insanly creative! I love the mushroom “eggs”

  11. Ali says:

    Oh my goodness! So cute!! Where did you get those adorable butterflies on the trees???

  12. Tracy says:

    I love the invitations! Can you tell me who made them or how you did? Thank you

  13. jenn s. says:

    Hi Tracy and Ali –
    Sorry I’m just now seeing your questions!

    Ali – the butterflies are from an online shop called Heart to Heart. Here’s their URL:

    Tracy – I made the invitations myself – so glad you like them! I found the fairy and tree/branch graphics on and assembled everything in Photoshop.

    I’m partnering with a stationery company soon though – so eventually a similar design will be available to order custom-printed online, but it will be a while before they’re available…more to come on that later :)

  14. Jamie Gonzalez says:

    When will yoube posting this fairy theme in the party themes section??????

  15. […] and now I have some more inspiration for you. Hostess with the Mostess recently showcased a grand Enchanted Fairy birthday party, with amazing pictures of wonderful decor. Find fresh inspiration here for a great party. I […]

  16. jenn s. says:

    Hi Jamie –
    Just saw your question – sorry! I’ll be posting the details in the party section sometime next week. We’ve had a hectic start to the year and I’m on vacation right now, but just as soon as I get back… so before the end of the month :)

  17. Jamie Gonzalez says:


  18. Lori says:

    Hi! I am having a “FAIRY FIRST BIRTHDAY” for my daughter on March 14th. I was inspired the moment I saw this party! If all turns out as planned I will share some pics on the facebook fan page. I wanted those invitations SOOO bad but am not too very familiar with photoshop :( I found some very cute fairy invites at and they turned out fabulous!! Thanks for this great party idea!!!

  19. mariana ava says:

    hi dear… your party was amazing!!! where did you get the poster with your daughter”s name on it?

  20. Lisa says:

    I love the decor of your party. I absolutely loved the glass green tall vase that you decorated with Saxyn letters. Where did you purchase it?

  21. jenn s. says:

    Mariana –
    Thank you for the sweet message! I actually custom made the poster myself using illustrations from (my background is in graphic design).

    Lisa – I bought that glass vase a while back at Home Goods for only about $8! They’re a discount shop, so their inventory changes constantly, but they always seem to have similar items…Ross and Marshalls are great places to shop for things like this too!

    Jamie –
    Sorry the details aren’t up quite yet in the themes section. It’s on the list for this week…fingers crossed. In the meantime, feel free to ask me any specific questions you might have either here or via email.
    Jenn :)

  22. Lillian says:

    I Love what you did for this party!!!

    My daughters 1st birthday is coming up in a couple of months and plan on a theme of lady bugs, dragon flies and bumble bees.

    Have you ever done a theme on ladybugs? Can you help me with any suggestions?? I love the butterflies you used for this party and on purchasing some.

    Thank you for being an inspiration.

  23. Christin says:

    I am looking for more information on your Enchanted Fairyland Party. I’m thinking of doing this for my daughter’s 1st birthday party and would love to see some of your ideas. I can’t find your posting under the Party themes or on Facebook. Can you help me?

  24. Aeilene says:

    Hi! I love love love this! But my daughter has quite a few boy-friends from preschool. As far as goody bag goes, what should I give the little boys? They’re ages 3-4. Thanks!

  25. Annette says:

    Where did you get the placemats?

  26. jenn s. says:

    Christin –
    Here’s the direct link to the album on facebook:

    Hopefully that works! Let me know if not…

    Aeilene –
    You could do something wizard themed for the boys – like wizard wands, hats or something Harry Potter themed!


    Annette – The placemats are actually 12×12″ scrapbook papers! I bought them at a local scrapbook store. Wish I could remember the exact name/company that makes them but I’m blanking on that right now. If I can find them again I’ll let you know! But there are tons of papers available, so hopefully you can find something else that will work either online or at a craft or scrapbook store near you. Michaels and Joann both carry lots of papers :)

  27. christin says:

    Thanks – I’ll check out the facebook site. Where did you get the hot pink letters you used to spell Saxyn’s name on the green vase?

  28. jenn s. says:

    I got the pink shimmer chipboard letters at Michaels but they should have them at scrapbook stores too – they’re actual purpose is to be scrapbooking embellishments ;)

    They’re by a company called Making Memories. Here’s one link I found online but it says there are only 2 sets available at this place right now:

  29. grisel says:

    Jen do you know the image/photo number for the branches in the invite? I went on istock but I cant locate it. Thanks!!!!

  30. jenn s. says:

    Hi Grisel –
    Here’s the link to the image:

    I just used a small portion of the lower left image to create the fairy “bushes” from the tree top portion.

    Hope that helps!

    Jenn :)

  31. Grisel says:

    Thanks Jenn! Just ordered it working on my little ones first bday party…

  32. Grisel says:

    Can you up load the posters that you created for this party? So it can be downloaded like the cirque de bebe party package. I would love to use one to play pin the star on the fairy’s wand….thanks!

  33. stephanie says:

    I’m trying to plan my daughter’s 1st birthday party just after Hallowe’en and since she will be a flower fairy for the night, we wanted to incorporate it into her party. Did you post the how to’s on party themes? I’d love to know where you got your fairy images!

  34. jenn s. says:

    Hi Stephanie –

    I haven’t posted the how-to’s on this particular theme yet – so sorry! I purchased the fairy silhouettes used in the poster & digital invite on though.

    I’m actually planning to post downloadable template for the 2 fairy posters tomorrow though, because I’ve had a lot of requests for this lately, so if you want to use these exact designs, please check back tomorrow!

    Jennifer :)

  35. Bugs-n-Blooms says:

    Very cute – so creative. The colors are so bright and brilliant!

    You can also find butterflies here too:

  36. Randy says:

    resently my wife lost her fiber optic fairy lite it was her favorite niknak it had a fairy with fiber optic wings sitting on a mushroom with a dragon wraped around the mushroom i bought it from spencers but they dont have it any more can any1 help me find another one

  37. Izreen says:

    hi! love this site. such a lovely party and great inspiration and ideas for my daughter’s upcoming butterfly party!

    hope you don’t mind…i posted a lil link & mention on my blog ;)

  38. tamara says:

    Love the fairy party! I am throwing one for my daughter complete with fairy pony rides! What were the girls making at the arts and crafts table???

  39. April says:

    Can you tell me where you got the white chairs…I am looking for something similar.

  40. natashas says:

    ooooh… how about balls of mozzerella instead of eggs? YUMM!