Bright & Contemporary Fall Centerpieces

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modern thanksgiving centerpieces

I’m loving these super colorful and unique fall centerpiece ideas from… perfect for a modern thanksgiving table.

Pictured above:

• Bountiful Basket: several colorful dried fruits and veggies displayed in a linen-lined basket

• Zen Gourds: large red mums and golden gourds displayed in modern rows on a sleek square tray

• Sunflower Runner: various sizes of red and yellow sunflower blooms really stand out on square white appetizer trays, like this set from Crate & Barrel. ($22.95/set of 12)

• Flowers & Fruit: large red mums & orange kumquats spill out from a pedestaled urn.  (For a very modern take on this concept, I like the idea of painting the urn a glossy white before creating the arrangement.)

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6 responses to “Bright & Contemporary Fall Centerpieces”

  1. Katie says:

    These are just gorgeous! I really love the “zen” looking one… I’d never expect to see a centerpiece like that on a Thanksgiving table but it would be a very nice change!

  2. Oh I LOVE the sunflower runner! That is beautiful!

  3. Sarah W. says:

    Absolutely love the Zen Gourds. May have to try that one out for my table.

  4. MixMingleGlow says:

    i just love to be reminded of how gorgeous nature can be when we bring it indoors and keep it in its simplest form. LOVE the sunflower “runner”! Clever, simple, affordable, beautiful…PERFECT!

  5. Sarah Smith says:

    OOooh what are the items in the basket? I recognize the corn but not the other items.

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