Simply Stated: Fabulous Cake Stands

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modern cake stands

Today over at Simply Stated: Celebrations – check out 5 Fabulous Cake Stands, along with a tip on how to  create quick & easy DIY cake stands using dishes you already own!

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12 responses to “Simply Stated: Fabulous Cake Stands”

  1. the colors on some of these are bautiful

  2. on my last post…that would be “beautiful” not bautiful. I just wanted it noted that I can appreciate cake stands AND spell :)

  3. love these cake stands – in fact, I think I have number 3 at home!

  4. Those are pretty! They make me want to bake a cake! :)

  5. Jessica says:

    Oh how I wish those first three were still available… it would fit the colorscheme of my son’s first birthday party in early December. Darn!

  6. looks like i know what will be going on my Christmas list this year…

  7. I love cake stands! I love the colors and styles of these fabulous cake stands. Wonderful Post!

  8. Oh those ARE fabulous. A cake stand is always on my wish list, but I still don’t have one!

  9. I’m such a sucker for cake stands. (All serveware truthfully!) Thanks for sharing!

    And BTW, hello! :)

  10. modern-bride says:

    Oooh, I love the square one – one more thing for my registry. heh, heh. :D

  11. modern-bride says:

    Oh the square one is from Crate n Barrel – figures,
    I love that place.

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