Handcrafted Serveware by Glasi

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circus first birthday party

In an age where most products are machine-manufactured, there’s definitely something to be said for those who strive to keep handcrafted products alive. The artisans at Glasi Hergiswil on Lake Lucerne are just such people… and they’ve been producing high-quality, functional pieces from exclusively lead-free glass since 1817, despite the struggles they faced along the way.

circus first birthday party

Pictured above, from top: This dramatic cone-shaped server ($40) is a unique way to serve fruits & nuts… not to mention the perfect foundation for a very modern cornucopia display! (Modern Thanksgiving, anyone?) And the oblong Gondola server ($40) is perfect for serving simple bites like stuffed olives or dips such as guacamole and hummus.

Also pictured above are a few images from the crafting process at the Glasi factory. Click here to view more.

Pictured below: the versatile & generous-sized Party Platter ($72) and the pretty Sushi Tray ($36) – which looks like a cool block of ice to me – with coordinating Dip Bowl ($20).

circus first birthday party

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9 responses to “Handcrafted Serveware by Glasi”

  1. Jennelle says:

    Those are gorgeous!

  2. beautiful! I’ve visited a glass-blowing factory and it’s always amazing to see the final result. it’s truly an art.

  3. Joanna (hostessjo.com) says:

    Those are so pretty and unique, thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the gondola server. It is such a unique and dramatic shape – love it!

  5. Some of those glass pieces are very unique and beautiful!

  6. Kelly R. says:

    I love the idea of a modern cornucopia using the cone shaped bowl! Fabulous!

  7. Thank you so much for this article. As a person who works for a company that also produces hand blown glass, I truly appreciate the skill involved in the process. I can literally walk 50 feet and be on the glassblowing floor here at Simon Pearce, and I never get tired of watching the master glassblowers work…it is absolutely mesmerizing.

    Thanks again for acknowledging the importance of handmade products, and glassblowing in particular.

  8. I love all of this fabulous glassware. These are all perfect for any party!

  9. Renee says:

    There really is something to be said for the beauty and quality of hand-made products that you can’t get anywhere else. I love that it makes each one unique. These are beautiful!