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Theme Parties 10.14.08

Creative Theme Idea: Self-Portrait Party

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portrait party

Hi, I’m Kati Driscoll, author of The Finer Things, an entertaining and design focused stationery blog for I was inspired by a post from sfgirlbybay whose Self-Portrait Painting Party sounded like just the type of gathering I would host. I love the idea of a group of friends getting together and creating self-portraits.

portrait party

The best part about this party theme is that it is adaptable for guests of all ages and skill levels. For the young or young-at-heart, consider supplying crayons, markers, water-based paints and colored pencils. Provide each guest with a notepad personalized with their name as a table setting and favor. For the more advanced artist, provide acrylic paints, watercolors, pastels, charcoal and pencils in addition to bulk canvases and a variety of fine art papers.

portrait party

Make sure you have a camera available, too. Not everyone is a budding Picasso, but perhaps you have the next Dorothea Lang amongst your guests. I prefer Polaroid as you can easily create a gallery of the event as it happens, but digital photography is a medium not to be ignored.

Of course, we can’t forget the food(!)…

portrait party

For a creative party like this, encourage guests to create edible masterpieces by building their own pizzas, sundaes or cupcakes.

portrait party

[photos via farlane and jekinthebox]

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13 responses to “Creative Theme Idea: Self-Portrait Party”

  1. Denise says:

    Such a great idea. Unfortunately, Polaroid is no longer being made, so digital it is. Another fun icon bites the dust.

  2. Stephanie Rice says:

    I saw a portrait party on a tv show once (maybe Bravo, not sure) and I’ve been wanting to host one. I’d forgotten about it though, so thanks for reminding me!! And please do share pictures if you ever host one!

  3. what a great idea! Sort of along the same lines (well, sort-of) my sister just had a wedding shower and had guests bring pictures of themselves from their wedding day. Her theme was “vintage” and she had each guest write down something they have learned from their marriage that they could pass along to her. The pictures were an added bonus.

  4. Stephanie Rice says:

    Re: “Unfortunately, Polaroid is no longer being made, so digital it is. Another fun icon bites the dust.”

    I was told that Fuji is working on something similar to the Polaroid. It’s not out yet, but it should be soon!

  5. Lisa R. says:

    Very creative! This might be a good activity for a bridal shower too – better than the typical games!

  6. @ Denise: I realize Polaroid is no longer in production making film difficult and hard to come by, but it is still being sold by a few retailers at a reasonable cost. Of course, there’s always eBay…

    It’s a pricey option, but I think it is worth the splurge for smaller parties. ;)

  7. teresa says:

    That’s a fun idea. But I would also looove to know your favorite pizza crust recipe.:)

  8. kathryn says:

    this is a really cute idea i love it

  9. Patty H says:

    Polaroid has come out with a new machine (POGO) that will print wallet size pictures that you take from your phone camera and send it to the machine via blue tooth. The pictures are good quality. I like mine.

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  11. A fun idea for a get together! Love the palette of treats idea.

  12. Dianne @ Colorblind Productions says:

    My Custom Image/Photo Tiled Display Mural would be a cool decoration for this type of party.