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Creative Cupcakes: Pucco & Ice Cream

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A little eye candy from my favorite creative cupcake guru – hello naomi – to brighten up your Tuesday: Pucco (Japanese candy) cuties (these are just screaming for an entire party theme to be designed around them, don’t you think?) and adorable ice cream cupcakes…complete with cherry on top, of course!

adorable cupcakes

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53 responses to “Creative Cupcakes: Pucco & Ice Cream”

  1. Michelle says:

    i love these!! is their a website where i can place an order??

  2. holly hatam says:

    wow! These are too cute to eat!

  3. anon says:

    absolutely adorable! but the ice cream cupcakes look like they’re made of plastic – not appetizing at all.

  4. happyathome says:

    Oh these are way too cute to eat!

  5. These are too cute! The ice cream design is adorable!

  6. alice says:

    soooo cute!!!

  7. Paper Monkey says:

    These are adorable! They definitely need a party planned around their design with invitations to match!

  8. Melissa H. says:

    So cute! I’ve got to show my daughter those Pucco cupcakes. Maybe she’ll want her 4th birthday designed around them (and I’ll get to make those cute cupcakes). Or, maybe we’ll just have to hit the local Japanese markets to find those candies and do some taste-testing!

  9. lisa says:

    these are cute, Im pretty sure mine wont look the same…darn

  10. Nancy W says:

    I googled her and here is what I found, she is out of Australia and isn’t selling them yet.

  11. Angi B. says:

    wow these are really adorable!!! :)

  12. Sophie says:

    these cupcakes are so cute! i am attepting to make the cherry ones in my cooking lesson, lets see how it goes! i will send photo soon!

  13. destiny says:

    where kan i get these cupcakes????

  14. holly golightly says:

    oh these are adorable !!!! and they just look truley scrumptious . absaloutly darling !! xx

  15. emily says:

    where can i find the recipes for this??? they are soo cute!!!!!!!!

  16. Christy says:

    these are soooo cute!!!! im thinkin bout makin them for a bday but how can i get the recipe. -desprate for help!

  17. Michael says:


  18. Sheckler says:

    wow! these are amazingly cute! I need funraising ideas since im trying to raise $200 for clean water, and these will definitely sell fast! :) thank you!

  19. lauralie says:

    there so cute, i’m totally gonna paint a pictue of these and put it up in my air studio.

  20. lauralie says:

    there so cute, i’m totally gonna paint a pictue of these and put it up in my air studio. love them!

  21. reagan says:

    OMG!!! We are doing a project on cupcakes!! Then were gonna cook ’em and bring’em to school. !!!!!

  22. Teal W. says:

    Amazing!! How do you make these candies again??
    My friends Aoi, Sae, Rei, and Nao taught me, but all of a sudden I’m forgetting… :heart: :emo: T_T

  23. Kristina says:

    Hey could you please give me the recepei for these cupcakes or the address and phone number where i could buy them please ……..

    it would mean a lot … its a surprise for my sisters 18th birthday =)

  24. jenn s. says:

    Hi Everyone –
    These cupcakes were created by Naomi and she has a bunch more over at her flickr gallery:

    I’m not sure if she sells them or just creates them for fun, but the best thing to do would be to contact her directly on flickr – either by posting a comment or by sending her a flickr mail there. Good luck! :)

  25. katie says:

    These are adorable? how are the cherries made?

  26. heidiri says:

    those cupcakes are so adorable!!!!!

  27. LMAO says:

    awww thoes r so cute!!!!!!!!

  28. KRISTINA says:


  29. lily rose says:

    these cupcakes r soo cute send me some for free plzzzzz.
    i need these cakes now!
    they remind me of my little sis and bro.

  30. hillery says:

    these are sooooooooooooooooo cute

  31. Anonim says:

    It is so cute!

  32. jadeii.x says:

    omg i am quite weird but i lovee looking up pictures of cupcakes and these are the brest ive seen so far

  33. victoria says:


  34. melinda says:

    these little guys are so cute! i think i would feel bad if i ate them because they would have a bite taken out of their face :(

    i would eat them anyways! the ice-cream ones are so cute to – very creative ideas

  35. hailey says:

    im soo hungry i wantt a cupcake soo bad craving them,mm!!!!!!

  36. Sofi says:

    SOOO cute!!! love them ♥

  37. gaby says:

    adoooooro cupcakes!!!
    esses são lindosssss!!!

  38. Lottie Philips says:

    Those cupcakes are so nice! Can I order them?