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modern baby shower Bye-bye pastel booties and teddy bears; hello bold prints and vibrant colors for baby-to-be! Today, guest blogger Amy Belle Isle recaps a recent “Baby Gone Wild” baby shower she designed that is nothing short of fabulous!

Plastic pacifiers, baby-related stickers and creative centerpieces are all you need to turn a little zebra print into a co-ed baby shower suitable for any hip parents-to-be!

The Inspiration: Zebra print. Can you tell? I know…it’s subtle. Zebra got even wilder with the addition of the fabulously fun colors in the “Rings” pattern platters and napkins from French Bull.

modern baby shower

Party Favors: These little wild thangs were simple pillow boxes filled with chocolate and then embellished with strips of zebra gift wrap from Michaels, chartreuse circle stickers from Paper Source and super cute baby-related stickers from Archivers .

modern baby shower Centerpieces: Don’t be intimidated by the thought of creating a centerpiece. A shallow dish, some Oasis floral foam, reindeer moss, a couple of bunches of flowers are all you need to create a focal point for your table that is sure to impress your friends! This one just happens to get a little fancy with this pregnant wire form to suit the occasion.

modern baby shower Wanna know one of the simplest ways to get a lot of bang for your buck? Lanterns, lanterns and more lanterns! Lanterns in bookshelves, lanterns on tables, and, in this case, lanterns on painted dowel rods secured in a tall vase filled with styrofoam. Add in the huge zebra lantern from World Market and look at what an entry hall statement this wild beast was! (These would make fantastic table centerpieces, too, because guests can actually see each other around them. Just make sure you weigh down the bottom of your vases. Décor-induced injury is a major party foul!)

Special thanks to Kristen Munson (social media info you need to know) and the talented Julie Enstall (awesome St. Louis photographer for your next party) for being such great hostesses. Congratulations again to the Durbins (check them out…seriously) and thanks for inspiring us all to live life a little more fabulous.

Thanks so much for the fantastic inspiration, Amy! I love the idea of tailoring this theme for an adult celebration such as a milestone birthday or bachelorette party by simply swapping out the baby-themed decor with more adult-oriented details. This would even be cute for a graduation party – especially since the black would tie in well with traditional grad them colors!

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

46 responses to “REAL PARTIES: Baby Gone Wild Baby Shower”

  1. Karen says:

    soooo cute! I’m loving zebra right now – and it’s very cool and “outside the box” for a baby shower indeed!

  2. kristen says:

    As the hostess of this soiree, I seriously suggest that anyone looking to do any type of party, hire someone like Amy (if not Amy herself) to do it all for you. Amy did the food purchasing, food preparation, party favors, and all decor. I was able to enjoy the party and serve my guests in style and stress free. It was amazing and I totally enjoyed myself.

  3. amy * stem * says:

    Thanks, Jenn for once again doing your magic. You know just how to post stuff to make it look its best!

    Thanks for the comment, Karen and Kristen, you know I think you were a dream! I dig your “why not hire someome else to do it” attitude. :)

  4. hoganfe says:

    How fun and cute – love the zebra!
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  5. Mindy Rives says:

    Hi there! My name is Mindy Rives from Dallas. I love this theme…so cute! I actually hosted a couples baby shower for my cousin and his wife this past weekend…we did a “daddy” theme and it turned out really cute. Check out my blog for pictures and ideas… The blog post is called “April Showers.”

    I love your blog by the way…I check it everyday!!

  6. Kati says:

    What an awesome shower! Amy’s work is amazing! I love the zebra print – I’ll have to link this up w/ the zebra print feature I did the other day.

  7. ellen says:

    This is just way too cute!!! I’m a huge fan of paper lanterns too – they make such a big impact – especially in zebra print! :)

  8. Scary Mommy says:

    Love this idea, wish I new a cool mom to be to throw a shower for!

  9. Caleigh says:

    I love to make party invitations. They always turn out beautiful and everyone loves them!

  10. Kenya says:

    Any ideas for a female 30th “All White Attire” party. Decorations, finger foods, and table decor????

  11. stacey says:

    Thank You!!! I have been looking everywhere for this theme for my friends shower, everything else was so cheesy. Thanks for the info- I love it!!!!

  12. Lindsay says:

    There is a super cute stationery company called Luscious Verde that has very bold, saturated paper colors, very fashion forward designs and is a very custom – anything you can think of – kind of line. Anyone who is interested in bright bold designs should definitely check them out. I love them and have used them for several events!

  13. brittany rogers says:

    hey… i was wondering where you got the zebra tablecloths and i really want some for my sweet sixteen… it would be great if you would help.

  14. amy says:

    Britanny – I don’t know if you will still read this or not, but the zebra cloth is made from some fun, slightly fuzzy zebra fabric from Hobby Lobby. You should be able to find a zebra print at most fabric stores, if you aren’t having any luck finding pre-made cloths.

    If sewing isn’t your thing, just make sure and buy cloth wide enough that you can cut it and use no-sew tape to “hem” the edges. Or, leave the edges rugged if you want a really “wild” look!

    – Amy

  15. megan says:

    such a cute site!
    i love all of the zebra and bold colors…yay, no more pastels!

  16. Amber says:

    Love it! I’m thinking of doing something similar for my daughter’s 1st birthday. Any thoughts or ideas would be great! ~Thanks!

  17. Mandy says:

    Love this theme, So cute!! I espically love the lanterns on painted dowel rods secured in a vase, but how did you attach the lanterns to the dowel rods?

  18. Hey, Mandy – Amy here.

    Here are some directions I gave to another reader that emailed me about the dowel rods.

    (where I got the lanterns blah blah blah)…..I then just weighted down the vase with rocks and then place styrofoam inside. Then take some dowel rods (I painted them black), assemble your lanterns and “thread” the metal hook part of the lantern through the dowel rod. Stick in the sytrofoam and adjust your height accordingly. You may need to play with the heights and/or cut some dowel rods down to your liking. Next, just cover the top with some crinkled paper filler or moss. A couple of flowers in some moss would be really cute, too.

    Mine actually stayed perfectly happy threading the stick through the metal hook of the lanterns, but I had my trusty hot glue gun on hand in case I needed to reinforce them.

    I hope this helps. If you need more, let me know.

    have fun!

    • Stephanie says:

      Hello Amy, i was wondering where you found the zebra boxes? any online store that has them? i plan to use them as centerpieces and add flowers inside but i cant find them anywhere…

  19. Love the all the great decorating ideas! I will have to start sending ladies here who purchase my Wildy Fun Baby Shower Invitations (in Zebra print and bright colors) so they can get great decorating ideas that will match their invitations. You can see my invitations at:

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