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Gorgeous Ideas for Green Weddings & Eco-friendly Parties

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eco-friendly wedding ideas has a wonderful "Go Green" gallery featuring fabulous and creative ideas for eco-chic weddings (and parties)! Pictured above: bouquet of lotus blossoms (known as "the symbol of cosmic harmony"), green glass goblets & tumblers, potted Irish moss party favors, organic cotton napkins tied with leaves, biodegradable plates, and an exotic bamboo-themed cake.

Pictured below: Yellow Pepper and Arugula Soup served in cucumber cups (cute!) and Chickpea Fries dipped in saffron aioli.

eco-friendly wedding ideas

Pictured below: stylish & earth-friendly flower arrangements featuring seasonal flowers displayed in recycled bottles.

eco-friendly wedding centerpiece ideas

For more "green" eye-candy, check out the entire Go Green gallery at!

{photography by Wendell Webber}

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8 responses to “Gorgeous Ideas for Green Weddings & Eco-friendly Parties”

  1. haley says:

    I love that it can be so gorgeous to go green!

  2. yvonne says:

    The bamboo cake is so cute!

  3. Kelly says:

    The napkins actually look really pretty tied with leaves. love that idea!

  4. Emily says:

    This is really cool! Happy Earth Day!

  5. Tina says:

    While I think all these options are beautiful, I would caution everyone to really think about what it is to be “green.”

    Two websites I found that have a sense of this are:

  6. Tracey says:

    Take the “green” wedding theme even further, and try to buy your food for the event locally. A great wedding favor is also bulbs or a small tree to be planted- very green and memorable. And all those gift registries that are printed out in stores- send a CD with the list to guests and save some paper. Of course, use recycled CDs.
    Happy Wedding and Earth Week!

  7. Courtney says:

    Those cabbage like flowers are exactly what I have been looking for! But never knew what they were called. I have tried searching more now since that it is stated they are called lotus blossoms but can not find any? Anyone have any ideas where I can find out some more info on them?

  8. Laura says:

    I know somebody who wants to do something like this for her wedding and I love the idea!