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A common misconception about "partying green" is that it means the look of the party has to literally be green – or at least based on earthy shades of green and brown. That’s why I was so happy to see this beautiful red and lilac table as the headliner image for author Danny Seo ‘s "How to Throw a Green Party at Home " feature over at epicurious.com!

The article includes tips for everything from eco-chic centerpieces and party decor to food, drinks, and activities (S’Mores , anyone?). There’s even a DIY guide for creating a biodegradable pinata ! How cool is that? ;) Click here for full details .

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4 responses to “Epicurious on Partying Green”

  1. Didi says:

    Those red drinks look scrumptious!

  2. how to guide says:

    […] shades of green and brown. That??s why I was so happy to see this beautiful red and lilac table ashttp://www.hwtm.com/2008/04/epicurious-on-partying-green/Householders get GST guide Jersey Evening PostA BOOKLET explaining how GST will work will be landing […]

  3. I totally agree! I love the concept of going “green”, and try to more and more these days, but when everything green seems to actually BE green/earth-toned, it’s a little tiresome. This is refreshing!

  4. callie micks says:

    You are totally right about most eco textiles and decorating being literally green and/or in earth tones. In textiles, it’s hard to achieve bright colors naturally (that won’t bleed on to other items in the wash), but in food and drink, bright, rich colors are plentiful. Sometimes I forget just how much color nature gives us. Thank you nature!!!