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SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Cristina Ashley Designs

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Cristina Ashley Designs I’m really excited to kick off this week’s giveaways with fabulous jewelry and stationery from Cristina Ashley Designs . Cristina’s jewelry designs include contemporary, yet feminine creations like this cool Flower Cluster Necklace (6th image down in the linked post) , as well as hand-stamped sterling silver jewelry that can be customized with any name, word or phrase you want (I especially love this one! ) – which makes it a great gift idea for bridesmaids, moms, daughters, and really any close friend or loved one…including yourself :)

Cristina also creates adorable & unique Monogrammed Stationery Sets (see image above) , which come in sets of 6, packaged in a super cute gift box!

Cristina Ashley Designs
This week, Cristina is offering up prizes for TWO lucky readers!
• The first place winner will receive a necklace of their choice (up to $42 value) AND a custom monogrammed stationery set!
• The second place winner will receive a necklace of their choice (up to $42 value) .

• Visit the Cristina Ashley Designs Blog to check out more of her jewelry designs (new ones recently added!) and post a comment here telling us which jewelry design is your favorite.
Enter by Friday, March 21st at midnight PST . Winner will be announced Monday, March 24th – don’t forget to check back and see if you won!
• Remember to use your login name if you have one (blogger, typepad, live journal, word press, AIM) or first name & last initial so we can identify you if you win. Good luck!

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466 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Cristina Ashley Designs”

  1. Brittany says:

    I really like the first one pictured in the jewelry collage above. Beautiful!

  2. kristin says:

    wow! what a great contest. the ‘be unique’ necklace is beautiful!

  3. [email protected] says:

    Be unique is my favorite!

  4. Our life as a FAMILY... says:

    I love the Grandma’s Love one, but I think I would like one for me….as a mother, I think it is so special.

  5. Michelle says:

    I love her jewelry, so simple, elegant, and meaningful. My favorite i Simple Joys because the older I get, the more I find that the simple joys are the truest joys. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Lauren says:

    I love the turquoise ring pendant in her pre-made pieces section.
    – Lauren B

  7. haley s. says:

    I really love the “simple joys” necklace. What a wonderful statement to remind us what’s really important in life!

  8. Annette *swankytables* says:

    I love the diaper bag charm! What a cute idea, and practical!! Great jewelry and stationary! Love it!

  9. tiffany k. says:

    My favorite is “Inspire”! Simple but powerful!

  10. katie miller says:

    I love the “BABY” one pictured above – especially because several of my friends have them on the way!

  11. Lauren says:

    my favorite is Be Unique. Great message!!

  12. mar says:

    The two “Simple Joys of Life” necklaces are my favorite – thank you

  13. Seth, Sarah and the kids says:

    wow! thanks for introducing me to her…her things are amazing!! I love the be unique necklace. I also think the baby diaper bag tags are super cute…i really like all of it!

  14. Natalie says:

    Out of all the designs, I like the one next to the “win it” on the collage at the beginning of this post.

  15. mattie says:

    PATIENCE necklace!!!! Oh my gosh could I use something to remind me of that….

  16. Barefoot_Daydreams says:

    I like the turquoise washer or the cluster one. Both are beautiful!

  17. rjd2123 says:

    Love the 2nd “premade” one — the blue “washer” style one. Gorgeous!

  18. monica says:

    the blue and white flower collage necklace is so sweet

  19. Anonymous says:

    The inspire necklace is my favorite!
    I think it is one of life’s greatest gifts to share a passion for creativity with others.

    ~Mary M

  20. *mindi* says:

    LOVE LOVE the Simple Joys necklace. it’s PERFECT :)

  21. Steph says:

    It’s so hard to pick on favorite, but the first to catch my eye was the turquoise pendant that she posted on March 7th.

  22. Michaele says:

    I agree, it’s difficult to pick just one favorite! My daughter would love the best friends necklace, while I could see the Grandma’s Love necklace (with a few extra name tags added since we have three kids!) as a perfect gift for my mother’s upcoming birthday- for myself, I’d love the “Be Unique” necklace- or the black flower earrings—what do I mean “or?” Nope, I’d love the Be Unique necklace AND the black earrings!

  23. Lucky Designs says:

    My daughter was just born on Monday, so of course I love the baby design!

  24. Hannah says:

    I like the L.O.V.E. one! Beautiful!

  25. Stephenson Family says:

    I love the flower earrings and the matching necklace but also any of the hand-stamped silver jewelry. They are very beautiful!

  26. dylansmommy says:

    Great contest! I really like her necklace thats the white flower cluster with turqouise accents! I want it! I love the momogramed stationary too!

  27. Johanna T. says:

    I would have to say that the turquoise piece is my favorite.

  28. yvonne says:

    I’m a jewelry FANATIC! I actually love all of the pre-made pieces – it would be hard to choose just one. Very cool!

  29. Shannon says:

    I *love love love* the “Simple Joys” necklace – beautiful! Also the doggie tag. Absolutely adorable.

  30. Kristin says:

    I absolutely LOVE the stationery!

  31. kelly jensen says:

    love the 4th one down under the pre-made pieces section! pink is my signature color! :)

  32. Lara L says:

    I love “Simple Joys of Life” – how adorable! Her stuff is amazingly cute! And they make GREAT gift ideas!

  33. Becca says:

    I love the first two pieces in the PreMade section

    So pretty!

  34. Kim VanHorn Photography says:

    I absolutely LOVE the “Inspire” necklace. I love how subtle and unique her entire collection is.

  35. Jennifer says:

    I like the Simple Joys necklace. After becoming a mother for the first time in August and spending some time in the NICU with my baby and now seeing how far we’ve come, I’m constantly humbled at how precious life is! A baby is not simple, but does remind you of how fragile life can be!

  36. beachgrl says:

    I love the “live, dream and love” necklace!

  37. graduatedlearning says:

    well, i love the flower earrings…but as for necklaces, i’d probably like the be unique necklace…hmm, so many choices!

  38. Jacqueline says:

    I absolutely love the pre-made pink necklace! All of it is gorgeous… pick me! :)

  39. Inspired Events By Nycia says:

    These pieces are fabulous!! Not to mention very unique.. What a great way to express words through wearing a necklace. I love them all!!

  40. Kristi says:

    So many of these are fabulous, but since I am planning my wedding this year I particularly like the “Love is” necklace.