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Happy Monday!
Thought we’d start the week off right with a fun giveaway from super-cute stationery boutique: Charming Cards ! Charming Cards is based out of Newport Beach and offers both online and walk-in customers a wide variety of personalized stationery and gift items from fabulous lines like Macbeth and Snow and Graham – all of which are hand picked each year at the ultra-popular New York Stationery Show.

Today, Charming Cards is offering up this fun, personalized prize package for a lucky HWTM reader: 1 Personalized Paper Weight by Stacy Claire Boyd (40 stylish designs to choose from! ), 1 Custom Stamp (54 designs to choose from! ), and a set of Table Topics conversation starters (choose from Family, Girls Night Out, or Original ). Perfect for treating yourself or a friend!
Post a comment here. You can tell us which personalized paperweight , custom stamp design, or other item from you particularly love, or just say anything :)
Enter by Friday, April 4th at midnight PST. Check back Monday, April 7th to see if you won!
• Remember to use your login name if you have one (blogger, typepad, live journal, word press, AIM) or first name & last initial so we can identify you if you win. Good luck!!

453 comments – wow! Thanks so much to everyone that threw their name in the hat! And the lucky random winner is: Melissa Rodriguez Photography , who said: " Oh my goodness! I love everything. Foremost, I love those stylish file folders. Those would really help motivate me to get my home office in order. And, I love the sycamore patterned paperweight! And those address stamps would be wonderful since we just moved into a new home. :) ".

Congrats, Melissa!

{charming cards illustrative art by cgonsa web design }

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

454 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Charming Cards”

  1. Holly K. says:

    love the HONEYSUCKLE paperweight design! so cute!!

  2. Karyn M. says:

    Oooh! I’ve been wanting a set of those Table Topics for a while. A friend of mine was telling me about them. I didn’t know they had a Girls Night version – how fun! Great giveaway!!

  3. gina says:

    What a cute shop! I love the fleur di lis stamper!

  4. tiffany k. says:

    I like the “Pear Aqua” paperweight. I matches the colors and style of our wedding perfectly!!

  5. amy purple says:

    I really like Custom Stamp 3238! How pretty! It would nice not having to handwrite return addresses all the time too!

  6. Vailmama says:

    Yes, please.

  7. Ellie says:

    I love cooking, so stamp # 3232 is perfect for me!

  8. Carly says:

    I really like the beach-themed stamps! The seahorse design would be perfect for a beach-themed 30th birthday party I’m throwing this summer! it would be cute to have my sister’s name and birth date in place of the return address!

  9. katie miller says:

    The designer clipboards are awesome!

  10. diane s. says:

    I love the Custom Stamps! 3230 is just beautiful. There are quite a few items on this site that I like.

  11. Mark says:

    How to choose??? I love them ALL!!!!!

  12. Stacy K says:

    I love the Alder paperweight. Contemporary yet retro! And all of the stamps are so cute…impossible to pick just one!

  13. Meesh says:

    My fiance and I are tying the knot this summer so I would love to win the custom stamp that displays our married name. Such fun products!

  14. dubya says:

    this would be happy birthday to me! :) SO cute!

  15. Lauren says:

    I love the simplicity of stamp ns117!
    – Lauren B

  16. Jody says:

    Everything is so cute. I work in an office supply store but we sell all the boring corporate stuff. I love color at a desk!

  17. louiseb130 says:

    The pear aqua is pretty.

  18. sara l. says:

    I LOVE the #3234 stamp…They have such GREAT stuff! I’m lovin’ it all!

  19. windycindy says:

    What a delightful giveaway contest! Their site is beautiful. I like the
    “Emma Green” clipboard. The decoupaged bucket for organization is pretty, also. Please enter me in your amazing drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  20. Melissa says:

    I practically live in my kitchen, whipping up new recipes and spending time with family and friends while cooking and drinking wine. The “From the Kitchen of…” stamp has my name all over it! At least, I hope it will…. :)

  21. kristin says:

    ooh! what a fun giveaway! i love the poplar paperweight.

  22. Kateastrophe says:

    This stuff is so cool!! I love the stamp with the fleur de lis on it!!! I hope I win!!!

  23. Jenny K. says:

    I love the stamps especially #3243 – very classic. jkolsubs(at)gmail(dot)com

  24. Jo says:

    These are great products – so pretty and useful! I’d love to win…thanks for the chance!

  25. Melissa Rodriguez Photography says:

    Oh my goodness! I love everything. Foremost, I love those stylish file folders. Those would really help motivate me to get my home office in order. And, I love the sycamore patterned paperweight! And those address stamps would be wonderful since we just moved into a new home. :)

  26. Rhiannon says:

    Cutest shop ever! I love the Alder Paperweight

  27. Kristie says:

    ooo the things I could do with a custom stamp! beautiful!

  28. Uptown Girl says:

    I’m getting married in six weeks and will need new address labels! I love the stamp 3234!

  29. Whitney says:

    Wow, everything looks great! I have my eye on the conversation cards!

  30. Stella Event Design says:

    I love the “from the kitchen of..” stamp—how cute would that be to personalize your recipe cards, or put on tags with christmas cookies?! I love it

  31. Maren says:

    I love them all – how could choose just one?!

  32. Benjamin, Kelly, Madelyn, & Anderson says:

    As the mommy of a rambuncious 1 yr old and 2 yr old, I could definately use an adorable paper weight to keep some of my important papers a bit more secure on my desk!!! Adorable products! Kelly R.

  33. gunzie says:

    I love the Willow paperweight and the #3229 custom stamp. Thanks for the great give away!

  34. Carly says:

    Oh how gorgeous is all her stuff? I LOVE the sycamore paperweight and the ns118 stamp. It was hard to pick just one!

  35. Jamie says:

    I love the elm paperweight!

  36. Meredith says:

    I’m getting married in July and would love the Custom Stamp 3225 of my new monogram!

  37. Rachel says:

    I love the “Custom Stamp ns103”!

  38. Ellie says:

    How cute!

  39. beachgrl says:

    I love the custom stamps!

  40. Lindy Stamper says:

    Man, so many cute stuff to choose from… that’s difficult…

    Since I’m a stamper, I’d pick 3233. Hope I win *fingers crossed*

    Patty H.

  41. Kristen says:

    I am obsessed with polka dots! Love the paper weight!

  42. amanda. says:

    Those paperweights are so cute! If I was to win I think I’d want the basswood one. I love the green and brown together!

  43. *mindi* says:

    i love all these cute fun giveaways!
    fingers crossed!

  44. uhhleksuh says:

    I really love the Catalpa paperweight and ns117 stamp! Thanks!

  45. Rachelle says:

    Can I have one of each :) I really love the cooking stamp! What a perfect way to decorate/present goodies when taking them to family events, holidays, etc.

  46. Joey F. says:

    Have been wanting a custom stamp for sooo long now! Any of them would be fabulous!

  47. Never That Easy says:

    I don’t think you understand how indecisive I am. But I’d make a real effort to pick, should I win.

  48. Nicole says:

    I love the table topics. A must need at any dinner!

  49. Becky says:

    These are great things to help welcome spring. I love everything pink & green!

  50. Huguette says:

    Too many nice things to pick!!

  51. She Likes Purple says:

    I love the “Mr. & Mrs.” stamp!

  52. Jacqueline says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE stamp design ns110. I think that would be perfect for thank you cards for my wedding! :)

  53. mar says:

    The Allison cooking stamp is my favorite

  54. emily says:

    LOVE the pear aqua paperweight, everything is AMAZING! thanks for introducing me to all this FABULOUS stuff.

    emily f.

  55. Mjamison says:

    love the table topics! so cute!

  56. Mjamison says:

    love the table topics! so cute!

  57. Jane E. says:

    There are so many great designs! I love the “Fir” and “Crape Myrtle”” paperweights, and stamp #3225 really caught my eye.

  58. Bunny B says:

    I love the Pink and Brown Damask gift tags! LOVE LOVE!

  59. Kati says:

    Gotta love those paperweights! Please don’t enter me in the contest – I’m drowning in stationery as it is. I just had to comment. :)

  60. Kate says:

    I love the stamps!

  61. the thorntons says:

    I LOVE the stamps, and the table topics!! I need some for my girls nights, or even dinner with my DH when baby goes to sleep.. it would be a great way to get Adult conversation back in our life :)

    PICK MEE!!

  62. emily says:

    LOVE the pear ivory paperweight. so pretty. thanks for introducing me to such a fabulous company!

    emily f

  63. Stephenson Family says:

    I love the paperweights. Picking a pattern may take a tossing of a coin – they are all so cute!

  64. Kate says:

    Love the fleur di lis!

  65. Johanna T. says:

    I would like one of everything please!!! Thank you!!! :)

  66. Didi says:

    Wow love this site, thanks for sharign these?
    Paper weights are great, but I love the customs stamps.

  67. letterjay says:

    I love the fir design paperweight. It would look so great on any desk! Especially mine :)

  68. J says:

    I’ve been wanting one of those stamps for so long and I love the non-address versions you posted!

  69. agordon10 says:

    I love the table topics!

  70. jesvet says:

    I’m bookmarking this for a return visit! I have 6 favorite stamps and at least 4 paperweights that I’m drooling over. :D

  71. mverno says:

    table topics is awesome

  72. Lindsey says:

    I love the paperweights with pictures on them! Too cute!

  73. K says:

    I’m crazy about the table topics. My roommates and I received one as a housewarming gift and it gets used anytime we have people over.


  74. Natalie says:

    Please keep up the good work on this site, im pretty much obsessed with it :-)

    i love table topics!!! I hope i win this!

  75. Melissa DiStefano says:

    I’ve always, always wanted a custom stamp or a converstaion starter stack.. how fun! How do you decide!!!

  76. Christine says:

    I like the Willow paperweight.

  77. Hanna says:

    I love them all! Especially the table topics.

    Hanna R

  78. mich says:

    #3220 would make a GREAT address stamp for our fam. I NEED INSPIRATION to write the thank you cards I am behind on!

  79. Jessie R. says:

    I love the Custom Stamp 3238! Darling and so useful! Thanks!

  80. Natalie says:

    I love the paperweight! They all so need to go on my desk at work to remind me that I’m cool…even when I’m doing lame stuff all day.

  81. Katherine L says:

    I want the table topics.

  82. lauren f. says:

    omgoodness I would love to have the “from the kitchen” stamp, it would help me make much cuter packaging on all my baking goodies! not that I would mind having 3234 either….

  83. ydsddd says:

    love the designer clipboards

  84. Funky Finds says:

    i love the pink & black quince paper weight!

  85. Sarah says:

    Clean, simple.
    And a helluva lot better than using the free labels charities send out. (Sorry charities, I can’t send money to you all)

  86. on the dot creations says:

    The Hazelnut polka dotted paper weight would have to be my choice, especially since I’m “nuts” for dots! :)

    Julie C.

  87. curlyhairedmegan says:

    moving this summer, will be great to have a conversation starter!

  88. Dana says:

    I love the monogram (ELD) paperweight!

  89. peg42 says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway. I especially love your custom stamps. I love stamp #3242. Thank you again and please enter me.

  90. lilbabypug says:

    I would love one of these sets. very cute!

  91. Jen says:

    I’ve been needing/wanting a custom stamp for return addresses for sooooo long! Hope to win!

  92. Kristen says:

    I totally love Custom Stamp ns117
    # ns-117 Noteworthy! Its so cute!

  93. fangirl says:

    I like “Custom Stamp #3225”. This would be great to use when I pay bills our send out cards.

  94. cdziuba says:

    I like the Sycamore paperweight, and if I win, I’ll surprise my daughter with it. She always has school papers and letters on her nightstand, this would keep them from flying around.

  95. Lauren says:

    I love all the custom stamp designs! Especially 3238, 3207, and ns101. They are adorable! I would love to win!! :)

  96. Brooke & Freeland says:

    table topics make my heart really happy!

  97. Sincerely, Katasha of K Sherrie+Company Wedding and Event Design says:

    I’m loving the custom stamp, but the conversation cards come in my two fave colors–pink and green.
    I’d be pleased with any of the choices. . .

  98. fairyhalo says:

    I love those stamps. Might have to order some extras.

  99. brandi says:

    Custom stamps! I have been dropping heavy hints to my husband for AGES that I want one of those, to no avail. I love them so much! I really like 3210. If he’s lucky I’ll put his name on it. :)

  100. Christina says:

    These are adorable! The table topics set has been on my wish list for a long time. And a “From the Library Of. . .” stamp would be so great for a bookish girl like me!

  101. Amy & James says:

    SO cute! Love all the colors, all the styles!
    Amy D.

  102. Abi says:

    I have been eying their custom stamps for a few weeks now – they are great! They would be perfect since I’m getting married soon and will have lots of thank-you’s to write.

  103. Anonymous says:

    My favorite stamps are #3210 and #3231. Love them! – Diana H.

  104. Shannon says:

    The table topics is wonderful.

  105. *JEM* says:

    I’ve been wanting to get my grubby little hands on a Table Topics set for our monthly Cooking Club (and really, any of these items would make a fab addition to a bridal shower pkg)!

  106. Kim says:

    I *love* the customize stamps and have always wanted on like that! We are finally moving into our own home and I would love to have one with our new address!

  107. SweetPea says:

    Everything’s so cute! I especially love the custom stamper #3238! So elegant.

  108. trang says:

    i would love to receive a custom stamps. :)

  109. Jennifer says:

    I love the Sophie file folders. What a fun way to organize your desk!

  110. gina bina says:

    I would just LOVE one of those custom stamps…so perfect for hand writing note cards.

  111. Mona says:

    Love the pecan paperweight, but it was so hard to choose!

  112. Sarah says:

    I love the colors and designs. These products look so fun and bright!

    -Sarah D.

  113. Kacee K says:

    I love, love, love these stamps… oh please, let it me me!

  114. nor_lou says:

    Paperweight-Crape Myrtle is my favorite

  115. Taresa says:

    My favorite is the “from the kitchen of” stamp. As your average culinary novice (with high hopes for the future, mind you!) I’m always looking for creative ways to package food items I make for friends and family and ways to share recipes with coworkers. I’m picturing stamping this on recipe cards, adding it to stickers to top cookie cans and stamping it on fat pieces of ribbon, which I usually use around loaves of bread and stacks of chocolate covered pretzels. Pick me! Pick me!

  116. pcbdolphins says:

    I the words of Paris Hilton “That’s Hot”

  117. neely mcqueen says:

    I heart it all…i am total stationary/card/sticky note junkie. Even if i don’t win…i am buying something!

  118. loft2dwell says:

    Such a great giveaway – I’ve wanted one of their custom stamps for ages!

  119. Annette *swankytables* says:

    I love the clean modern style of custom stamp NS118. Fabulous!!

  120. Christopher says:

    Stamp 3234 would be perfect. Thankyou for this contest.

  121. JJ says:

    What amazing custom stamps and I’ve always wanted to try the TableTopics cards at parties or just at the family dinner table.

  122. kgilligan says:

    I love the Table Topics, how fun. I also love the customized address stamp. They have some great stuff here. Ah, another place for me to spend money.

  123. Holly says:

    I simply must have those file folders! So pretty!

  124. quiltingreader says:


  125. Lisa says:

    These are fantastic! I hope I win. Then the real fun begins, choosing! Good luck everyone!

  126. SnappyCasualGifts says:

    I like the Janice paperweight design with Green ink.
    I LOVE stamp NS104!!!
    I like the clipboard in the RIBBON design

  127. valerie says:

    I think I like the “Alder” paperweight best. I like alot of them but how many do you need?

  128. Sarah says:

    I love the address stamps… makes me want to write letters again!

  129. katie lynn says:

    LOVE the stamps. I’m always looking for things to use like this on craft items and gifts I do around the house! Thanks for the site!

  130. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to win this prize! Thx much!

  131. Kim Eschler says:

    I have been eyeing those stamps for sooo long!!! Pick me, please!

  132. One and Doll says:

    I like the stamps mix of contemporary and classic looks.

  133. Anonymous says:

    I especially like the custom stamps
    Elaine R.

  134. Becca says:

    The custom stamps are such a fun idea. I’d love one with my monogram.

  135. Wendy says:

    OMG I love those custom stamps! So classy and fun. I need to get rid of my ugly one right away so I really hope I win!!! that is what I would pick. pick me, pick me!!! :D

  136. Naomi says:

    I would pick the Sassafrass or Dogwood paperweight, Custom Stamp NS 118 and the Table Topics Family set. What a fantastic prize!

  137. Tammy J says:

    Wow…these are amazing. I love the stamps!

  138. Elaine says:

    I LOVE custom stampers!! The stamper number 3240 would be perfect to stamp the return address on our wedding invitations!

  139. HHughes says:

    Oh- 3235 for an address stamper! How much more fun is this than just the plain ol’ sticker?!

    Fab Find! Thanks for passing it along~

  140. Barefoot_Daydreams says:

    I love all the stamps and paperweights. They’re all beautiful!

  141. Heather D. says:

    Those stamps are the coolest I’ve seen. They are my favorite!

    Heather D.

  142. Tea Party Girl says:

    I’m glad to know they’re in Newport as I’ll be there in May. Their stamps and stationary would be a great asset for Tea Party Girl.

  143. JaniceJ says:

    I like the Noteworthy ns110 Custom Stamp and the
    # G20043 Stacy Claire Boyd

  144. Martha says:

    There are so many gift ideas here and I have bookmarked this site. T really love the stamps.


  145. ihchicky says:

    My favorite is the designer bucket. Very cute! I could use it for so many different things. I could actually probably use a few of them!

  146. Danielle says:

    I love the paperweights, super cute!


  147. sharon says:

    I love the stamp NS110. Simple, and clean! Also love that it includes both our first names because our last name is common in our group!

  148. Tiombe' says:

    The stamp is an absolute must have!!!

  149. idahomom says:

    I just moved from Tn to Idaho. The table topics would be a great thing to do at a neighborhood meet and greet.

  150. Kate says:

    I actually JUST got one of these paperweights for my sister-in-law for her birthday. Its so hard giving cute presents for someone when you want the gift yourself!

  151. Courtney says:

    oooh…I recently started my own business and am furnishing my office so this would be PERFECT! I have, of course, already picked out stamp #3229 because there’s plenty of room for my business name & address (Nesting Instincts) and love the Sycamore paperweight, because it has the colors of my office and logo in it. (Am trying to think positive thoughts!!)

  152. Tami H says:

    Oh my, what a sweet shop…and to think I used to live near there but didn’t know about it…tragic!
    I adore rubber stamps…it’s a hobby actually…I think my favorite custom one is #3207. Would love to stamp this on the back of my handmade cards as a signature of sorts. As for the adorable paperweights, “Elm” is calling my name. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway! :)

  153. jennifer57 says:

    I love Custom Stamp 3231

  154. Holly says:

    Ooooh! I really want a stamp!

  155. Jthemilker says:

    There are SO MANY really cool ones but I think my favorite is the QUEEN one. LOVELY! Pick me!

  156. Melanie says:

    I can’t get enough of this stamp collection. My stationary collection has a big hole in its heart…it is missing adorable personalization.

    I love the classic and refined – “3243-Tomlinson” stamp and, on the other hand, the modern and clean, “ns117-Jane”

    Make my life complete with this adorable stamp!

  157. LINDALSHOT says:

    The pear aqua paperweight.

  158. Ashley says:

    The Quince paperweight is probably my favorite, but they’re all great! And I love these stamps…it’s almost too hard to choose between all the fantastic designs.

  159. pootieposh says:

    I love the custom stamps!!! Every one is perfection!

  160. Rebecca says:

    I love the idea of table topic cards and have wanted a set ever since I heard of them. I also love personalized stamps! :)

  161. Linda H. says:

    Charming Cards has great products. I like the Custom Stamp ns110.

  162. Julie says:

    Hard choice! I think I like Elm the best but Fir is a close second!

  163. Tuesday Girl says:

    I love the stamp #115! so cute!

  164. Debbie says:

    I love the stamps – the monograms are very sophisticated.

  165. rdhdleah says:

    The custom stamp would make addressing 100 wedding invitations sooo easy!! Love it!!

  166. lace says:

    I have been wanting to get a custom stamp for awhile now. I like stamp 3238 and 3241

  167. kathy55439 says:

    3242 custom stamp….. Really fun stuff

  168. Anonymous says:

    I would really love a custom stamp. But, the strawberry eggling sure is cute. Thanks.

  169. Bree says:

    I love the custom stamp #3222! I want one for my new address!! (we’re moving this summer!)

  170. Roberta W says:

    Found your blog about 2 weeks ago…having great fun reading the archives and the new stuff. Thanks! :)

  171. Dolly says:

    what fun products! i love the table topic cards for parties. really funky and modern twists on the personalized stamp. i like the stamp 3214…but honestly, there are several that i love. i also love the foldover cards in zebra green and blossom black

  172. Judy Aschenbrenner says:

    what a cool giveaway! Thanks!


  173. Jane says:

    The stamps are great! I would love one for my recipes and cookbooks!

    P.S. Your site is awesome. I’m addicted!

  174. suburbansophistication says:

    I have been pining over the custom stamps for soooooome time now – and we are moving to our first house in just a few weeks … What a perfect excuse to bite the bullet and buy one!! It is difficult to choose (because they are all totally adorb) but I especially love custom stamps 3225 & 3207.

  175. Danielle says:

    My fave is Custom Stamp ns110
    Great stuff! COunt me in please!
    dansan826 at

  176. Gabrielle says:

    I really love them all. Those stamps are truly fantastic!

  177. Bianca says:

    Oooh. So my favorite thing. Definetly a custom stamp…but which one??

    ns118, ns110, ns109, 3216 is definitly my favorite. ;-)

  178. Allison says:

    I love the ELM paperweight– I could design a whole office around that!

    And I love that the names are also names of trees. I love trees.

    This is a great contest, thanks!

  179. Toasters says:

    I like the small jack sky clipboard and the large tie die clipboard. The cell phone holder is cool, too.

  180. Casie says:

    I like the ns101 the best. This would be perfect for my wedding invitations. :)

  181. PS says:

    So many fun paperweights. Love Hazelnut polka dotted paper weight!

  182. haleysuzanne says:

    Love the pecan paperweight, and your blog, too!

  183. Karin says:

    i love the custom stamps, and adress labels, i will be moving in 2 weeks. these will be very useful.
    karin m.

  184. Megret says:

    The paperweights are really stunning. I’d have to say the Basswood is my favorite. Thank you! ( )

  185. Mommy says:

    What a great idea. I love stamp ns118. So beautiful!

  186. Taryn Elise says:

    I love the ns103 stamp.

  187. Anonymous says:

    Love the Paperweight-Alder and Custom Stamp 3238. Nice Giveaway!
    ~Valerie B

  188. ky2here says:

    The pear aqua paperweight is perfect.

  189. chromiumman says:

    love the Custom Stamp 3240 # tdw-3240 Three Designing Women

  190. Anonymous says:

    Love the paperweight – sapling pink – with baby’s pic on it! Would be a great way to show off my 6 mos old daughter, Ysabela, in my new office – since I’ve gone back to work. :)

  191. Ilena says:

    The Table Topics sets look like fun! We do Table Topics as part of our meetings for my Toastmasters club, it’s my favorite activity there. :)

  192. Reiza says:

    Ohhh, those custom stamps are wonderful. I had to look through them three times before I could pick just one. My favorite is Custom Stamp 3229.

  193. Ashley says:

    Cute, Cute, Cute!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity. I love all of the items you have showcased. Particularly the custom stamps.

  194. Marissa says:

    I love their Table Topics! What a great idea to keep on hand when friends stop by! Their stationary is also quite pretty!
    Thanks for a beautiful giveaway!
    Marissa :)

  195. Andrea says:

    I love the Blue Brown Digital Photo Card and the address labels!

  196. danosor says:

    The custom stamp 3230 is my choice.

  197. Laura says:

    These are darling! I love the NS117 stamp, the wine tags, the brown blue instampable notecards, & the sycamore & hazelnut paperweights. All Darling!


  198. Laura says:

    Love the hazelnut & Sycamore paperweights, The ns117 Custom Stamp, the wine tags & the blue/brown instampable notecards. Darling!


  199. The Jones' says:

    i love the custom stamp 3224. they were hard to choose a fave though.

  200. Ty & Jen says:

    I really love the Basswood paperweight design – perfect colors!

  201. picque says:

    love the alder paperweight and 3233 custom stamp. there is so much to choose from i love the library and kitchen stamps as well. i feel some etail therepy coming! thanks for the giveaway and the great link

  202. Kathy says:

    Wow! I just spent half an hour window shopping on their website!!! I absolutely love their custom stamps – well really everything they offer. I think the “table topic” would be a huge hit at my next bunko! I’m crossing my fingers over here and hoping my name comes up!!! :o)

  203. Karyl says:

    Very cute items and the Everest story is inspirational! Good luck the owner’s dad!

  204. Tele says:

    I absolutely love Custom Stamp #3238. I enjoy writing letters and notes and can’t think of a nicer way to keep the lost art of letter writting alive and well!

  205. Design Junkie says:

    i’m craving a custom stamp! :)

  206. jeani says:

    I love love the designer bucket. I could be organized with a unique flair – just being organized would be unique on my desk

  207. Uniquely Yours says:

    Love their tdw-3214 Custom Stamp 3214 Three Designing Women.

  208. Brown Family says:

    Sycamore paperweight, stamp 3232 and how fun girls night out questions! Hope I win!! ;)

  209. N & K Caulder says:

    Either the table topics or the custom stamp would be SO cool! I have girls nights regularly and I’m always on the look-out for good conversation starters. The table topics would be great!

  210. WVU-Mama says:

    I could so use a sassy paper weight to brighten up my new office…

  211. America says:

    Oh, I do love the Table Topics, I have got to get those for my church deployment group, but I also really like the phone holder for when you are charging your phone, so simple!

  212. Simply Inspring says:

    How cute are these stuff? Pick me…pick me…please!

  213. Stephanie says:

    I adore the paperweights, and well the stamps too. I’m in love with any sort of stationery goodies :)

  214. Chiara says:

    The table topics sound like alot of fun, but which would I choose?? Good question…

  215. k says:

    I have been dying for Table Topics! It reminds me of “the guessing game” that we used to play at the dinner table growing up!

  216. Mary512 says:

    great giveaway, thanks!

  217. krystal says:

    Paperweight-Hazelnut is my favorite.


  218. Tara says:

    I like stamp 3231! So cute.

    taradawnrobertson at hotmail dot com

  219. Jasmine Marie says:

    I love the Jane & Gregory stamp. I’d like to buy one for our wedding, but it’d be great to win one too!

  220. Shannon & Dan says:

    I love the table topics, what a great idea. I also am loving the chocolate and pink polka dot paper weight. So cool.

  221. Miss Shavon says:

    My absolute favorite are the custom stamps! 3242 or 3214 would be beautiful for seals on boxes of my fancy cupcakes for my budding business.
    I really do love this website! I have also been wanting to get a set of the ‘Girls Night Out’ table topics for a while…if only I could get all my girls in one place!
    Maybe I’ll invite them all to my house for chit chat and cupcakes with some Design-her Gals invitations!

  222. Tree says:

    What a fun site! I love you toss out wonderful bit of information.

    Thank You

    I love the custom stamp.

  223. Nikki says:

    I am loving the Sycamore paper weight! And there are too many stamp designs to choose a favorite… pick me, please!

  224. Andrina says:

    I like the Dogwood paperweight.

  225. silverbele says:

    The paperweights are great.

  226. Joy says:

    I love all three!!

  227. jepnet says:

    The Design-Her Cards are my favorite. They are really very cute.

  228. Dove420 says:


    Monogram Stamp 3104 in Turquois

    and the Trellis Candle

  229. BrineS says:

    Paperweight-Crape Myrtle
    # G20033
    Stacy Claire Boyd

    My favorite! So girly! I love it!


  230. Honeymoon says:

    Oh Wow! We don’t have anything like these in New Zealand.

    Love the Sycamore Paperweight and if I got to choose custom stamp 3214 or 3224 would be fabulous. Family Table Topics would just add so much to our mealtimes.

    Send them Downunder please….

  231. Deb says:

    I love stamp ns118.. so simle & perfect!

  232. trishden says:

    I love the dogwood paperweight, I would display my puppy with pride!

  233. Kari says:


  234. buericana says:

    I just redid my office and having a perfectly matching paperweight would be amazing.

  235. The Prochniak's says:

    It’s all so cute! I have always wanted a stamp that said ‘from the kitchen of…’ for all my baked goodies that i like to give away.

  236. Andrea says:

    I really like the three designing women stamp

  237. Susanne says:

    I would love a designer clipboard for work! Thanks so much!!

  238. Sharon says:

    Table Topics is my fave!!! What a unique and fantastic idea! I can just imagine the fun and excitement and laughs this would bring to any party or girls’ night!

  239. Nicole says:

    I love so many of the styles, I can’t just pick one! And I’ve been eyeballing those Table Topics for quite a while now!

    n_slodysko [at]

  240. vboackle says:

    i like the crape myrtle paper weight.

  241. misternat1 says:

    love the mimosa style

  242. Sandy says:

    What fabulous things! Love them all…how hard to choose..

  243. Angie says:

    I’ve been baking a lot – that “From the kitchen of” stamp would be perfect!

  244. Robin says:

    I have been wanting some of those table topics for the longest time, so that is my favorite!

  245. Ricki says:

    I like the Table Topics cards – great idea

  246. Lindsay says:

    I LOVE custom stamp “ns118”. Everything is so cute!

  247. grommom says:

    I had not seen the table topics before. Great idea for a get together

  248. this chicken says:

    My favourite has to be the From the Library Of… stamp. I could put that one to very good use :)

  249. Paige says:

    What a cute shop! I love the stamps.

  250. MimiJ06 says:

    I like the cherry paperweight – something red and bold to make a statement!! Stamps were a little harder to choose, but I like styles 3238 and 3240. The whole site is really wonderful – just wish I would have found it before my daughter married – but she’ll like it too – guaranteed!!!

  251. Julia says:

    Hey, thanks! Looks like some great designs on the site! I could use a table topic game…

  252. Panjo Kids says:

    I love the tie dye clip board!

  253. Kristie says:

    I like the Paperweight-Pear Ivory. Very neat idea to put pictures in it!

  254. Dawn says:

    I love the instampable Gift Tag stamp. Thank you for the giveaway!

  255. Jessi says:

    We are about to have to move out of state for my husband’s job and I just think that the table topics would be a great way to get to know new people!

  256. Molly says:

    I like the personalized stamp #3242. It looks cool, and would be great to put on the back of letters.
    Molly B.

  257. sweetsue says:

    What a fun giveaway. I really like the paperweights. My favorite is the Quince paperweight.

  258. Jessica says:

    oooh! i love, love, love that stamp!

  259. Carrie says:

    I would send a lot more personal letters if I had one of those cool stamps with the return address going around in a circle. Those are awesome!

  260. ruth payne says:

    Love the designer clipboards -these woudl be fantastic!

  261. Trina says:

    Oooo, this would be a great package to win! Table Topics sound like alot of fun and I love stamps!!!

  262. amanda_e says:

    I love the paperweights!

  263. asudesigner143 says:

    I love, love, love the stamps!! Where have they been all my life!!

  264. jeske_posse says:

    Love the Honeysuckle Paperweight!
    jenni_aja at hotmail dot com

  265. Ashley says:

    What a great giveaway and a super cute store. Can’t wait to order some hostess gifts from Charming Cards!

  266. the true Montanan says:

    The personalized stamps are oh so perfect.

  267. Laura says:

    Oh, I really, really, really, really hope I win because I love EVERYTHING!

  268. tarah716 says:

    Paperweight-Plum – I love it! It would look good on my desk at work!


  269. Anonymous says:

    I absolutly LOVE the personalized stamps. 3238 is gorgeous! My fiance and I just purchased a new home and I can’t think of a better way to spread the word of a new address!

  270. Anonymous says:

    I thought all three Charming Cards items on this page were very unique. I especially liked the custom paperweight. I have not seen this item before. Very cute.

  271. Sheila says:

    My favorite is the paperweight “plum” with the name Sheila on it, because that is my namesake !!

  272. sally says:

    love the Custom Stamp 3233

  273. Rebecca says:

    I love the stamps…so classy for invitations, or just for everyday :o)

  274. bfox74 says:

    I love the Catalpa paperweight.

  275. Corina says:

    I truly love it all, as everyone else. One of everything please!
    No really, my family could really benefit from the table topics.
    So that would be the best score for us.
    Thanks for a GREAT giveaway!

  276. moushka says:

    I have always enjoyed personalized things. This would be a great win for me.

  277. alan & steph flies says:

    Ooooooohh. I love the Sycamore paperweight – it would look great on my desk.
    The Table Topics are also great.

  278. Dessa says:

    I love the plum paperweight and the lilac paperweight (are you surprised that my favorite color is purple?). Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  279. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard to choose, but I like the Dogwood paperweight. My dog is almost 17 and this would be a great way to remember her after she is gone. Great website!

  280. kathrynf says:

    Years and years of writing my name on everything I own. I even penned my name over the forehead of my favorite doll when I was about 5 years old. I would LOVE that personalized stamper!

  281. kmb says:

    I love all of the custom stamps. What a great idea! I think I definitely need one for the holidays. Forget the paper tags!
    -Kristen B.

  282. michelena2000 says:

    Custom Stamp 3230

  283. The Powell Family says:

    I love the stamps!

  284. Lauren says:

    I liked the stampers so much I bought one for a friend. I would also love to have the table topics. Very cute

  285. Anonymous says:

    Loved your gift selection. The candles and friend pillow are really cute!!!

  286. Shelly says:

    I love the file folders – especially the Helena

  287. Faith says:

    I love the blue and chocolate “Fir” paperweight. Very chic!

  288. Chrystal says:

    I like the Table Topics sets!!

  289. Kitturah says:

    Love the Lilac paperweight! Beautiful!

  290. The Heller Family says:

    I have been wanting a “round” design stamp for a long time! Wonderful!

  291. Don and Lisa Osborn says:

    I love EVERYTHING on this site. Picking a favorite paperweight would be a huge task because they are all fantastic. I looked around and saw the Smencils and thought that would be a great thing for my daughter who is almost 3.

    Thanks for the chance to win this great prize package…


  292. Mona says:

    I love the photo paperweights and the polka dot note cards and the awesome hanging file folders!! Such cute stuff!!! I’d love to have the chance to use them!
    monakarif at gmail dot com

  293. kirak says:

    fabulous give away – tons of gift ideas or maybe something to treat myself!

  294. Ginny says:

    What pretty stuff, I love love love Custom Stamp 3202.

  295. Jenny says:

    I so badly want a custom stamp-except I can’t narrow down my fave! That’s always my problem! Count me in.

  296. Nichole says:

    What a great shop! there is too much to love, it is more of a question of what NOT to buy than what to buy! thanks for introducing me to this gem!

  297. RegiVizz says:

    Long time lurker, first time commenter! I love the Blackberry Notecards, but those paperweights sure are cute too.

  298. says:

    i love the stamps. it would be a great birthday present if i won! (4/5)
    heather b.

  299. says:

    Just adorable paper weights, I simply must have one! Choose me…

  300. paula h says:

    I love the Howdy Partner Stickers.

  301. Lexi & Josh says:

    I think the Honeysuckle is my fave!

  302. Johnny and Alisha says:

    So many CUTE things!!

  303. THERESE A says:


  304. bison61 says:

    I liked the plum paperweight

    tiramisu392 (at)

  305. Tara says:

    Sigh, we just got married last week, and with new name and new address, I’ve been LUSTING after their custom address stamps!

  306. Beth says:

    hello! what a great company and a fun contest! well i have to say i really do love all those products and i have a very compelling reason why i’d love to be your winner! i am a total paper-product-aholic and absolutely love to monogram anything and everything, it must be genetic because i’m actually the daughter (and even granddaughter) of a chronic monogrammer! i was recently married and found myself totally monogram-less!! my old stacy claire boyd paperweight is now obsolete and the stamped would be incredibly helpful, right after the wedding we moved to boston and i would love to have something to stamp out my new home address and new town!! anyway, i think this contest is such a great idea, thank you so much for letting us all participate, i have to say, the plight of a newly married gal who loves to see her name in print is a tough one, there’s just no way to get a whole new paper wardrobe fast enough to replace all the old things you had and loved with your maiden name — well unless you win this super cool contest of course!! thanks so much again, excited to hear the results! good luck all!

  307. Stephanie says:

    This momma-to-be is in love with the baby annoucements!

  308. LisaW says:

    I love the blackberry note cards and the basswood paperweight

  309. a Savvy Event says:

    What a great way to have these things to create a Fabulous….House Warming Party or Office Warming Party…
    Paper weight for the desk… the new house or office…a stamp with the “new address” and each guest to the party is greeted with a Table Topic! Love it!!!!
    Hope I win so I can throw a party for our NEW OFFICE!!!!

  310. Valerie says:

    I need to own those chocolate ribbon flat notecards! I’m really getting into handwritten letters and thank you notes… this would be perfect!

  311. toveracre says:

    i love everything!!

  312. Ashley says:

    Tabletopics would be a GREAT addition to my next cocktail party!

  313. Sarah says:

    OMG they are all too cute and it’s too hard to decide.

    I love the oak paperweight or mabye the poplar!…elm?

    I love the 3234 stamp definitely

  314. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been dying for a From the Library Of stamp ever since I first saw it many months ago!! I love to lend books to people and don’t even mind if I get them back…. but this would help increase the odds of that. :)

  315. theteo5 says:

    i really like the address labels. but it’s all really cute!

  316. The Logans says:

    J’adore the paperweight in Juniper! Would fit in perfectly on my stationary desk.

  317. Stephanie says:

    Those Table Topics look like they would be so fun.

  318. Krista says:

    I would LOVE to have my own stamp! This would be so fun to seal envelopes with! Thanks!
    teacherkrista at gmail dot com

  319. Beth says:

    love it all — who can pick a favorite? and wouldn’t it be great if you told me i won — and it wasn’t an april fool’s joke?? :)

  320. daci says:

    do i have to choose?!?! i am loving the office organization items — and even the website is cute!

  321. shimmala says:

    Love love love all your funky address labels!

  322. Rebekah's Bits & Pieces says:

    I love the 3220 Custom Stamp and Paperweight-Pecan Design!!!!

  323. Meredith says:

    Love the stamps in particular….very unique looking! Sure beats the heck out of my 3-line address stamp from Staples!

  324. Katie says:

    Table topics please:)

  325. alice says:

    love the brown and pink polka dots. so cute!

  326. Cathi says:

    Oh my goodness what a delightful store “Charming Cards” is.
    I love the custom stamps especially the 3240.
    I love the Hazelnut paperweight but would have to go with the Cypress for my husband.
    I believe the Block Initial Party Coaster is a got to have.
    This is a great giveaway and I’m so glad to learn about such a wonderful little store.

  327. diana says:

    Love the MAGNOLIA paperweight – how delightful!

  328. Dianna_Ball says:

    I really like the Custom Stamp ns118 – mostly b/c I don’t share the same last name as my husband so this is a nice way around that akwardness.


  329. Brandy says:

    What a great giveaway! I would love to give this to a new friend and what better way to get to know each other better than with a set of Table Topics. Thanks for the chance.

  330. Stacey Moore says:

    what a lovely site!! love the Paperweight-Crape Myrtle

  331. Erica G says:

    I like Custom Stamp 3241. Very nice stuff.

  332. DePro says:


  333. ablondeblogger says:

    The Pear Ivory paperweight is beautiful and would be perfect as a gift to my husband for our upcoming 19th anniversary.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  334. maeflower says:

    The custom stamps are great.

  335. Tricia Mumby says:

    Crape Myrtle! Crape Myrtle! its a beauty,


  336. mogrill says:

    I really love the Willow Paperweight. So beautiful!

  337. Marcy says:

    I LOVE Custom Stamp ns118
    # ns-118 Noteworthy! I just got married and would love something with our new last name on it!

  338. Chief Family Officer says:

    I really like the pink & brown stampable gift cards – so cute!

  339. cindy says:

    I just found this blog, looks pretty easy to get lost in. I look forward to getting some super fun ideas for partys and gift giving. Thanks,

  340. peekab00 says:

    these are tooo cute… hard to choose just one… but i hope i win…

  341. TaraMetBlog says:

    I love them all!! I’ve been wanting a fun stationary stamp.

  342. Rachel Callan says:

    I love those stamps!! So unique

  343. EmiliaV says:

    Alder paperweight

  344. Samantha P says:

    i love the paperweight with the plum design, very whimsical!

  345. shakerbaby says:

    I like the cute Hazelnut polka dotted paper weight ! Cute items on this site! Thanks !

  346. Aggie says:

    Custom Monogram Stamp!!! It would set my mail/whatever else I stamp apart from the mundane. Too much fun!

  347. Shiori says:

    The monogram stamp would be awesome. Any style would do cause they all look brilliant!

  348. TheAngelForever says:

    I love several of the custom stamps. These would be perfect for my family. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

    The Angel Forever

  349. Williams One of Each says:

    Love Table Topics and have been wanting to get it for a long time. The paperweights are darling and would be perfect on my desk!

  350. SeahorseLady says:

    Great products. I really like the Fleur-de-Lis custom stamp #3237. I’ve always liked fleur-de-Lis but the meaning of the symbol means so much more since Hurricane Katrina. Thank you for the nice giveaway.

  351. Irishmama says:

    Everything is so cute!

    Paperweight: Hazlenut and Basswood (tie)
    Stamp: 3236 – would love to have to use in books I loan out!!

  352. Nora says:

    Love that website, it is so cute with the little puppy on there. I can’t pick just one favorite!

  353. Wendy Sue says:

    What a fun store – I love it all!! :o)

  354. McCall and Ryan says:

    Love the personalized paperweights—but how to decide between pecan, poplar, sycamore and elm? Such great things!!

  355. Yer says:

    Everything on the site is so “charming”. =) I especially like the custom stamp ns118.

  356. klwkent says:

    I really like the stamps!

  357. Big Shot says:

    How could I not enter? The paperweight has my name on it!!

  358. She Needs says:

    I really like Custom Stamp 3207.

  359. Erin says:

    I have been lusting after a personalized stamp for some time now. I love stamp #3229. Thanks!

  360. Meredith says:

    I’d like to get some of their personal foldover cards. Nice things there!

  361. CastoCreations says:

    I am loving those custom stamps. So many options! And what a great idea those tabletopics are!!! So great.

  362. Willy the Prince says:

    I LOVE with a capital L everything on your blog. I am an event planner and get endless ideas from you.
    Por moi, I like Custom Stamp 3233 and Paperweight PLUM.

    Finger’s crossed.


  363. Willy the Prince says:

    I LOVE with a capital L everything on your blog. I am an event planner and get endless ideas from you.
    Por moi, I like Custom Stamp 3233 and Paperweight PLUM.

    Finger’s crossed.


  364. mama2lilly says:

    i want to win. it’s soo cute!!

  365. Teri says:

    The pink polka dots paperweight for our little Lily would be precious!

  366. kdkdkd says:

    I love the plum design, but they are all great

  367. ezmerelda says:

    I love the party coasters. What a fun idea. All of the things on the site are really too cute, though.

  368. Tiffany says:

    oh gosh. i can only pick ONE?! seriously. i dont think I can…i think i like Crape Myrtle…no wait Sycamore..oh gosh..just ALL of them! I spend all my money on my daughter & a little organization & cutesy things would surely brighten my day!

  369. jaydonco1 says:

    I like the Elm paperweight!

  370. Anonymous says:

    This shop is great! I’ve been looking for a place that sells cute girly items like this! Can’t wait to see what new products come in! I like the table topics original, Stacy Clair Boyd paperweight and stamp 3220

  371. Deb says:

    These are awesome!

  372. Susie C. says:

    Table-topics! So cute! Such a fun idea!

  373. kristilb19 says:

    # G20042 Stacy Claire Boyd is my favorite, but it was hard to choose, a lot of cute designs!

  374. Sarah Moske says:

    Wow….I love these…so friggin cute!!

  375. CalicoDaisy says:

    I think I love the custom stamper best. I’d be stamping my monogram on everything.

  376. Jacey says:

    I love the custom stamps! It’s hard to choose a favorite…I like them all.

  377. maryjanyne says:

    Stamp 3234

  378. Lilith Silvermane says:

    # G20019 Stacy Claire Boyd is my favorite. I’d love to get it for my “Dad” for X-mas!

  379. Ardy22 says:

    I like the “Pear Aqua” paperweight.

  380. Allison says:

    OMG, everything here is so adorable! :)

  381. Beth says:

    I swear I commented before… I should definitely win if blogger is eating my comments! :) Love it all!

  382. ladypawnbroker says:

    The Paperweight-Alder is my favorite!

  383. Anonymous says:

    I would love, love the great conversations table topics!! What a fun way for guests to mingle and meet while I am preparing dinner for a get-together!

    Mary M.

  384. Ashley says:

    i absolutely NEED a custom stamp for my crafty things! “Handmade Originals by Ashley D!” oh that’d be a dream!

    ashley d –

  385. Beth says:

    Third time’s a charm! Love it all. Need I say more? :)

  386. Playful Professional says:

    I love the paperweight- Shopping!

  387. jim graham says:

    My birthday is next week and I’d love a chance to win the birthday paperweight.It is the only good thing to getting old -ugh!

  388. MoonMaiden says:

    I love the plum paperweight :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  389. G says:

    Stamp # 323

  390. norahow2 says:

    The conversation starters look great! I am horrible at small talk…but really love the idea of getting to know different facts

  391. Jessica says:

    OMG everything on that site is absolutely precious! Can I have it all!?

  392. Andrea says:

    I’ve been writing a lot more letters lately and that cute little return address stamp would be perfect for me!

  393. Sarah says:

    I think that Fleur de Lis stamp is too cute! Good for so many things!!!

  394. Lulu says:

    OOOOOOH!!!! Custom Stamps of course!!! OK it’s a little hard to choose…

  395. giovanni519 says:

    I love the custom stamp.

  396. blueviolet says:

    I can’t decide between cherry, quince or sassafras! I subscribed to their newsletter. What a wonderful site!
    Thanks for the heads up on so many cute things and sites!

  397. Jennifer says:

    I love the paperweights, now I can pile in peace! And I’ve been wanting table topics forever! Hope I win!!

  398. cltgrace says:

    I like the tabletopic for parties! How fun!~

  399. retellingstories says:

    What a great site! I love the designs and colors!

  400. Shiori C. says:

    OK – I’m coveting the custom stamps!


  401. Aggie F. says:

    The custom stamps are darling!!!


  402. supermax says:

    elm paperweight

  403. InMyHeart01 says:

    love the quince paperweight

  404. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win the pear shaped paperweight with the photo in the center as a gift for my dh.


  405. Heather says:

    The Quince Paperweight is my favorite. Very cool!

  406. Helen W. says:

    I love the “From the kitchen of”

  407. alexis says:

    I love custom stamper #3234. So cute!

  408. Jinxy & Me says:

    I love the Willow paperweight

  409. Jen says:

    I love all the stamps! So cute!

  410. Jessilyn82 says:

    My desk at work could definitely use some help! I love the Pearl Ivory and Sassafrass paperweights

  411. Anonymous says:

    Crape Myrtle is my favorite paperweight but I absolutely love the clipboards

  412. esper_d says:


  413. Scary Mommy says:

    I am dying to win ANYTHING, but happen to LOVE the address stamps (and most everything else!)

  414. Ludmilochka says:

    My favorite design a Custom Stamp 3232!
    So cute!

  415. Anonymous says:

    Your adult luggage tags are the perfect answer to an upcoming vacation. The celebration cake is the perfect design for our coming 25th wedding anniversary annoucement.

  416. says:

    I would love to win custom stamp 3238

  417. Andrea and Kyle says:

    cute cute cute! The Mr. & Mrs. stamp is perfect for a unique wedding gift!

  418. Brooke says:

    I like custom stamp 3241. We would use this all the time.

  419. Tracey says:

    I really like stamp 3220…..What a great gift for a bride! It’ll make all those Thank You notes more fun!

  420. Tracey says:

    I love stamp 3222. These stamps are a perfect gift for a bride/groom or new homeowner!

  421. ginny says:

    Paperweight-Basswood is my fave.

    ginnyswe at gmail . com

  422. Anonymous says:

    What a fabulous site! though everything at is wonderful. I personally loved the designer Clipboards. I recently needed to purchase a clip board for a large event I was hostessing. I surfed the Internet and nothing compared to what is offered here.

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  423. Mommy Bee says:

    Would love to win the Table Topics. What a great product for families!

  424. Amira M says:

    I would choose the brasswood design for a paperweight

  425. Eipryl T. says:

    Whoa, that was harder than I thought it was gonna be. I think I’ve finally decided on Custom Stamp 3242 as my favorite stamp, and poplar as my favorite paper weight. I especially love their line of note cards and tags that go along with the custom stamps…oh, the possibilities!

  426. Pranayama mama says:

    The custom stamps are to die for! So elegant; cannot figure out which is my fave.

  427. klgrom says:

    Looks like a really cute store. I love the queen stamp.

  428. carissaad says:

    The Mobile Phone & Charger Holder is so cool!

    carissaad at gmail dot com

  429. klp1965 says:

    i love em all :)

  430. ChristyJan says:

    I collect paperweights and would love to win one of these beautiful personalized creations.

  431. purango says:

    I love the Magnolia paperweight.

  432. dubya says:

    can’t remember if I already commented, but Love the table topics & the paperweights…so hard to pick one fav!

  433. ChristyJan says:

    I collect paperweights and would love to have one of these beautiful personalized creations!

  434. mindy m. says:

    OH.MY.GOODNESS! I love love love the stamps, I have been searching for just the right one and there are so many great ones at this site! I love it!!!!

  435. Susanne says:

    Paperweight-Alder is nice!

  436. Anonymous says:

    Fleur de Lis stamp

  437. Anonymous says:

    Love that cherry paperweight, makes such an oriental feeling with the right things. i want it

  438. Kathleen says:

    I love the fleur di lis stamper!

  439. bndraldy says:

    I love the Custom Stamp ns101
    # ns-101 Noteworthy. I really think the monogram is rich looking.

  440. Brendanptsang says:

    love poplar. beautiful

  441. Anonymous says:

    This is so cute! I love the mr and mrs stamp, I just got married so it would be so easy (and stylish) to use it for thank you cards!

    marie b

  442. Holly says:

    so hard to choose… but i love custom stamp 3214 and 3242

  443. mperez says:

    These are awesome! This stylish paperweight would look DeLovely on my desk….
    And the table topics would be a great conversation starter at a girls night in dinner pary..

  444. Donna says:

    I like stamp 3233.

  445. donna444444 says:

    I like the custon stampers.

  446. Soul of the Rose says:

    I love the custom stamps. Beautiful designs!

  447. Anonymous says:

    I love all things paper!


  448. rosannepm says:

    I love the Willow paperweight

  449. Tiffany says:

    I love the Custom Stamp3243

  450. Noggy says:

    Love the Sassafras Paperweight for my Grandaughter.

  451. Swtlilchick says:

    I love the personalized stamp
    From The Kitchen of………
    Cute stuff on this website
    thanks a bunch

  452. lilyk says:

    Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

  453. Lisa says:

    I’ve been looking for a stamp for awhile — these are super cute!

  454. Melissa Rodriguez Photography says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I NEVER win anything. I feel so special right now and this stuff is SO COOL! I’m grinning from ear to ear! :)