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How Fast They Grow

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How Fast They Grow digital scrapbooking My friend recently told me about a website where you can create "the most amazing custom-printed scrapbooks for babies" online – and I thought it sounded like a great idea, but honestly didn’t realize how great until I actually visited the website . The company’s name is How Fast They Grow , and their tagline is "Distinctive Albums for Modern Babies ". I like the sound of that ;)

In a nutshell, How Fast They Grow provides zillions of stylish & adorable 12×12 page templates, plus a patent-pending digital scrapbooking technology that enables you to upload your photos to their website, drag-n-drop the photos into the template designs of your choice, and type your own custom text & page titles – so you’re essentially scrapbooking online!

How Fast They Grow digital scrapbooking There are tons of cute template designs to choose from – including an entire collection from stationery extraordinaire Boatman Geller ! Once you’re happy with your digital pages, you can order printed pages (which will fit in any standard scrapbook) for $7.50 each. Pages are printed on high-quality cardstock in photo-quality resolution, so you’re essentially creating a premium designer keepsake for years to come.

How Fast They Grow digital scrapbooking Baby Shower Gift Sets or Gift Cards from How Fast They Grow would actually be a a super thoughtful idea for baby showers, baby arrival congrats, or first birthday parties. I also like the idea of framing the pages individually to make your own custom wall hangings. Hmmm – maybe you could even design a few featuring mom and dad-to-be’s baby pics and use those as baby shower decor? Always thinking in terms of decorations ;)

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

11 responses to “How Fast They Grow”

  1. Cathy says:

    too cute!!!!

  2. tami says:

    I really love this idea! I’ve wanted to create a scrapbook for months but haven’t gotten around to buying all the supplies or carving out the time to actually do it. This could actually be the solution to my procrastination!

  3. cari j. says:

    this is such a beautiful website! thanks for sharing this with us. what a great idea!!

  4. yvonne says:

    ridiculously cute! I have 3 pregnant friends that will be all over this!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love it, just wish is was so much per sheet. That could really set ya back when you have 3 years worth of pics that need put in a scrapbook!

  6. hiphostess says:

    Hi Anon-
    Ya – it can definitely add up – that’s why it’s probably smart to think of this as a “best of the best” kind of memory album where you have to be selective with your pictures, but end up with something so cool that being selective is worth it :)

    I love the idea of using just 1 or 2 pages for each month of baby’s first year to recapture your very favorite images from that period…if mom can bring herself to narrow the images down that much! :)

  7. carobenn says:

    This is divine! I actually just put together a pre-made baby scrapbook for a friend of mine who is having her first baby, and although it’s lovely and quite cute, it’s just not my style. But THIS… this is my style! What a great find.

    Now I just have to choose which photos of my own baby I’ll use…

  8. maggie says:

    does anyone know if this site is down for good? It has been weeks and I was mid project that now there is no way I will get in time. I am so frustrated and dont’ understand how a website can be down for this long???

  9. Jenn says:

    Hi Maggie –

    I got some info on the issue with How Fast They Grow for you. They’re definitely not down for good, but it’s actually a real bummer – something happened to their web server (that wasn’t their fault) and they’re dealing with huge technical issues now. The owner feels sooooooo terrible and is having a really tough time right now trying to deal with the company that caused the problem and all of the upset customers that it’s resulted in.

    The good news is that they’re definitely trying to fix everything and the site will eventually get back on track (hopefully sooner than later), but in the meantime it’s been a very unfortunate circumstance for all parties involved.

    So that’s the 411 for now – and I’ll be sure to post an update once I hear that the site is back up…

  10. Kathryn says:

    Cool! You can also create fun scrapbook pages online at CropMom.

  11. Lorena says:

    Is there anything similar to this website for making wedding scrapbooks?