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decorating with candy

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Colorful candies can function as great party decor year-round, but they are especially appropriate for Valentine’s Day! These super simple ideas for decorating with Red Hots look especially fabulous… {via}

super bowl party ideas For a cute and super-easy Valentine’s Day centerpiece , fill clear kitchen canisters with different kinds of Valentine-themed candies. Embellish the canisters with a band of ribbon and a large contemporary sticker or scrapbook embellishment, then sprinkle the table area around them with edible candy confetti. This "candy-coated" centerpiece took less than 10 minutes to put together…

pepe and friends tableware *Apparently I was temporarily blind during the process of taking these pictures because I realized AFTER it was all done & put away that the canister on the right was quite obviously facing the wrong way…oops! ;)

Product resources: Acrylic Canisters (set of 4) – Target; ribbon, Red Hots, and heart-shaped candy confetti Michaels ; red & pink flower Glitter Clears™ by Making Memories; fuschia tableclothPlum Party ; heart jellies and Gobstopper heartbreakers – Target .

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7 responses to “decorating with candy”

  1. tiffany says:

    This all looks so cute! I’m a total sweet tooth and love this candy-filled holiday!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The red tulips and red hots combo looks surprisingly sophisticated!

  3. amy * stem * says:

    So righty is a rebel. There’s one in every bunch. This is still the cuteness!

  4. sarah says:

    i love that candy filled vase! i think i have to do that this year!

  5. Donata says:

    these rock!!

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  7. KBM. says:

    wayy too cute! i love this stuff :)