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interior style home You might already be familiar with Interior Style Home from the cool French Bull Giveaway they did with us in December – and I’m happy to share with you that they’re already offering up another cool product in a new Surprise Giveaway: this wonderfully contemporary "Badu Box " home accent – a $110 value ! This decorative box reminds me of something you might find in a Pier 1 or Z Gallerie – and features a ribbed design with an antique gun metal finish and removeable lid. The etched designs and handle have a sleek silver leaf finish.

How to enter:
• Post a comment here and tell us what your favorite product on from the entire Interior Style Home collection is…something you’d like to treat yourself to or give to a loved one!
• Post your comment by midnight PST on Friday, January 18th .
• Remember to include your name or blogger login, as anonymous comments can’t be tracked.
Good luck!!

Being a certified French Bull addict, here are a few of my personal favorites from Interior Style Home:

interior style home

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308 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Interior Style Home”

  1. Coralee G says:

    ooh, love the Damask Block Collage! Very cool!

  2. Pippi says:

    The set of 3 melamine storage containers with the multi-colored dots – would love to have those…

  3. The Miskel's says:

    What a great Giveaway!
    I love the Alphabet Print in Children’s Art. So nice!

  4. Jessica K. says:

    I’ve been coveting the “black vine” French Bull pattern for months now!

  5. amy * stem * says:

    What don’t I love? The platters and salad servers must be mine. What a fun accent to summer parties. Thanks for the link!

  6. katie beton says:

    I love the sleek lines of the “Jared Table”!

  7. Laura says:

    I absolutely LOVE the “Raindrops” mirror. Super modern – looks like something you’d see at West Elm or Hold It Contemporary Home.

  8. yvonne says:

    The Island Ultra Bedding Bundle is just adorable. I’m still waiting to find out what my sister is having, but I’ll have to recommend this to her if we find out it’s a boy!

  9. sdadolf says:

    Wow, an nice interesting and different type prize….very cool.

  10. patty h. says:

    I’d treat myself to a Calida Table Lamp if I had and extra $300 to burn!

  11. Isla says:

    The Kala perfume bottles are very interesting & unique!

  12. AspergersKitty says:

    I like the Rose Table Lamp!

  13. cschiferl123 says:

    Zed Table Lamp

  14. uhhleksuh says:

    I really like the little French Bull Picnic Set.

  15. Shannon says:

    Rose table lamp

  16. kelly l. says:

    Love the french bull storage containers!

  17. hckelley says:

    I love the eva table lamp! super cute.

  18. haley says:

    My fav is actually the Badu Box! Hope I win!!!!!

  19. gladstone7272 says:

    eva table lamp is beautiful.

  20. cdziuba says:

    The salad platters would be divine for my parties.

  21. Teresa says:

    I like the The Island Ultra Bedding Bundle!

    Thank you

  22. fangirl says:

    I love the Zorina Mirror.

  23. mverno says:

    rose table lamp

  24. Mitch says:

    Rose Table Lamp

  25. vmkids says:

    Teacup Table Lamp
    That is so precious!!!!

  26. Ariel says:

    My favorites are the set of utensils! And the Barcelona Flateware, I can’t pick just one on this site! My kitchen (whole house, really) is pretty eclectic, and those would fit right in.

  27. susan1215 says:

    Rose table lamp

  28. horne782000 says:

    I love their baby bedding…it’s so unique.

  29. bison61 says:

    I fell in love with their tables, the Geraldene and Felipse side tables are so pretty

  30. janehixon says:

    the Geraldene Table is great………

  31. Anonymous says:

    Love the Jared table. The Badu Box would be perfect on top of it!

  32. Hol&J says:

    The Damask Pattern set is beautiful! That would really brighten up my bedroom.

  33. weeblet says:

    raindrops mirror!

  34. Freya says:

    I adore the Multidot and Ring Dinner sets…and the picnic set would be perfect for my daughter and I.

  35. Natalie says:

    I’d go for the Lilith Mirror, although that Badu Box is pretty cool too!

  36. Erica says:

    The multidot dinnerware set is pretty rad!

  37. Jen says:

    Love the Island crib bedding and both the Island and Groovy Pink receiving blankets!

  38. Jinii says:

    I love the teacup lamp. That would be so cute in my neices bedroom.

  39. sally says:

    the Jared table and the Badu box.
    what a great site!
    count me in

  40. Naomi says:

    My daughter would love the straw hat lamps!

  41. mar says:

    I really like the sketchings #40755 City Scenes – they are so fine looking – thank you

  42. jffryclough says:

    we’ll go with the island bedding

  43. Kathy says:

    I really love the Zed Table Lamp!

  44. windycindy says:

    Hello! I really love the “Badu Box”
    that”s your giveaway. Another item I really love is their “Audric Bowl!”
    Please enter me in this fantastic
    giveaway contest. Thanks to you and Interior Style Home…..Cindi

  45. J.J. says:

    I just love the Geraldene Table, very beautiful!

  46. beachgrl says:

    I’m a crazy photo taker and the Natane Photo Frame is a wonderful piece to display them.

  47. Tina12312 says:

    I love the Calida Table Lamp! Thank you for the great contest!

  48. Sequana says:

    Oh, I love those 3 storage containers.

  49. Jenna says:

    The Straw Hat Table Lamp is adorable!

  50. Anonymous says:

    I really like the Tamber Table Lamp. It would make a great gift for my mom as it would fit in well with the color of her house.
    Kristen Hendricks

  51. momelina says:

    ooh, I love the Damask Block Collage too.It’s hard to find blues in non-modern styles – beautiful

  52. Marie says:

    I love the Siam Candle Light Wall Sculpture!

  53. Heather says:

    those floral salad servers and the trivets – OMG i’m in love!

  54. stomper666 says:

    It’s hard to choose from the dishware

  55. says:

    I love the Siam Candle Light Wall Sculpture… it would add such a touch of romance to my living room!

  56. star says:

    i love love love the siam candle light wall sculpture!

  57. fyjules says:

    I love the Jared Table, I love some of the wall hangings too.

  58. peg42 says:

    What an adorable diaper bag. Thanks for the great giveaway and if I win, my shoulder would thank you too. I love the “Sporty Stripes” bag, but the choice was difficult. There’s so many cute patterns. Thanks again.

  59. SpicyOne says:

    I like the metallic disk lamp.

  60. theteo5 says:

    I love the teacup table lamp. So cute, fun and functional!

  61. orchidfae says:

    “Raindrops” mirror

  62. CrazyDaizy says:

    I love the Natane Photo Frame it could hold so many of my pictures. Its so neat.

  63. Susanne says:

    Oh, Oh Straw Hat Table Lamp! Fun!!

  64. Taryn says:

    Love the ring serving platter for ME!

  65. Miscellany Mom says:

    Eva table lamp for my parents!

  66. samsakara says:

    I love the Picnic Set!

  67. sandrinigirl says:

    love the iris candlesticks!

  68. honestken says:

    eva lamp for me

  69. karren says:

    I really like the metallic disk lamp – and it looks like it would go perfectly with the badu box!

  70. reese says:

    I would treat my best friend to the multidot dinnerware set. She loves bright colors and “mod” stuff and would definitely flip out over it!

  71. agordon10 says:

    the vine dinner plates look neat!

  72. Heather says:

    Wow, way too many items that I love from the Interior Style Home website, but I think if I can only choose one, I would say the Selma Table!

  73. LINDALSHOT says:

    Keir plant stand

  74. Anonymous says:

    I would love the Barcelona flatware. I just refdecorated my kitchen in red and black.

  75. EvaPep says:

    Wow! I adore the Natane Photo Frame. I could fill that up with family & friends – would just love it!

  76. ezmerelda says:

    I love the Lillith Mirror. It would be perfect over my fireplace.

  77. Kait says:

    Cybil trays — so gorgeous! They would look fantastic on my coffee table.

  78. pcbdolphins says:

    the Jared table rocks

  79. Julie says:

    The Tamber Table Lamp is my favorite!

  80. JournoWVU says:

    I love the dinnerware. This is a great site. You never cease to amaze me HWTM.

  81. Christine says:

    I really like the Ageus Candleholders… Beautiful!!

  82. bhjustice says:

    I love the Rose Table Lamp.

  83. Kelby says:

    Well I don’t have kids but that Island Ultra Bedding Bundle makes me want them! Or I wish they made it in “big kids” beds!

  84. jbubolz-miller says:

    Island recieving blankets

  85. paryjeja says:

    I like the Leaf Blocks wallhanging.

  86. Samantha says:

    What a great collection of items they carry! It’s hard to pick, but I think my favorite is the Gatana Lamp. It’s so beautiful. Thanks for entering me!

  87. Nikki says:

    I would love to give my 4-month pregnant sister-in-law the Happy Ultra Bedding Bundle!!!

  88. pizzahutgirlcanadian says:

    metallic disk lamp love it!

  89. ky2here says:

    Bring on the Island Ultra Bedding Bundle

  90. Jasmine says:

    I love the Selma table! Gorgeous!

  91. Anonymous says:

    Grooovy Pink bedding bundle is just tooo cute my daughter would love it.

  92. joni514 says:


    Cybil Table

  93. T says:

    I love the SIAM CANDLE LIGHT WALL SCULPTURE, as well as all the baby products. I am so glad I came across this site, I love everything!

  94. Sunshine says:

    Cool site! I like a lot of their items but my favorite is the set of “Alice Park Canisters” – I’m sure they look good in kitchens and bathrooms but we’d use it to display sea glass, stones from the beach, and shells. I love walking on the beach and these canisters would give my treasures a place of honor!Putting this on my wish list!

  95. leslie says:

    love the Raindrops mirror – it looks like a modern starburst or snowflake :)

  96. PS says:

    Wow the Floral Salad Servers are amazing!!! What fun!

  97. Jeanette J says:

    I really like the Beraza box

  98. Anonymous says:

    My kids would love the Monkey Dinnerware set.



  99. Casie says:

    I love the Lilith Mirror, it is so vintage yet modern.

  100. AylorCD says:

    I love the Ashen Fireplace Screen. We need this and this is so beautiful! What great stuff!

  101. SugarPeach says:

    Love.. the Mosaic Penshell Box!!!

  102. mattie says:

    I’m diggin’ the helix lamp and the city scapes grouping…

  103. Anonymous says:

    Love the french bull storage containers!

  104. Becca says:

    The Damask Wall Hangings are gorgeous.

  105. kiyana says:

    I like the Firenza Box

  106. Wired Wilsons says:

    The cake plate sets are my favorite – I want one, and would definitely give as gifts!

    Camille Wilson
    wiredwilsons [at] gmail [dot] com

  107. Anonymous says:

    Potala Charger blends in with my current decor perfectly
    please enter me tiglesias(at)hotmail

  108. Anonymous says:

    I really like the Alice Park Canisters.

  109. janetfaye says:

    I like #13465 Natane Photo Frame, it is gorgeous.

  110. nor_lou says:

    Floral Salad Servers, so pretty

  111. rosannepm says:

    I likethe table lame

  112. Val says:

    Love the Lilith Mirror!

  113. revanche2 says:

    Excellent BoX

  114. angelaandconnor at says:

    I would love to have a set of the children’s dinnerware.

    I blogged you too

  115. kailani says:

    I love the Natane Photo Frame! It’s beautiful!

  116. sweetmb says:

    Oh I love the Natane Photo Frame which would be perfect for all my old black and white family photos! If only I had the money..I would by this in a second!

  117. Nikki says:

    Love the multidot dinnerware set!

  118. Chrysa says:

    I like the Rose Table Lamp

  119. kari says:

    3 melamine storage containers with the multi-colored dots

  120. pcallahan says:

    I want the Baran Clock!

  121. jean8 says:

    I love the ashen fireplace screen

  122. Deborah says:

    I love the Keir Plant Stands.

    deborahrosen900 at hotmail dot com

  123. CMGarcia83 says:

    The Champagne Ginger Candle Set is very pretty…perfect for my house!

  124. brandy w says:

    i like the mosiac dinnerware set. none of my dishes match and everything is cracked.
    bwalleshauser at yahoo dot com

  125. Courtney says:

    I like the Kitchen Utencils.Very hip

  126. Myrthe says:

    What a great site that is! I absolutely love the Llewellyn Picture Frames, they would look very pretty in my new apartment.

  127. vboackle says:

    the masaic dinnerware is cute.

  128. Shannon says:

    oh I love the Carefree Days picture frame!

  129. Accessories says:

    WOW! There’s no way I can pick just one thing! This site is amazing. It’s going in my bookmarks.

  130. lana42102 says:

    I like Aurora Plate

  131. sillelin says:

    the Keir plant stand

  132. Ricki says:

    Love, love, love the Vine Side Plates.

  133. CrystalGB says:

    I like the Mosaic colander.

  134. Mama Zen says:

    The Tamber table lamp is gorgeous!

  135. sweetsue says:

    I love the Assorted Kitchen Utensils. I love all the products!

  136. quiltingreader says:

    Iron Curl Buffet

  137. Tamara says:

    Garden Obilesk (sp)

  138. retellingstories says:

    The leaf wall hangings would be perfect for my hallway!

  139. Rebecca says:

    What a great site! i love it all…But to choose one thing i love the vine dinnerware! very nice

  140. Holly says:

    i adore the Mosaic Dinnerware Set!

  141. Deborah says:

    I would choose #26059 Geraldene Table for myself! Beautiful!

  142. laura519 says:

    I think the Natane Photo Frame is gorgeous. I would love to put some classic baby pics in it!

  143. The Robinson's says:

    I love the Alphabet Print in the children’s art section. I also love the children’s dinner set with the monkey. Thanks!

  144. ProjectHope says:

    the zed table lamp is my favorite for sure. But i have to say i also lov the badu box.. it is a close second!

  145. buericana says:

    Love the dot dishware!

  146. Andrea says:

    I just LOVE the Zoo Bedding Bundle. We’re trying for a little one, and this is the cutest bedding I have seen! I love the real animal photos!

  147. MamaChristy says:

    The Groovy Pink Receiving Blankets are super cute. Maybe if I have a girl this time around…

  148. Sheila says:

    I love the Pagoda Latern !

  149. CUsmile says:

    I am a big “boxes” fan in all types of shapes, sizes and materials. But, the Prior Park Candleholders were to die for! I have several places I can put in my house and have always wanted candle holder in this type of style.
    Thank you for the chance!
    Michele AKA 2CUHappy

  150. says:

    i love the Kala Perfume Bottles- funky and ornate to sit on my dressing table!! just my style.
    and the prize box would be perrrrfect to sit on the table in my entryway and HIDE the crap tha collects there!

  151. Paige says:

    I’m a fan of the Animal Alphabet.

  152. gjgille says:

    I love their Calida table lamp. This is the cutest lamp I’ve ever seen!

  153. Thei says:

    I just love the salad servers. Something with their colors and patterns, it’s as if they are smiling to you!

  154. redron says:

    It was too hard to pick something out. It was all too great. I guess it would have to be a rose table lamp.

  155. imjasonc says:

    I like the Jared Table, very cool.

  156. lotsofpets says:

    I love the Lilith Mirror.

  157. Kiasa says:

    The “Serenity” oil print is so lovely with all the gold tones. It would be perfect in our new apartment.

  158. tinkersfolly says:

    I love the Alice Park Canister Set, they are unique, trendy and feminine.

  159. Jennifer says:

    I love the Raindrop mirror! It’s so unique! Thanks for the chance to win!

    Happy Tuesday to you!

    Jennifer :-)

  160. Bebemiqui says:

    I want the Mosaic Dinnerware Set.

  161. M.A. says:

    Love the Lilith Mirror!

  162. D. says:

    #075561 B Lilith Mirror: WOW!!!

  163. junebug says:

    The baran clock ,if I have to pick.

  164. moushka says:

    The Natane Photo Frame would come in very handy at my house with all of the pictures I need to frame.

  165. Nick and Megan...and Chelsea too! says:

    I love everything…but would love to have the auburn candleholders. They would match my dining room perfectly! Thanks!

  166. ~Amber~ says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Metallic Disk Lamp. But the Baran Clock is amazing too!!!!

  167. Amanda says:

    Great site!
    I really like the Potala Charger.

  168. lev53211 says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’d like the Island Blue receiving blankets.

  169. Rashi Sijin Joseph says:

    i wanted to buy Beraza Box but this is a surprise and platters they r mine too..please mail it tome..smiles!!!!

  170. Nancy says:

    So hard to choose. But if I was going to buy one thing and splurge, I would want the Whispering Winds oil painting.

  171. danandmarsh says:

    Definitely a treat for myself, the Selma table! We get into antique looking items!

  172. Cjnedrow says:

    I like the Bruno Table!

  173. Hedi says:

    I like Ageus Candleholders.
    Furniture is nice too!

  174. Gina says:

    I especially love the Zoo Bedding Bundle and the Picnic Set!

  175. Kate says:

    I love the floral salad servers – with a nice wood bowl, they’d real make the meal pop. And such a unique idea for a housewarming gift!

  176. JewelsHud says:

    I like the Animal Alphabet – so cute!

  177. ahedden says:

    Floral Salad Servers

  178. MoonMaiden says:

    It was hard to choose, but my favorite product on from the entire Interior Style Home collection is the Mosaic Dinnerware Set :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  179. sachidewey says:

    I love the colorful kitchen utensils – they would definitely brighten up my kitchen!

  180. Danielle says:

    The Lilith Mirror would look great with my collection of “Sun and Moon” wall items!
    dansan826 at

  181. Anonymous says:

    champagne ginger candle

  182. Anonymous says:

    Leaf block wall hangings

  183. Penny G says:

    Lots of fun items! My favorite is the floral salad servers. I really like the bright colors & patterns.

  184. tsslug says:

    let me win

  185. Garden Gnome says:

    The Badu box is awesome~Pick me please!

  186. Ginny says:

    I love the picnic set, always wanted one!

  187. liz says:

    I love the mosaic colored storage containers – bringing lunch to work in those would be such fun!

  188. kinchst says:

    I love the dinnerware. It’s so fresh and fun!!

  189. msatch says:

    I immediately fell in love with the Jared table. The Kids Monkey dinnerware was pretty awesome too.

  190. Shari says:

    The Teacup Table Lamp is so adorable!!

  191. dakotasmom says:

    The Prior Park Candle holders…just

  192. Miranda says:

    Please enter me thanks

  193. Mike says:

    20590 Badu Box

  194. blueviolet says:

    I love the Zed table lamp but I also love the adorable colanders and the Jakayla squares and the floral and geo trivets. There is just way too much to love there!

  195. Jessilyn82 says:

    I love the Badu box, it looks like it holds some type of treasure :)

  196. the antibride says:

    Barcelona Flatware: insta crush!

  197. bceagle_shop says:

    I like the picnic set

  198. Kari says:

    Auburn Candleholders

  199. Shelly says:

    I keep coming back to the floral salad servers!

  200. Stacey Moore says:

    i would so love to win the Picnic Set!! thanks so much!!

  201. Petra says:

    The Tamber Table Lamp is my favorite!

  202. grb3 says:

    I love that box!

  203. InMyHeart01 says:

    I like the red bordered flowers

  204. Ms Beagle says:

    I am dying to have a cupboard filled with french bull cake serving platters!!!

  205. Kelly says:

    The alphabet print would be really cute in my niece’s room!

  206. Tara says:

    I love the floral salad servers!

  207. CRush5512 says:


  208. ES says:

    Love the Calida table lamp.

    aztekh [at]

  209. jo1brat says:

    I love the raindrops wall hanging

  210. Tenebrae says:

    I really like both the Mosaic Penshell Box and the Garden Obelisks.


  211. lisalmg says:

    Beautiful products! My favorite is the Lilith Mirror. Absolutely gorgeous!

  212. T'aowyn says:

    The Eva table lamp is just what I need for my craft cave. But I also like the Picnic set.

    Taowyn (at) gmail (dot) com

  213. Kim says:

    i love the multi dot dinnerware set

  214. Samantha P says:

    the siam candle light wall sculpture is too cute!!!

    aqualad88 at gmail dot com

  215. Sylvia P says:

    the Jared Table is awesome!!!

    sufferinseacows at gmail dot com

  216. maddgiggler says:

    I love the Mosaic Dinnerware Set!

  217. WVU-Mama says:

    The Happy Ultra Bedding Bundle…would love to have it for my DD’s room in our temporary house in a new city. Would make her transition easier (retail therapy for Mama, that is!)

  218. Cory says:

    I love the Cybil table. So elegant yet understated.

  219. Dawn says:

    I love the Ava plant stands, those would look gorgeous in my foyer!

  220. Tammy says:

    The Byron Lamp, would look great on our desk.

  221. i heart books says:

    My absolute favorite is the Perlita Photo Frame…it’s insane!! I would love to have it, but even on sale it’s $209! If only…

  222. DOODLEGIRL says:

    the damask pattern prints

  223. Dayna says:

    Great site! Love the Eston Garden Obelisks!!

  224. Nicole says:

    I adore the Lillith Mirror !!

  225. trudee says:

    I love the lamps

  226. Sundi says:

    I love the black and white vine style dinnerware, any of it, but especially the plates!

  227. Ms Moore says:

    I really love the “SIAM CANDLE LIGHT WALL SCULPTURE” – that would be a nice change from the mirror I have in the living room now.

  228. Tricia says:

    I like the Ashen Fireplace Screen.

  229. Anonymous says:

    you never have enough picture frames and i like the llewellyn frames.

  230. ewalsh says:

    I love the Gatana Lamp

  231. Kirsten says:

    Four Square Pink Baby Star Bedding

  232. kdkdkd says:

    Kala Perfume Bottles, they are wonderful

  233. Valerie says:

    The ava plant stands are beautiful and classy, they’d be perfect in our new place!!

  234. melonkelli says:

    I really like the Animal Alphabet!

    taureau AT yahoo DOT com

  235. kamewh says:

    I love the Jakayla Squares!

  236. jules says:

    the multidot dinnerware set

  237. Anonymous says:

    I love the table lamps! Eva the best.

  238. Aisling says:

    The Zed Table Lamp is great, although it’s almost impossible to pick just one “favorite”.

  239. ladypawnbroker says:

    There is so much to choose from!!! I really dig the Mosaic Dinnerware Set though!

  240. Cindy says:

    I really love the Prior Park candleholders. They are beautiful!

  241. Carissa says:

    I would love to give the picnic set to someone.

  242. Janay from Canada says:

    Oh Sweet mercy….what I wouldn’t give for that Serenity oil painting! It’s absolutely breathtaking!!!

  243. Kristi says:

    I like the Alice Park Cannisters. Those are really unique.

  244. blday50 says:

    I like the Unexpected Breeze

  245. redfantum says:

    I adore the Assorted Kitchen Utencils – set of 6. I like a bright kitchen.

  246. wildflower00 says:

    Its a toss up of a few but this is in the top 3SIAM CANDLE LIGHT WALL SCULPTURE

  247. KuhnsFamily says:

    What child wouldn’t benefit from the # 79 Large Animal Alphabet? :)

  248. PowerSweepstaking says:

    Eva Table Lamp

  249. carkelley says:

    The cake plates are fabulous!

    carkelley at hotmail dot com

  250. KatyShops says:

    I am in love with dots!!! The multi-dot dinnerware set has my name all over it!!

  251. Karrie says:

    Pagoda Latern is my favorite

  252. Talitha says:

    Multidot Dinnerware Set is really cute!

  253. tlcfromtn says:

    I really like the Valerie Table Lamp.

  254. Michelle says:

    I really love the Eva Table Lamp cause its unique and would look lovley in my home.

  255. ssmina says:

    love it, please enter me, thanks.

  256. Bow927 says:

    Keir Plant Stands is awesome!!

  257. Anonymous says:

    I would love the Jared Table.

  258. joanna says:

    Very classy products, but I was drawn to the Eva Table Lamp which is perfect for our library table!

  259. paula h says:

    I really like the Multi-Dot Dinnerware set. It’s so cheerful!

  260. says:

    Zed Table Lamp

  261. Tanja says:

    I love Floral Salad Servers!

  262. Reeva says:

    totally dig the storage containers!

  263. Stephen A says:

    the island bedding bundle would be a great gift to my wife!

  264. Pamela937 says:

    The Ashen Fireplace Screen! What a beautiful accent to my living room.

  265. jennifer57 says:

    Happy Ultra Bedding Bundle

  266. dolls123 says:

    Storage Container Set

  267. ChristiS says:

    ooh, this is hard! I think my favorite is the Natane Photo Frame.

  268. says:

    This is a great giveaway.

  269. says:

    Love the bedding bundle!

  270. JOYVEN says:

    very pretty box

  271. banquetbabe says:

    any of them, love it all

  272. Eipryl t. says:

    I’d like to treat myself to the Alice Park Candle holders…but I think my hubby might divorce me if he found out I paid 80 bucks for two candle holders. but, they’re just so gorgeous

  273. redisme says:

    I LOVE this site!This is my first visit,but definitly won’t be my last. The “Badu Box” is beautiful, but if I chose my next favorite it would have to be the French Bull ,Black and White Vine Plates,gorgeous! Thanks for my nightime eye candy!….Elaine……redsisme

  274. Simply Modern Weddings says:

    I LOVE the Siam Candlelight Wall Sculture…that is so unique, I have to have it!

  275. Heather says:

    salad platters. yes!

  276. ldrnc2000 says:

    I LOVE the Natane Photo Frame!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  277. intime says:

    salad plater

  278. Anonymous says:

    The Jared Table would be divine in my home!

  279. Anonymous says:

    I would just LOVE the raindrop mirror! Thanks.

  280. Tiff Hulbert says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Raindrops mirror!!

  281. Twipey says:

    I love the Unexpected Breeze wall hanging.

  282. Ninacu says:

    I love the ‘City Scenes’ wall hanging…thanks!

  283. brandonslu says:

    I love the “Vine Dinner Plates”….Thanks

  284. garrettsambo says:

    I love the Mosaic Dinnerware Set

  285. Tiffany says:

    The black and white dishes

  286. Anonymous says:

    The Island Ultra Bedding Bundle is so cute

  287. Eileen says:

    I’m loving the Lilith Mirror from the Wall Hangings section.

  288. sbashs says:

    Love the Teacup Table Lamp.

  289. designer25 says:

    I like the Iron Curl Buffet Lamp.

    Thank You!

  290. Noggy says:

    The Jakayla Squares wall art for my home office would be perfect and the Badu Box is beautiful.

  291. beachgirl says:

    i love the raindrops mirror. very modern

  292. rosannepm says:

    These plates are snazzy

  293. Miss Angel says:

    The Siam Candle Light Wall Sculpture!! It would be perfect in my living room.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  294. susansmoaks says:

    island ultra bedding bundle is my fave!


  295. Tiffany M says:

    Teh gatana lamp is so unique. It is one of those pieces that you would keep forever and pass down.

  296. Bakersdozen says:

    I love the Eva Table Lamp.

  297. cdrury says:

    have to be the bandu box – I am a box junkie!!!

  298. Jacqueline says:

    i love the samuru candleholders. rustic yet elegant!

  299. Grace says:

    The Natane Photo Frame is my choice.

  300. Erin says:

    The Jared Table is really beautiful and would look great in my house.

  301. Fulmer Fam says:

    Loving that Gatana Lamp!

  302. bndraldy says:

    My post didn’t seem to go through. I love the unique elegance of the Winona Console. It is gorgeous!
    Thanks for the great contest!

  303. memetu says:

    kids collection in blue as in Groovy Blue Ultra Bedding Bundle

  304. Anonymous says:

    I’d love to have the Selma table, however, I could never afford it.

  305. Donna says:

    I really like the Damask Pattern set!

  306. shel704 says:

    The Mosaic Serving Platter is gorgeous..makes me want to have a dinner party just so I could use it.

  307. I rather miss seeing a lot of really crazy for this posts … still interesting random stuff tho so thanks.
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  308. Matt A says:

    Guess I am too late here, I would love to win this. So stylish and would look great sitting at my desk, would improve my office design