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SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Anna Bella Stationery!

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anna bella fine stationery giveawayI’m really excited about this giveaway because it should really comes just in time for the holidays…especially for those of you planning to send out some fabulous holiday cards or party invites! Anna Bella Fine Stationery is offering up the chance to “Stuff Your Stockings this season” with a $100 shopping spree on anything from their site – including holiday stationery, wedding stationery, personalized stationery sets, adorable wall art, and more!

Added bonus:
You also can feel good about giving Anna Bella this holiday season because their stationery comes with a green thumbs-up! Their papers are created using green steam and certified renewable energy to lessen greenhouse emissions and exceed the highest environmental standards for sustainable products. Nice! :)

anna bella fine stationery giveawayanna bella fine stationery giveaway
How to enter:
Post a comment with your most magical holiday wish for the world. Anna Bella will choose a winner at random to receive $100 good toward any paper stationery product at Winner will also receive their signature “I heart paper” t-shirt that pledges responsible environmentality on the back.

Giveaway ends Saturday, November 10 at midnight PST. Good luck!

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229 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Anna Bella Stationery!”

  1. dallimomma says:

    My holiday wish for the world would be that we would all know Truth, and then live it.
    kanddallison at yahoo dot com

  2. Mama Zen says:

    Peace on earth!

  3. Lauren says:

    my magical wish: that everyone experience something truly wonderful and magical this holiday season.

  4. kristenita says:

    WORLD PEACE and I genuinely mean that, not in the cheesy miss-america answer kind of way. but in the no war or fear of war and everyone getting along and feeling SAFE kind of way. that is my magical holiday wish.

  5. The Foodie Princess says:

    My holiday wish for the world is that everyone finds what it is that truly makes them happy and to share that happiness with everyone that they know.

  6. PS says:

    My wish: That everyone could respect each others religions and beliefs. Our conflicts with this seems to be the root of a lot of our problems.

  7. Tracey says:

    My magical wish would be that all people would have a sense of morality-The world would be a better place!

  8. Grace says:

    my most magical wish for my family would be to be debtfree!!!

  9. Michelle B says:

    My magical holiday wish for the world is peace – in their hearts and in their cities.

  10. Danielle says:

    My wish: That we could all be a little kinder to one another to spread love and joy to all.

  11. Mindful Momma says:

    My holiday wish is that everyone puts some extra thought into how they spend their holiday dollars – hopefully on socially and environmentally responsible companies – like this one!

  12. BT says:

    My wish is very simple and in four letters: LOVE

    Everything else falls in place if we love ourselves and others!

    [email protected]

  13. Alisa says:

    My wish is that more people will know Jesus Christ.

  14. jillandjoe says:

    I wish that everyone in the world be truely happy

  15. lynette says:

    My magic wish: for all of mankind to love and be loved.

  16. Leeanthro says:

    I wish everyone could have time. Just a few more hours each week with no obligations, to do lists, or chores. Time to spend with the family

  17. stuart & carolyn says:

    I wish that everyone will feel the true meaning of Christmas, and not get caught up in all the presents.

  18. Hipchick says:

    I wish that the the troops can come home and the war ends!!!!

  19. laura519 says:

    my wish is for my beautiful new twins to grow up happy, healthy, and safe…

  20. ashlynn says:

    I wish everyone had the opportunity to give to those in need & feel how much better it feels than to receive!

  21. Chris says:

    My wish for the world is to find God and love their neighbor!

  22. DJC says:

    I wish for my children and all people to realize change and peace begins within our daily actions of love and kindness

  23. Julie says:

    I’m not the first to write this, but I wish for every person to feel loved by someone.

  24. Veroni says:

    My wish is that every child gets to enjoy Christmas this year.

  25. BeccaJane22 says:

    Mine is a selfish wish, but I wish that my brother could come home from Iraq for Chirstmas. How about all our boys and girls be able to come home for Christmas.

  26. Andrea says:

    My wish would be that every person be able to love themselves. Imagine the good that would come of that!

  27. csaspo says:

    My most magical holiday wish would be that everyone celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.
    Oh, and that I win this contest. :)

  28. Heather aka Mom in the Know says:

    I want everyone to be happy and have a good holiday.

  29. Janaan says:

    I wish everyone in the world would be kinder and friendlier to everyone in the world.

  30. Jacey says:

    My wish is that every child will feel the magic of the holidays, whatever holiday that may be.

  31. Jinii says:

    My wish for the world at Christmas would be that each person would be able to enjoy all the blessing they have in life rather than focus on wants.

  32. mydezine says:

    My holiday wish is for my baby boy to be born healthy and strong. Can’t wait to meet him!

  33. Jenny says:

    I wish everyone would get to spend time with all the people they love, and no one’s feelings would be hurt because their loved ones had to be somewhere else on Christmas.

  34. Vicky says:

    My wish is for everyone to be healthy and happy. Simple but sweet.

  35. Bebemiqui says:

    I wish that every person would be FULLY who they’re made to be and that every person would bring out the best in everyone else.

  36. Tiff says:

    I wish that everyone is not alone this holiday season!!

  37. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says:

    My one wish would to be to have the military personnel back home with their families.

    We have a friend in Iraq on his 2nd tour. My brother has been there and may be going back.

    blogged ya:

  38. Andrea says:

    So everyone is making these Ms.America type wishes for world peace. I’m breaking the mold and making my wish for my family. Call me selfish if you want.

    I wish that we could find a great house in our price range.

  39. yvonne says:

    i wish that people can find something in their life that they are passionate about and can devote energy and creativity to their passions.