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dream party house Um…I just received an email forward that left me absolutely speechless. I wouldn’t mind throwing a party here one day! The title of the email is "The House that Golf Built ". However, based on this article sent in by a reader – it seems the suggestion in the email attachment that this home belongs to T.W. is innacurate info. Regardless of who the owner is, this 9000 square foot beach-front Maui rental estate is still one very cool space!

dream party house Location, location, location

dream party house Pretty nice area for a cocktail party…your friends might never leave :)

dream party house dream party house Want to see even more? Click here to view several more detailed photos and descriptions of the home. And if you want to rent this gem – prepare yourself: according to this rental posting , it "starts at $6500 per night ". Yikes!

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9 responses to “speechless.”

  1. lily says:

    this is absolutely INSANE! wow. I’m speechless too!

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. katie K. says:

    um…let me guess…Tiger Woods comes to mind!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Actually, it is a rental, and can be yours for about $7,000-12,000 a night. It is in Hawaii.

  5. hiphostess says:

    wow – 7-12K a night – that’s it? ha! :)

    Do you know if Tiger Woods actually owns it or if that’s an error in the pdf?

  6. Mansi Desai says:

    Wowo, Tiger Woods was what I thought too…but I am so motivated to spend just one weekend at this gorgeous place…I loved the scene from the window…man, what amazing peace, calm and such a beautiful palce to vacation!!!

    I guess I’ll have to take the trip through your pics and my imagination:)

  7. Anonymous says:


    Always good to check an urban legend resource before sending something on.

  8. hiphostess says:

    thanks for the tip Anon – you are so right. I’m going to update this post right now!

  9. The Mrs. says:

    That is truly amazing! such a dreamy house!!!