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Holiday Hostess Gifts: Fun Pairings

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December is upon us TOMORROW(!) – and chances are you’ll be attending some holiday parties soon. I often get questions about unique hostess gift ideas, and one fun thing you can do to make your hostess gift especially clever is to pair 2 inexpensive items that coordinate well together to create a cute package. A few of my favorite pairing ideas are pictured in the images below…

Pairing ideas 1 & 2:
well-designed olive oil/vinegar bottles + dipping dishes ; and holiday themed candles with decorative matches {scroll down for product resources}

Holiday Hostess Gifts pictured above: Terra Medi Olive Oil ($12.95 at C&B), Terra Medi Balsamic Vinegar ($9.95 at C&B), O Cabernet Vinegar ($12.95 at amazon), deep sauce dishes ($1.95 each at C&B); Peppermint Candles ($5.95 – $8.95 at C&B), and mystique red matches ($12/set of 250 matches at iomoi™)

Pairing ideas 3 & 4:
fun & contemporary garlic peelers + an easy-to-clean (thank goodness! ) garlic press ; stylish dish soap (yes, that does exist! ) + cute, clever soap & dish scrubbers {scroll down for product resources}

Holiday Hostess Gifts pictured above: silicone garlic peelers ($6.95 each at wrapables), garlic press with removeable press plate ($9.95 at wrapables), method™ dish soap ($5.00 online / also available at Target stores), and Boston Warehouse™ Punk-u-Pine ($9) and Octopus ($7.99) soap & scrubbers – both available at

Pairing idea 5:
Themed products
, such as these snowflake-themed items below, make a great hostess gift idea when paired together. For example, pair the snowflake soap with the snowflake guest towels or Pomegranate soap/lotion set , or – since the soap/lotion set is a little more expensive ($19.95) – just give that as your main gift paired with a cute snowflake ornament . The snowflake-themed pretzel tin would also look great when embellished with a snowflake ornament – and coordinating gift tags are the perfect touch for any of these pairings! (all items are available at Crate and Barrel )

Holiday Hostess Gifts

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

5 responses to “Holiday Hostess Gifts: Fun Pairings”

  1. jess says:

    love the candle & matches idea! that’s a nice addition to the typical hostess candle.

  2. sara says:

    Thanks for these awesome ideas…I can always rely on you in a pinch!!!

  3. Dana V. says:

    I happen to know that those snowflake pretzels from Crate & Barrel are UNBELIEVABLY good. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Eva says:

    LOVE the adorable oil/vinegar bottles. Can you post the direct link? Great site, btw!

  5. hiphostess says:

    The links are up, Eva! sorry for the delay – long day yesterday! :0