there’s no place like home…

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We’re home! They lifted our evacuation and – aside from the smoke – things are looking good in our area! Thanks so much to everyone that posted and emailed such nice comments & messages – it honestly meant a lot to hear from you :) There is still so much devastation going on in other parts of the county though because the fire just keeps moving from one place to the next, so San Diego in general is definitely not out of the woods. It’s been hard to watch the news, but thank God for the firefighters – I don’t think anything would be standing at this point if it weren’t for them…seriously!

So we’re getting settled back in and I think life will be back to normal for us by tomorrow. I would say it would be back today – but somehow of all things I managed to end up in the emergency room today :0 I’m obviously fine since I’m posting this right now – but while trying to re-hang a painting above our bed, the corner of the painting hit an iron wall sconce (quite heavy, I might add!) that hangs next to it and knocked it off the wall and square onto my head. After the initial flash of pain I actually laughed because I was thinking how completely ridiculous what had just happened was – seriously how often does one knock a wall sconce onto their own head?! – but then realized it was bleeding pretty badly and I think I gave my husband a heart attack when I went downstairs. So back into the house then back out with a big gash in my forehead…go figure! You just never know what the day will bring, I guess…

Anyways, posting will return to normal tomorrow – and we have some fun surprises, giveaways, and charitable events happening here very soon too! So please stay tuned…

See you soon!
Jenn :)

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17 responses to “there’s no place like home…”

  1. MyStarbucks says:


    I am so glad you are okay. What a crazy week you all have had.



  2. bridalbar says:

    SO glad to hear you are home safe (well, sort of)! Sorry about the head injury! Keep indoors with all that smoke and please do post SD Charitable Events…we all want to get involved!

  3. Gatherings says:

    Glad to hear that your home and you are okay. Watch out for those wild sconces!

  4. Michelle L says:

    Glad to hear you and your family are safe…my fiance and I live in Pacific Beach and weren’t directly affected by the flames but know many friends who left their homes for safer ground. Luckily all are back home as well. It has been a devastating week for so many, my heart goes out to everyone who lost so much this week.
    We donated goods to Qualcomm Stadium but many of the shelter sites still need alot of help. Our prayers all with all in SD right now. We live in such a wonderful city and it’s great to see everyone come together in a time of crisis.
    P.S. – Im glad your head is ok as well! =)

  5. Kara says:

    Clicked through to your blog from Girl Gone Great’s blog. I’m in SD, too, so it’s comforting to read someone else going through it. I’m keeping all my family back East up to date through my blog. We’re in San Marcos, so two of the smaller fires just missed it. Best of luck to you.

  6. says:

    Hi Jenn,

    It’s me, Melissa (Ayer). I’m glad you guys are back home and ok. I was thinking and praying for you guys the whole time.

    Take care! Talk to you later….

    Melissa :)

  7. yoonie at home says:

    Hi! Jen! Do take care. Greetings from all the way from Malaysia. Love your blog and have been following it eversince. Come visit mine.


  8. Melissa DiStefano says:

    Oh my goodness, Jenn!!! You poor thing! If it’s not a fire, it’s a “crack your head open!” I’ll be praying for you all around!


  9. candis hecking says:

    You’re having a rough week! Glad you are ok and that the fire situation is getting better.

    ~ Candis

  10. Amy says:

    OH my goodness! Glad to hear you are okay and home safe!

  11. Laura says:

    So glad you’re alright and back home. What a welcome back, being hit on the head by a wall sconce! Hope your head heals quickly and that all is back to normal for you in short order.

  12. Kelly Mahoney says:

    So glad to hear you’re safe! My thoughts are with you.

  13. talida says:

    That’s great news!

  14. magnolia mama says:

    Evacuation and a head gash? Hang in there HWTM.

  15. bridalwishlist says:

    welcome back. glad you are safe.

  16. Jennifer Ramos says:

    glad to hear you are back and all is ok.


  17. The Mrs. says:

    I am so glad you’re all right!!!!