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special Blueprint deal for HWTM readers!

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I’m so excited to tell you about this special deal for HWTM readers – because it comes from one of my very favorite magazines – Blueprint – and if you like the style of products & ideas we showcase here, then I can pretty much guarantee this magazine will be right up your alley too!

Blueprint MagazineBlueprint is the newest publication from Martha Stewart Living (only about a year old) and it has a fresh, modern style geared towards the early 20 to late 40’s crowd. You’ll find everything from fashion & beauty tips to home decorating ideas and – of course – tons of cool entertaining tips :) And by clicking here or on any of the images in this post, you’ll be taken to a special page HWTM page where you can sign up for a subscription for only $10/year – which is 52% off the newstand price! {side note: Blueprint is a bi-monthly magazine, so that comes out to roughly $1.65/issue…not too shabby!}

To give you a more detailed glimpse of what the magazine’s all about, the following are some of my favorite highlights from the current November/December issue…(you might notice the main headline on the cover is MODERN Holidays…hooray!)

holiday recipes & gift guides for everyone from best friends to husbands to tots …

Blueprint Magazine
super creative gift wrapping ideas…

Blueprint Magazine
Chic Thanksgiving tablescapes and recipes…
{bonus: click here to download the printable template for the pretty place-cards pictured below!}

Blueprint Magazine
Glow and Behold” – a whimisical, modern take on holiday decorating (which can easily be recreated with any color scheme…silver, blue & lime green would be gorgeous too!

Blueprint Magazine
And, of course – party fashion & beauty tips
…because decorating yourself for those holiday parties is important too!

Blueprint Magazine
Another thing I love about Blueprint is that every issue has a special little pull-out “Handbook” featuring one particular shopping, decorating, or entertaining theme. This month’s handbook is a “Guide to Setting the Table” – and one of my very favorites from past issues was “The Essential Home Bar Guide” {pictured left}.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this special peek into the magazine…happy reading!

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

16 responses to “special Blueprint deal for HWTM readers!”

  1. gina says:

    beautiful images! Looks like there’s tons of great stuff in there. Thanks for the tip!

  2. tiffany says:

    I have this magazine and I totally love it too!

  3. katie says:

    Thanks for the special deal! $10 for a whole year is nothing!!

  4. B. says:

    Wow! I just retuned from the beauty salon where I had a chance to read the latest issue. I really enjoyed it and thought of subscribing, thanks, this offer came right on time!

  5. susan says:

    LOVE the dress with the purple sash. So adorable!! Do you know where that’s from?

  6. Glamour This! by Kelly says:

    This really sucks… I wanted to buy, but rates are only valid in the States, why can’t they be friendly to their neighbours… Canada is not soo far away. I am sad … and this is my sad face :(

  7. hiphostess says:

    oh, no! I’m sorry about that Kelly :( wish there was something I could do!

  8. Jessica says:

    This was perfect timing. I keep meaning to subscribe, but I only seem to remember when the new issue is about to come out and I don’t want to miss out by waiting on a subscription. Now I’ve got 2008 covered, without having to run to the bookstore.

  9. Glamour This! by Kelly says:

    No worries… its always like that with Martha mags. I might just call them…

    By the way, just because I couldnt get this awesome deal, didnt mean I couldnt share the news. I featured you on my blog today :)

  10. Mrs. Limestone says:

    This was perfect timing! I needed to refresh my subscription today anyway. Thanks.

  11. suburban prep says:

    Oh I am so excited. I love this magazine.
    Thank you.

  12. Cass says:

    did anyone actually successfully subscribe using this page? because when I tried (twice) it kept on just coming back to the same page. I emailed customer service too and did not get their promised 2 business day email back… help!

  13. hiphostess says:

    Hi Cass –
    I’m so sorry you’ve been having trouble signing up for the subscription! There have been successful sign-ups through that page, but I passed your comment on to my contact at Blueprint so they could look into it and make sure something in the programming code didn’t get messed up recently – and so they could at least be on the lookout for your customer service email :) Please let me know if this gets resolved!

    Jenn :)

  14. hiphostess says:

    Hi again – here’s some feedback from Blueprint…
    Hi Jenn –
    I just placed an order with no problem. The only think I can think of is it will send you back to the order page if there is any information missing, or if they did not supply an email address, yet that check box is checked.

    Please have her try this maybe?

  15. Cass says:

    thanks for trying!
    I tried again (several times) and every box is filled correctly. And I’ve sent yet another email to them with no response. so frustrating, but certainly not your fault. I appreciate your help anyway, I guess I’m giving up.

  16. hiphostess says:

    such a bummer, Cass! last thing I can think of is to try a different browser (maybe Firefox instead of IE, for example)…but other than that I’m out of ideas too :(