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Love cocktails? Love shopping? Love contemporary style? Then you should find today’s Surprise Giveaway worthy of a “Cheers!”.

CocktailVibe – a hip website featuring loads of contemporary barware – is generously offering up $100 shopping sprees on their website to TWO lucky HWTM readers! On CocktailVibe, you’ll find everything from funky glassware & shakers to hip serving trays and home decor – and you can spend your winnings however you like!
In addition to cool products, CocktailVibe also features a “vibe on location” section that highlights great bars and cocktail venues around the globe – as well as an entire section on cocktail trendspotting. And I personally love the explanation they give (on their “about us” page) – as to why they find the cocktail so facinating: “…Perhaps it’s the fact that cocktailing is an activity that involves people, conversations, depth and overall good times. There’s nothing better than getting together with friends and family, mixing a concoction of choice, sitting back, and relaxing.” I couldn’t agree more!

How to enter:
Post a comment here and tell us what YOUR favorite cocktails or mocktails are – whatever you like to make at home or what you’re most apt to order when you’re out. It will be interesting to hear what drinks are most popular these days… Also, please remember to use your blogger login or a name we can easily identify you with if you win.

Giveaway ends Wednesday, Sept 12 at midnight PST – so make sure to post your comment before then, and this time next week you could be hosting cocktail hour at your place with a bunch of new goods! ;)

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176 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY:”

  1. G&J Matthews says:

    Ha! I don’t drink. I’ve never touched a drop of alcohol, but I’d like to win for some of their home decor items. Do I still qualify?

  2. Jennifer M. says:

    I love a nice dirty martini from time to time.

  3. michelle says:

    What a fun contest!! My favorite drink ever has got to be a lycheetini from Cafe Asia. SO yummy, especially the alcohol-soaked lychees at the bottom.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been having some super tasty pear vodka martinis lately thanks for Absolut’s new pear flavored option. You can mix it with just about anything fruity and garnish it with a fresh slice of pear and voila! I hope I with the giveaway and get to sip my pear vodka in some awesome new glasses! -Diana H.

  5. Biddy says:

    this contest is making my mouth water…

    mimosas and white chocolate marini’s are my fav!

  6. Veroni says:

    Pisco Sours! They are a huge hit in Peru and Chile, and their frothy lemony goodness can’t be beat!

  7. Elaine says:

    I love a good gin and tonic but when I’m out and don’t feel like drinking, I mix sugar-free red bull with a splash of cranberry juice, lime and orange slices for a yummy, fizzy psuedo-sangria. Everyone thinks I’m drinking when all I’ve got is juice!

  8. Koenig Family Blog says:

    K, so I don’t drink, but virgin margaritas are delish!

  9. Cathy says:

    Margarita on the rocks with salt, please! But, if I had some of these really cool glasses I might be tempted to try something new!

  10. Tom Ufer says:

    I enjoy a Martini that is 5 parts Gin to one part Dry Vermouth and garnished with a single olive.

    I also enjoy a Manhattan made with a tasty Rye.

  11. IzzyE says:

    A woo-woo. I had it for the first time when someone ordered it for me, and I absolutely loved it!

  12. Melissa says:

    I haven’t experienced a wide variety, but I love chocolate martinis. And last week I had a s’mores martini that was pretty incredible! (Though at home, the only drink I mix is chocolate milk!)


    Gin & Tonic with lots of ice and several slices of lime. A summer favorite which I drink all year long. (to get through the Canadian winter!)

  14. Ginger says:

    SO many cocktails to love – I guess my favorite would be a GOOD mojito – that means no mix, you have to make it from scratch for it to be good! :) HOpe I win!!!!

  15. Miss Fox says:

    I’ll take a shot of Grey Goose or two in one of those cute test tube shot glasses! I love it!

    Miss Fox

  16. buericana says:

    Flirtini- sweet, with champagne and sugar on the rim

  17. Joha says:

    My favourite drink since a long time is Shōchū (a distilled alcoholic beverage from Japan, often made from rice) with milk. But you can also use Gin, if Shochu isn’t available. I really like the combination of the mellow and a bit sweet taste of the milk, combined with the distinctive yet soft bitterness of the alcohol.

    Johanna Foehre

  18. Naomi says:

    I love frou frou tropical drinks, especially if they come in a coconut…

  19. Cheri Chenoa says:

    I have two favorite margaritas that I absolutely love!

    One is called Tropical sunrise…it is beautiful layered with blue on the top, yellow in the middle, & red at the bottom. It is made with sauza hornitos tequila, midori melon liquor, pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine…a refreshing orange taste to it!

    The other one is called Chambord 1800…made with 1800 reposado tequila, cointreau and chambord rasberry liqueur…a perfect mix of a sweet & sour taste that everyone will enjoy!


  20. kristin says:

    There’s a bar in Austin (where I live) called the Paggi House that uses fresh citrus, when I’m there I can’t resist a fresh grapefruit and grey goose. They also make a killer Mojito.