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new products from elum

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The new products from letterpress stationery company elum designs – which include fabric-bound journals, luxurious gift bags, sophisticated gift wrap, and complete stationery desk sets – are exactly as to be expected: ridiculously gorgeous ! Check it out…

Elum Designs

Elum Designs Elum Designs

Now through August 31st, enter promo code "PROD07 " at checkout to receive a 15% discount on your entire order at .

Shopping Tip: The product thumbnails on elum’s website are a little different than most shopping sites – they’re the little squares in a row at the top of the page. Click on any of these squares to view the product details and add items to your shopping bag. There is also a scroll bar directly beneath the thumbnails so you can scroll from left to right to view more. Hope that helps!

Elum Designs

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15 responses to “new products from elum”

  1. wendy says:

    WOW. Amazing stuff!

  2. Kelly Mahoney says:

    That’s stationary looks adorable! What great giftables.

  3. patricia says:

    this is absolutely beautiful! I really love the yellow and gray desk set – such a great and often overlooked color combo!

  4. michelle says:

    Oh great news, that stuff looks so beautiful, graphic and colorful, I just love it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    oh my gosh this is all so amazing!

  6. Abby says:

    I LOOOOOVE these from Elum. I saw them at the stationery show this past year and went nuts. They are so chic.

    In other news, guess what…

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  7. Miss Beaux says:

    It is gorgeous. But I can’t figure out how to purchase from their website. Am I missing something?

  8. Katie says:



    I *heart* elum!! Golly, that is gorgeous!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Asbolutely beautiful. Drooling….

  11. Blue Orchid Designs says:

    I love elum! Ridiculously gorgeous is exactly right.

  12. Faith says:

    I’m with miss beaux. Cannot figure out how to purchase off their website. I suppose we have to contact customer service? Although that seems a bit time consuming and defeats the purpose of viewing products online convenient purchasing. I really like those gift bags! Wish I could get some…

  13. hiphostess says:

    Hi guys –

    To purchase from elum’s website, you need to click on the little thumbnails above the beauty shot of the gift bags or other products. Here’s a direct link to the gift bags page for example. See the little squares in a row at the top of the page? click on those to view the gift bags in that print shown on the thumbnail and you can add them to your shopping cart there.

    hope that helps :)

  14. franki durbin says:

    you are such a peach. I love Elum’s creations. I can always use a ‘paper pick me up’ for my correspondence! ;) nice work, love!

  15. Jaime says:

    OH! These are awesome. Thanks for sharing.