Hanna Mugs…and more fun stuff

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How fantastic are these mugs by Scandinavian designer Hanna Werning! Aptly named “Hanna Mugs“, Werning received her inspiration from a childhood chest of drawers filled with souvenirs that her mother had brought back from Russia. That inspiration sure paid off! $16/each at Bunny Maxwell.

Bunny Maxwell Hanna Mugs
A few more of the cool new arrivals at Bunny Maxwell…

Filippa K Lace Mugs and Filippa K Leaf Mugs {$45/set of 2}

Bunny Maxwell
DRINK Glassware Set {$46/set of 4}, CHEERS Mingle Wine Glasses ($44/set of 4} and Pick Up Mug and Tray Set {$32/set}

Bunny Maxwell

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11 responses to “Hanna Mugs…and more fun stuff”

  1. kelly k says:

    seriously digging all of this stuff!

  2. Becky says:

    I really like the DRINK glassware set! Perfect for summer ice tea! I always feel like in summer colors can be more bright and trendy! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kelly Mahoney says:

    Love the glassware, it’s really whimiscal yet elegant.

  4. jwh says:

    the hanna mugs are too cute! love ’em

  5. lisa m says:

    I love the designs of all the mugs! The filippa ones are cool too. Love seeing designs like this. swoon!

  6. Suhail says:

    Oh I love Hostess and I sooo like these Hanna Mugs, but I wonder if I’m just teasing myself. Every time I see something I like, they only ship to the US, not the UK. :( I’m contemplating a move.. hehe. Great for inspiration though!!

  7. hiphostess says:

    Suhail –

    I feel your pain! I actually find a lot of stuff international stuff that I love and usually run into the shipping problem too. I did a search for more of the Hanna mugs and couldn’t find them for sale anywhere else besides Bunny Maxwell, but if I come across a place that sells them and ships internationally, I’ll be sure to let you know!

    (If anyone else already knows of a place like this, please share as well!)


  8. tiffany says:

    love the hanna mugs. i might need to get just one for my desk – it would be much prettier to look at than my current boring pen holder!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey, these products are made by Swedish company Rörstrand. You can check their website rorstrand.com or ittalagroup.com (who bought the company a while ago) for international retailers.

    As far as I can tell there is a place in Chippenham (UK) called White Brand Agency LTD that sells Rörstrand products.

    Thanks, hostess for spotlighting Swedish design!


  10. Suhail says:

    Oh wow thanks Linda that is good news. I’ll check it out. And Jenn thank you too! :D
    Love the idea of a hanna mug pen holder. I’ve got a waterbottle cut in half now (Couldn’t find a proper one and had to improvise, although mine looks better than the ones the company has). We should surround ourselves with beautiful things if we can. Don’t you think.


  11. hiphostess says:

    thanks so much for the info, Linda!