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the icing (off!) the cake…

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Definitely two of the prettiest cake stands I’ve ever laid eyes on! Butterfly Cake Stand (top) and Black Lace Cake Stand (bottom).

pretty cake standpretty cake stand

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11 responses to “the icing (off!) the cake…”

  1. Biddy says:

    oh wow…i definitely need the black lace one!!!

  2. karen says:

    gorgeous!!!!!! I love the butterfly one :)

  3. zobars says:

    How can you not love these ?? I don’t bake cakes but they make me want to…love ’em

  4. platinum blonde says:


  5. At Home with kim vallee says:

    The butterfly looks great but it is sad that the cupcakes do not sit properly on the second tier. Therefore, I prefer the black lace.

  6. hiphostess says:

    I see what you’re saying Kim…perhaps the 2nd tier should be for only mini-cupcakes. I just went to a wedding with a big mini-cupcake display and they were adorable :)

  7. John Trosko says:

    Perhaps you could use the second tier for cake forks?

    – John

  8. hiphostess says:

    Great idea, John! And the 2nd tier could also always be used to stack small cookies or some other type of treat – to create a tray that offers a variety of desserts… :)

  9. Janea Collins says:


  10. franki durbin says:

    ridiculously cute. The serving pieces are as edible looking as the treats they house!

  11. tyesha says:

    Great finds. I just wrote about cake and cake stands today and then I found your post.

    This is the first time I’ve read your site and I am in love. So inspiring.