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Of all the online shops I’ve been lucky enough to discover this year, Violet – a new website with a fantastic selection of stylish gift ideas – is definitely a favorite! The graphic designer in me is so very impressed with Violet’s refreshing & unique shopping interface – complete with a clever use of wit in just the right places. {For example, the “Get Carded.” remark on the stationery page.} This week, there is yet another reason to sing Violet’s praises: just check out this fantastic stationery giveaway they’ve put together for a lucky hwtm reader!

VioletVioletGiveaway includes all the great stuff shown above: Botanical Coasters, set of 3 Blithesome Booklets, set of 6 letter-pressed Punctuation Cards, and 1 set each of Bamboo Lattice and Aviary notecards (both available in aqua or yellow). Total retail value = $71!

Post any comment here to enter the drawing! Giveaway ends Sunday, May 20 at midnight PST. Good luck!

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286 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Violet”

  1. Willis says:

    So cool! I love it!

  2. Tami H says:

    just gorgeous. i want to smell it and touch it. (please pick me!) :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very well designed. I love all the sets shown. Wish me luck!

  4. Wanderluster... says:

    This stuff is beautiful – I’d be in paper heaven if you picked me!

  5. Terina says:

    count me in this one too!!

  6. danielle says:

    paper paper pretty please

  7. Janice says:

    Pick me pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. lisa says:

    oook… so i can see why there are 209 comments. pick the 210th! :-D this stuff definitely looks cool enough to buy though!

  9. the antibride says:

    i wanna be a paper chic chick!!!!!

  10. Miss Five says:

    Bold and beautiful

  11. ben and whitney shafer family says:

    um, love these! totally chic and fun. :)

  12. Ellen says:

    want. covet. watnt

  13. Eminepala says:


  14. Marilyn says:

    oh so chic! I love it.

  15. Barbara says:

    Love this stuff =)

  16. Anonymous says:

    WOW – Great stuff!!!!

    Maria Y.

  17. Lo says:

    Gorgeous! Love it =)

  18. greengelato says:

    super beautiful!!! paper is my porn.

  19. AnnaB says:

    Beautiful!!! Love love love!

  20. jess says:

    oh that just looks SOOOOO gorgeous!!
    Xx Jess

  21. Heather says:

    These are beautiful.

  22. Kristie S. says:

    Very pretty. Love the coasters!

  23. Liz says:

    gorgeous — wish they made wallpaper like this…

  24. superdumb says:


  25. Lizzie A says:

    Fantastic stuff!!

  26. mander says:

    I think I need this!

  27. chikimama says:

    so cool! i love it!!!

  28. Mymsie says:


  29. Lesley says:

    Is it a sin to lust over prints and stationary?

  30. qtfisch says:

    stationary week has been my favorite hostess blog series ever! thanks for all the fantastic ideas!

  31. RenaissanceGrrl says:

    How Did I miss this one?
    More great stuff

  32. Nikkala says:

    Lovely. Brilliant. Generous.

  33. sarah says:

    These cards are beautiful, original, classic and modern all at the same time! Thank you for posting.

  34. KP says:


  35. At Home with kim vallee says:

    Violet carries amazing stuff. Their online store is so inspiring. Here is my chance to get things from Violet because unfortunately shipping in Canada is not available on their online store. I cross my fingers.

  36. Kristin says:

    This is gorgeous! Sign me up, please!

  37. Laurie says:

    i love this stationary!

  38. mperez says:

    how beautiful are these???? very bright and sunny :-)

  39. Dana says:

    I don’t know who would have more fun; me writing notes on this beautiful stationary or my friends receiving happy mail on such beautiful stationary!

  40. Danielle Strader says:

    Love it all!