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notNeutral - Map Plates
Some of you might remember these fantastic city map plates from notNeutral that I posted on last month. Well, the plates got such a great response from readers that notNeutral would like to hear more from you! They’re planning to add 4 more cities to the map plate collection for fall, and are looking for suggestions as to what those cities should be….which is where you come in!

There is a theme to the collection – so that should help you narrow it down from the zillions of cities out there. The theme is “Culture and Capitalism” – and the quick summary of what they’re looking for in the chosen cities is this: (as quoted from Julie Smith-Clementi, notNeutral President) “We are looking for four cities that have been greatly impacted by man through the process of urban design/development and capital investment, rather than growth through a slower more organic model.” It might also help to read about how they decided upon the cities that are currently in their collection too. Click here to read that press release (pdf).

So – what city (or cities) do YOU think should belong in the upcoming map plate collection? Tokyo? London? NYC? Tell us what you think – and you’ll be entered for a chance to win your favorite map plate from the current collection! TWO winners will be chosen! Just post your suggestion here by Friday, May 25 at midnight PST. Good luck!

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110 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Map Plates”

  1. lily says:

    definitely Tokyo! I love Japan so much and they are so influential in the world of design – not to mention a HUGE city!

  2. haley jensen says:

    oooh – I love these plates SO much! Being from LA – I definitley know what I’d pick if I won!! But I also think that London, Tokyo, Sydney, Chicago and New York would be great choices.

  3. katie says:

    would Las Vegas be an option? It definitely seem like that’s a city that was created by man out of nothing in the middle of no where!

  4. Suzen j. says:

    my vote is for Tokyo, NYC, and Dehli.

  5. hedgie3767 says:

    NYC and Paris have to be chosen in the next plate designs.

  6. Biddy says:

    most definitely NYC! Of course, being from Texas, I’d love to see Dallas too…

  7. Julieta says:

    Easy! Buenos Aires, Argentina. AKA the Paris of the South

  8. Houses, Couches and Babies says:

    I think Rome or Paris would be amazing plates.

  9. Blue Orchid Designs says:

    NYC and Paris, naturally. Kuala Lumpur for the an twist and one of my favorite cities.

  10. mj says:

    Dubai, for sure. Astronomical growth in the last 20 or so years.

  11. Jane Maynard says:

    this is fun! (even thought I just typed my whole comment and then deleted it!). interesting question…cities with fast growth impacted by urban design and development rather than traditional growth…here are my suggestions!

    montreal: fast growing, multicultural, hip and cool, awesome combination of Old World and Modern, large creative workforce (so you know design plays a role in the city’s growth), four universities (young, educated city)…just a great place that I think fits the bill!

    sydney: huge immigrant population – population is growing like crazy! Very culturally diverse, tons of big business, big player financially in and in other ways, definitely a COOL city with so much appeal culturally and naturally (beaches, etc).

    las vegas: I think this is a great suggestion – also growing, growing, growing and I think we have to say that’s definitely growth brought on by development and design by people…not as sold on this one as montreal and sydney, but still worth a thought!

    two others that I saw in a few articles I read that would be worth researching:
    Toulouse, France
    Ghaziabad, India

    thanks for the homework – it was fun! :)

  12. jodi b says:

    I would have to say New York. It is a city that has done alot with very little space…central park would look great on the plate.

  13. Elizabeth E says:

    Paris or NYC!

  14. SteamyKitchen says:

    Hong Kong! Such life, such excess, such movement in such a little tiny island

  15. Kelli says:

    tokyo, i have a dream to go there someday. my husband lived there once and ive always wanted to experience that with him. maybe i can bring my plate.

  16. homemom3 says:

    I’d love the black Los Angeles plate, I grew up in southern California. Course it would be really neat to see California City, CA as a plate too since no one has EVER heard of this place. (actually where I lived)

  17. katherine says:

    Seattle. It’s such a naturally beautiful place. Situated between mountains and water. Though the first time I saw the port I wasn’t thinking of it as beautiful, it was kindly pointed out to me that the port brings in boat loads of money (not literally, but still) to the area. The city and roadways are built (and squeezed) between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington. You can see The Olympic mountains to the West, the Cascades to the East and Mt. Rainier to the South.

    From my p.o.v., it’s certainly seems like a city that has been “greatly impacted by man through the process of urban design/development and capital investment”.

    Sometimes I try to imagine how this place was before the masses arrived. Must have been heavenly before power lines became part of the view. Of course, yes – I do love electricity (still I wish the lines were buried underground).

  18. sarah cool says:

    ROMA, ITALIA!!!!!!

  19. Stephenson Family says:

    Being in NYC, I’d go with that as well as Hong Kong and Dubai.

  20. Liz says:

    These are so funky and very cool! Since I live just 1 hour north of NYC, I would love to see a plate with NYC on it. I’d also love to see Paris, Frankfurt, and London!

  21. kelli says:

    Cairo: fun memories of their high school boy’s soccer team. (12 years ago)

  22. Mr. Wrong says:

    I would have to say either Dubai or NYC

  23. Anonymous says:

    London! London! London! When you are tired of London, you are tired of life (Samuel Johnson)!

  24. buericana says:

    They have to do NYC. How can they not!?

    I’m living in Atlanta so throw a peach on there and we’re good to go too.

  25. Dawn says:

    I say GENEVE, Switzerland. Not Geneva but the french spelling. It’s a fabulous city that has been greatly impacted by man through the process of urban design/development and capital investment.

  26. tyffaknee says:

    I’m partial to Boston, but that’s because I’m from there :) But, I think that Tokyo, London and NYC are good choices. How about doing something a little different with the map though – like mapping the NYC subway system or other transportation routes.

  27. Rosie & Andy says:

    I’d have to say NYC as well.

  28. Laura says:

    Dubai and Sydney are the first two that come to mind…I also have to throw in my hometown of Nashville!

  29. Melis says:

    I would have to say…
    1. Tokyo
    2. Sydney
    3. Las Vegas
    4. The re-emerging New Orleans

  30. Janna says:

    Istanbul—it’s the coolest things.

  31. Almamater says:

    the up and coming, always hip, Austin, Texas would make a very cool choice…

  32. laurenie says:

    New York is a shoe in. I’d also go with London and Barcelona–both awesome European cities.

  33. patty opitz says:

    definitly dubai. dubai is a city that within the past few years, screams the definition of being “greatly impacted by man through the process of urban design/development and capital investment.” the whole reasoning behind its massive growth is for capital gain. their oil will eventually run out within the years, and so they are relying on a new industry for a new capital, which seems to be working– the population increase speaks for itself. this city and its growth is hardly organic. the city literally has mans impact on it day and night with construction going around the clock.

  34. angbrimwil says:

    based on the theme you have to do Istanbul, Turkey. also, Hong Kong. Dubai is a good one too.

  35. harugirlie says:


  36. Sheena Larkin says:

    NYC of course!!

  37. Maria Luisa says:

    My vote is for Dubai.

  38. Kristen says:

    mexico city!

  39. Anonymous says:

    One of the new plates NEEDS to be Chicago. The city was burned down in the Great Chicago Fire and had to be started practically from scratch again and it was also given a man-made quick jot from the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893 which still effects the lay-out and look of the city more than 100 years later. Plus, I bet it would sell really well – Chicagoans love to display and honor their city! For now I’d want to have the black Los Angeles plate if I win one! – Diana H.

  40. Sequana says:

    I second the motion for CHICAGO. The previous poster said it better than I.

  41. marissa says:

    My two picks would be Miami (hometown) and Marrakesh.

  42. Miss Five says:

    I think a “spy” theme would be cool – so maps of Helsinki and Minsk would be my vote.

  43. BeachysCapeCodCupboard says:

    Well I would have to say BOSTON! It’s one of the U.S’s oldest cities and has retained its colonial charm amidst all the urban growth (ie the state of the art Zakim bridge)! Where else on earth would you see “Old Ironsides” from the War of 1812 near a modern bridge unprecedented by any other in the world?!

  44. Holly says:

    I thought I was going to be really original suggesting Dubai, but looks like several people have mentioned it. It’s definetly the pace-setter in the Middle East right now, not just for capital investment but also for innovative design.

    I also think Mexico City would be a great choice – being as it’s the most populous city on earth and sits in the middle of the greater (north/south) American continent.

  45. mai ka aina ali says:

    It would be so cool if they had Hong Kong or Tokyo.

  46. the antibride says:

    it HAS to be mexico city… hey, it’s also a fashion capital of the world!!!

  47. Lisa M. says:

    NYC, Mexico City, Hong Kong… These are obvious, I think. LOVE these plates!

  48. Laura says:

    My vote is definitely for CHICAGO! What a great city it is!

  49. MissChris says:

    Although Tokyo, London, and NYC are obvious cities there are still those that are not so obvious like Honolulu, Hawaii. I could be bias because I was born and raised in Hawaii, but I really think that Hawaii as a state has been impacted greatly by development and capital investment.

    I would love to see Honolulu on one of these plates.

  50. Kylinsmom says:

    Mexico City is my fave! What amazing plates!

  51. the nitty-gritty says:

    i’d say Tokyo and NYC, for sure!!! no questions!

  52. lchan says:


  53. heather h says:

    It has to be London!

  54. monica says:

    for its glory days as the manufacturing center, auto’s changed the world right or wrong
    and imagine the scuffle to grab the detroit plate at the dinner party

  55. JMG says:

    definately New York City!

  56. Kymberlie R. McGuire says:

    Being from Houston – the fourth largest city in the US – I, naturally, have to say Houston would be great for this!

  57. Anonymous says:

    hi, my name is christine and i vote for san francisco because it is one of the top cities in the country and probably in the world in terms of culture. It is known for its arts and freedom for self-expression as well as a huge tourist spot for it’s culture/arts which also spurs on capitalism. It would be so neat to have a trolley on the plate and the hilly terrain that this city is known for. There are so many touristy spots like, Alcatraz, Golden Gate bridge, and etc. And who hasn’t watched Full House?:)

  58. Alice says:

    Las Vegas is the perfect choice. Living here I can say that the growth is certainly not slow and organic!

  59. superdumb says:

    Tokyo or Wichita, KS- the latter because I live there and it would be funny…

  60. Lo says:

    Madrid, the most amazing city on earth! Tokyo, too!

  61. Jessica in St. Paul says:

    Tokyo, Dubai, NYC and Paris!

  62. studio wellspring says:

    San Francisco, Milan, and Vancouver BC ~ for sure!

  63. Erica M. says:

    Dallas for sure!
    It is a city that is home to more corporate headquarters than anywhere else in the country.
    It is stylish, has great weather and great cost of living!

    ~Erica M.

  64. Noelí says:

    Buenos Aires…because I live there….or Madrid.

  65. sarah says:

    Athens Greece…. At one time that city was just a small town, and now it is home to most of the people who live in the country. It is a thriving urban center full of every type of person rich and poor.

  66. Janice says:

    I vote for Manila, or Tokyo! :-) Love these plates!!!

  67. kaskade says:

    What city has been more greatly impacted by man than Seattle? Our founding fathers took out entire hills and built new ones – many new Seattle residents don’t know that the Denny Regrade was a massive dirt moving project that helped the timber industry move logs! I love Seattle, even if it’s gorgeous landscape is man-made!

  68. downstairs Designs says:

    1. Chicago
    2. NYC
    3. Paris

    Although all really are equally great cities, but being from the midwest had to go with Chicago, in addition to the notes above about the fire and the rebuilding of the city fitting the theme.

  69. Cecilia says:

    The city of Pittsburgh has been compared to the top cities of the world. You gotta see it to believe it!

  70. Sarah says:

    Tokyo or Montreal. Both fantastic cities!

  71. OpaqueSkies says:

    Hong Kong. Population in the millions, and they are pushing a New Town Initiative, and working on restructuring. It is like China but not, so it’s a great mix of Asian cultures.

  72. jtroupe says:

    Being an architect and having studied the development of metropolitan areas, I would offer New York and Boston as my suggestions. New York started growing in an organic process towards the financial district in lower Manhattan but soon was transformed into the gridded streets that make up most of the island. I suggest Boston because of the many chnages taking place currently with the “Big Dig” project going on through the middle creating a lot of new areas for development.

  73. TinkerBlue says:

    4 cities I have lived in and loved, and deserve a plate of their own:
    Mexico City

    All definately greatly impacted by man. The design of the Sydney Opera House was the winner of a competition!

  74. Brooke says:

    Brooklyn (though not a city proper) and Venice

  75. Kristen says:

    For sure New York, I mean without a doubt. London is OK, Tokyo…well, maybe. But I like the idea of New York the best!

  76. Gatherings says:

    Vancouver, BC – some great geography along with the cityscape!

  77. Melanie says:

    First off, hats off to the showcasing of Berlin. A perfect example of a city rich in interesting history and a leader in modernization. Love it.

    My two city choices are:
    1. Chicago: The city in the heartland of America that has made tremendous economic leaps, and has recently made strides to become a leader amongst US cities in the green movement. The birthplace of jazz, improv comedy, gospel, and home to a diverse populous–it is recognized as a center of culture. Most recently, it has gained the US 2016 olympic bid! Not to mention, it has always been an iconic city with its memorable lakefront skyline.

    2. NYC: Obviously…the city that never sleeps deserves a plate for eating on at every hour of the night. Though I am a Chicago girl, NYC is its bigger and badder big sister. Chock full of innovation in design, performing arts, architecture, and business. NY bleeds colors with its diverse populous. Not to mention…wouldn’t the big green Central Park look cool on the plate?

    Honorable Mentions: London, Rome, Tokyo…but I had to go for the hometown cities. Next in my heart was Prague…but I am not sure that is what you are looking for- though it is terribly romantic.

  78. Christen says:

    Makes me miss LA…Adorable!

  79. Terina says:

    being from so cal, i would want the LA plates. i don’t know a whole lot about other cities. paris, frankfurt, perhaps strasbourg france because it is the home of the new European Union. reading about all these places just makes me want to visit them!

  80. Kristen says:

    I think Chicago, NYC, London and Tokyo definitely should be considered

  81. Marilyn says:

    NYC, Seattle, Paris, Venice

  82. Kristie S. says:

    Athens, Greece!!!

  83. amyk says:

    i think that they should definately add NYC. Maybe that seems obvious, but the set seems incomplete without it. Sydney would also be fun.

  84. it's me, Val says:

    Not many people are saying Chicago!! It may be the windy city, but it’s also a city of amazing culture, architecture, history, shopping . . . it’s just fabulous all-round! :)

  85. Anonymous says:

    Boston! THe John Hancock building that is all mirrors to show off the beautiful, historical architecture…doesn’t get any better than that!

  86. Laura says:

    DC of course, i’m sure our crazy circles would look great on a plate.

  87. mama k says:

    Philadelphia! So much history there.
    Great giveaway!

  88. judes says:

    Very interesting selections! I’d say Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, NYC, Sao Paolo (Brazil), Buenos Aires – at least one of those should be next!

  89. Anonymous says:

    Those plates are so cool I think my daughter would love to eat dinner on these.

    Fran Heupel

  90. Russell and Hillary Jordan says:

    I like the idea of Venice.. Would require a lot of Blue Water!

  91. dubya says:

    I’m from DC so naturally I think that is the home of “culture & Capitalism”, but other initial thoughts came up with 1.Dubai, 2.Hong Kong, 3.Chicago. Too many great cities in this world! But being a designer I love how the plates are uniquely chosen based on urban design!

  92. Courtney says:

    i have been coveting these plates for awhile now. my vote is definitely for nyc!

  93. lisalmg says:

    Definitely NYC, I think they should also to Rome, Moscow and Boston.

  94. Rebecca-bakesale says:

    I say Tokyo and London have to get plates. What a cool idea!

  95. chewingthecud says:

    my vote is for Singapore.

  96. Jenny says:

    These are so much fun!

  97. pepper says:


  98. Lindsey says:

    No doubt San Francisco and London deserve plates!

  99. Anna Molina-Wilkinson says:

    I can’t believe NYC isn’t on there yet!

    My vote is for NYC and London.

  100. sue r says:

    Rome or Boston (where I live, hee)


  101. Emily says:

    Edinburg Scottland one of my favorite cities

  102. planderson says:

    I have to vote for Sydney, Australia. What the human designs/architecture of the bridge and Opera House have done for that beautiful city is AMAZING!

  103. melissa says:

    definately somewhere British…
    Glasgow or London sound good to me!

  104. Laurel says:

    NYC, London, Venice, Paris

  105. AMP says:


  106. emilyemilyemily says:

    ny or venice!

  107. Shana-Lynn says:

    I would have to say NYC!!

  108. Anonymous says:

    DC or San Fran. New York is overdone.

  109. CarlenLea says:

    Washington, DC, London, and Prague!

  110. OpaqueSkies says:

    I just thought of another great city. Minneapolis. I love how this city incorporates green space within the city. One great example of that is Minehaha Falls. It’s a great oasis in the midst of the city. It’s also a very organized city.