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Cocktails 05.3.07

sammy-boys margarita

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Sam the Cooking Guy: Sammy Boys-Margarita Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching this weekend! And I’m guessing a lot of you are planning to celebrate with the must-have cocktail of the holiday: the margarita of course! One of my favorite cooking gurus – Sam the Cooking Guy – has a recipe for one heck of a margarita – dubbed “Sammy-Boys Margarita ” – complete with a how-to video on his website.

Sam’s theory when it comes to cocktails is that one really great drink is better than 2 or more not-so-great ones, and this concoction is a great example – I’ve had one of these myself and have to say it went down easy (and he’s not kidding when he says it’s strong)! Sam uses good tequila, Grand Marnier, sweet & sour, lime, orange, and lime juice kosher salt. Click here to view the full recipe – and if you’re blog reading at work, be forewarned that the video – complete with sound – automatically plays when you arrive…so might want to turn the volume down first and re-visit later at home!

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5 responses to “sammy-boys margarita”

  1. kate says:

    yummy! these look really good. I agree with the “one good drink is better than multiple crappy drinks” philosophy too :)

  2. stephanie says:

    I love Sam the Cooking Guy! We’re in San Diego and watch his show sometimes – he seems really nice and laid back. these margaritas look VERY yummy too!

  3. Blue Orchid Designs says:

    LOVE it! Awesome post! :)

  4. andrea says:

    yay! I can’t wait for margaritas tomorrow!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    this was fun to watch – thanks!