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Designer Alex Wijnen recently launched a fantastic new stationery company called Cecily Ink, and if you love modern design, the Cecily Ink products should be right up your alley… she blends modern typography with elegant flourishes in a fresh and stylish color palette – yum!

Cecily InkAt Cecily Ink, you’ll find high-end greeting cards (either letterpressed or printed on heavy textured stock), designer postage stamps, and – my own personal favorite – the fresh style card file – which features all 12 of Alex’s greeting cards, packaged up in a hip & functional little box, complete with tabs for organization by occasion!

Ready for the really good news? Alex has offered to give away a fresh style card file – available in chartreuse, pumpkin, or robbin’s egg blue – to TWO different hwtm readers! So you get to double your chances this time…always a good thing :) All you have to do to enter is tell us which of the Cecily greeting card designs is your favorite…or just post ANY comment you like! Giveaway ends Sunday, May 20th at midnight PST. Good Luck!

Cecily Ink

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

288 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: cecily ink”

  1. Leslie says:

    i’m lovin’ the blue and brown get well card. very classy. great stuff!

  2. Stephenson Family says:

    These are beautiful! I love them all, but especially the Robin’s Egg Blue! Great designs!

  3. NEIGE says:

    I love all the cards!
    I love the vibrant blues! The snappy chartreuse!
    The cards are electric!

  4. Kristen says:

    I love them all and you can just never have too many cards on hand.

  5. Phara says:

    I like BD-704…the brown and blue striped Happy Birthday card…yummy.

  6. Mara-May* says:

    All the cards are amazing! I really love the postage stamps though. Way cute!!!

  7. Micaela says:

    I’d have to pick the ‘miss you’ card but it’s a tough choice – they are all so very pretty.

  8. Natalie says:

    Oh my…I love ALL of them! However “with love” really stood out for me. Fabulous designs!

  9. Vicken says:

    All these cards are amazing! I would love a card file to use to organize my cards :)

  10. Sequana says:

    I love them all!

  11. Jeanne says:

    Not fair! Why do we have to choose?! I love every single one of them. The card file box is such a gorgeous, practical idea! You can’t beat the price…12 beautiful cards presented in such a fabulously, resplendent box. Nice! Then there’s the matching postage stamps! Amazing! This company knows what’s going on.

  12. Elizabeth E says:

    I love the second Happy Birthday card. Simple and elegant. Absolutely beautiful!

  13. shauna says:

    Can’t go wrong with those colors. And I could really use a card file.

  14. mommy tu-tu says:

    I really love them all! And I need to restock my card supply. So wonderful!

  15. Nancy Comelab says:

    Oh these cards are all so divine! How on earth can I pick just 1? You cannot ask this of us! :) Thank you for bringing these scrumptious cards to our attention! And it would be great (read: GREAT) if I could win! *blinks*

  16. *~*Jocelynne*~* says:

    I just found your site and already I’m in love! Pure eye candy!

  17. ~Marie~ says:

    Oooh….I love all of them!
    I already bought one of these card files myself (so let someone else have the pleasure of winning one) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    It’s so hard to pick just one design, but if I had to, I guess I would pick the get well card.

    I also really love the swirly wallpaper…I put it up on my myspace and it’s my favorite background!

  18. Hayley says:

    I am in love with absolutely all of this gorgeous work! Have been looking at the site for a while now after stumbling across it months ago trying to decide which I prefer, and I just can’t pick a favourite!

    I love all of them…there is nothing even remotely close to this cuteness I can get over here in the UK, and to win a set would make all of my friends simply green with envy!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Just one word…FABULOUS!

  20. CPA Mom says:

    I cannot choose a favorite – I love them all!

  21. Jenny says:

    I really like the miss you card, but they are all incredible.

  22. Megan says:

    I think the thank you cards are my favorite, but I really can’t decide! They’re all amazing.

  23. Revsmith says:

    I love any of the letterpress cards, beautiful designs and color combinations!

  24. Natasha says:

    The “Miss You” postage stamp was my favorite, as were all the postage stamps. Nothing against the USPS, but the liberty bell stamp is really boring. What a great way to personalize your letters!

  25. Heather says:

    Wonderful designs. I love all the browns & blues!

  26. Koenig Family Blog says:

    I love all things paper!

  27. Jenn says:

    I absolutely love the design of the “get well” card!

  28. Brooke says:

    They are all so lovely!!

  29. wendysue says:

    even cute stamps!!

  30. mander says:

    I love the blue get well card. I am so amazed at the wonderful things creative minds come up with!

  31. Little Kritters says:

    This could be my favorite hwtm week EVER!!

  32. Almamater says:

    It would be nearly impossible to choose. They are all fabulous!

  33. andinagirl says:

    Hard to choose just one. I really like the miss you card though. What beautiful stationary!

  34. The Mommy Chef says:

    I adore the robin’s egg blue!!!!What a great giveaway!

  35. Jessie says:

    My favorite is the “Love You” card with the orange flowers. Beautiful.

  36. Lindsay says:

    They all have a simple elegance I love. Beautiful.

  37. deidra says:

    I’m a sucker for thank you cards. No better way to express your gratitude than in an awesome fashion!

  38. Terina says:

    so creative, i love it.

  39. Anonymous says:

    So cool that I can not come up with a fav!

    debbi e

  40. lauren j says:

    I love the second letterpress thank you card. It’s elegant and simple!