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Ask HWTM {Citrus Shower}

I’ve been getting a lot of email inquiries about bridal showers and where to find things lately, so I thought it might make sense to start posting a few of them on the blog once in a while in case other readers have similar questions and might be interested in the answers as well…so here’s the first one, which comes from Tia, and is regarding chinese paper lanterns and a citrus shower theme…

Hostess with the Mostess: Orange Citrus Shower
{Reader Question}
“…I know there are a ton of chinese lanterns out there – I’m just wondering If there is a website you recommend for different types of chinese lanterns, I was looking for yellow. Also I’m throwing a baby shower and going for a citrus theme, lemons, limes and oranges, from looking through your site I have some great ideas. I was thinking hurricane vases with lemons, limes and oranges in them and going with yellow tulips for the flowers. Anything else you can think of would be great!…” – Tia

{HWTM Response}
Hi Tia –
Here are a couple places where you should be able to find the paper lanterns you need:

I actually threw a citrus-themed bridal shower for a friend last year – so I attached a few pictures from that shower here in case they help. Her favorite color is orange so it was an orange-citrus theme, but lemons and limes are great to work with as well and enable you to incorporate even more colors into the theme. Anyways, one of the accent vases was lined with orange slices – which might be what you’re thinking doing for the tulip vases too. (There’s a skinnier vase within the bigger outer vase, and the slices were dropped into the space between the 2 vase walls, which is what keeps them in place.) For the table centerpieces, I used simple bowls of oranges with little white flowers tucked around in different spots – and gave them some height by flipping smaller bowls upside down to create a “pedastal” for the big bowl.

Also – Izze soda packaging is so great and makes the best party décor just by itself :) They make clementine, grapefruit, and lemon flavors that are the perfect colors & flavors for a citrus shower.

Good luck with the party!

Hostess with the Mostess: Orange Citrus ShowerHostess with the Mostess: Orange Citrus Shower

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evan SAYS:

I know I’m a bit late here, but I would recommend lunabazaar.com as the website with the best selection of colors of paper lanterns. As for yellow, they have five shades to choose from.

Reply April 30, 2008 at 9:42 am

Erin SAYS:

I am planning the bridal shower for a wedding in which I am the maid of honor….and we are doing the citrus theme…..and I am having hard time finding those cute little orange and yellow flower pots with the ribbons around them (the favors). Where can I find them??

Reply August 24, 2008 at 10:49 pm

jenn s. SAYS:

Hi Erin –
I actually bought those at IKEA, but it was over 2 years ago now that this shower was held, so I’m not sure if they’ll have them any more. I’ve tried searching online and have had a hard time finding anything similar as well.

Alternatives that I might suggest are to purchase regular mini flower pots (from places like Home Depot or Lowes) and just decorate them with orange and yellow ribbon – or spray paint them orange and yellow if you’re feeling very motivated :) Or you could also look for orange and yellow paper or acrylic cups for the same type of effect.

Good luck with the shower!

Reply August 24, 2008 at 11:51 pm

Erin SAYS:

I actually looked EVERYWHERE for similar mini-pots….and couldnt find anything. BUT….I went to IKEA….and they sell juice glasses shaped EXACTLY like the flower pots (6 for $2!) So I bought a few of them…..got some craft paint….poured it in the cups…..swirled it around to cover the sides…….and they look just like the ones you used! For 60 mini-pot favors……..glasses/paint/ribbon/flowers……..its only going to cost me about $50-$60! Now I’m having trouble finding those little mini faux orange stems…………

Reply September 5, 2008 at 9:51 am

Chinese Lanterns SAYS:

IKEA have the best selection, I even bought some in the UK.

Reply April 20, 2010 at 12:58 pm

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