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SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: French Bull Espresso Set

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Hostess with the Mostess: Surprise Giveaways!Hostess with the Mostess: Surprise Giveaways!Give your java a playful boost with this oh-so-modern espresso set from French Bull! Comes with 4 vibrantly-colored cups and saucers in 4 different designs. Simply answer the question below for your chance to win! (giveaway ends midnight EST on Wednesday, Feb 28th)

What are the biggest frustrations you’ve run into when planning a baby shower, bridal shower, or holiday party? Please pick one or more from below… You can simply answer “A, B, C,” etc – or feel free to write your own or elaborate if you’ve really got something to vent about!

I get frustrated with:
A. Finding/thinking of interesting themes. I’m tired of the typical wedding bells and pastel baby rattles, etc…
B. Finding cool themed partyware (i.e. paper plates, napkins, etc) that I really love
C. Figuring out what to do for the party favors
D. Trying to find party decorations that aren’t super cheezy
E. Spending WAY too much time planning & prepping for the party
F. Figuring out what to do for games or activities
G. Wasting time looking for ideas on the internet and not being able to find what I’m looking for.

• You have until Midnight (EST) Wednesday, February 28th to enter.
• Anonymous comments cannot be counted – please use either your blogger account login, website URL, or first name and last name initial with your comment so we can identify you if you win. Thanks!

P.S. Nicole Davis – where are you?! Please email me with your address by midnight tonight (tues, Feb 27th) so I don’t have to give your Darlybird giveaway winnings away to someone else!

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

62 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: French Bull Espresso Set”

  1. Lizzy says:

    Definitely “E.” I always get wrapped up in the planning stages so that when the day comes, I just want it to be over so I can move on to another project.

  2. Meena says:

    Mine would most definitely hae to be G – which is exactly why I’m so eargerly waiting for your site launch! :)


  3. KellyS says:

    Actually, most of the choices ring true with me. But if I had to pick one, I guess it’d have to be “B.” It always seems to happen that I get a great, semi-unique idea for a party and then go crazy trying to find party ware and other items to fit my scheme.

  4. Vanessa says:

    It’s definitely B, but the sub- problem to that is finding things that I can afford! So many things for baby and bridal showers, in particular, are incredibly cheesy and the classier things tend to be extremely pricey. I wish there were more affordable and chic options out there.

  5. hiphostess says:

    Thanks for all the great comments, everyone!! A lot of them are cracking me up :) It’s so fun to get your input – and I can definitely empathize all the frustrations!! The Disney & Precious Moments search results bombardment…toilet paper brides…candy bar poop diapers…wanting to throw the printer across the room because it keeps eating my imprintable invites…wiped-out bank account…absent rsvp’s… YEP…definitely been there!!!

  6. Leslie Swan says:

    A – I like cool and different themes, but I am always afraid people will diss the break from the norm and want more traditional ideas. Of course, having interesting ideas would always be good to have, too!

  7. carmen h says:

    I get frustrated with all of the above. Finding cool themes, and planning a party at a price i can afford. these need to be affordable and chic

  8. Funky Finds says:

    I love French Bull! I’d say the hardest thing is coming up with cool, affordable favors.

  9. Laurie says:

    G… And dealing with friends who think I go overboard on the details, but its fun!


  10. Melissa says:

    I’m going with D and F!

  11. jjrames says:

    A and F–something unique and unordinary.

  12. JMG says:

    What a beautiful set!

    I’m going with F and G. I’ve wasted so much time looking for baby shower games on-line with very little reward.

    I recently went to a baby shower where we played a fun game – “Name that Tune” and all the songs had the word baby in the title. The music varied from “Baby Baby” by Amy Grant to “Baby Got Back” from Sir Mix Alot. It was really fun. And as a shower favor, we each got a copy of the CD. I thought it was a cute idea.

  13. Christy says:

    F and G.

  14. Erinn says:

    g, then e.

  15. Amy W. says:

    A. Definately A. It seems like every bridal shower or baby shower I have been to lately, it is the same themes over and over again. However, at the same time, I can understand why people choose those themes — it is usually easiest to find plates, napkins, etc. that go along with “pastel baby rattles” or the silver wedding bells!

  16. bee says:

    A little bit of all of the above. Adding one more thing, space planning! I live is a super small apartment. It’s very difficult to plan a party that would accomadate all of my guests comfortably along with all of the food, booze, and partyware.

  17. Danelle says:

    Oh no! I’m 20 minutes too late for the contest (I was super excited thinking I was on time since it is not yet midnight in my time zone), but I will answer anyway.

    My biggest frustration has been F. Some of my friends are not interested in doing the typical party/shower games so we’ve either had to work our way around having no games or keep the games simple.

  18. Matt Phillips says:

    E. i always spend too much time planning for parties. i have to always worry about whos droppping the keg whos getting tap etc.

  19. brandy w says:

    E. i spent all this time planning my daughters first birthday and gave everyone a 2 week notice and no one showed up

  20. Alexandra C says:

    Coolest teacups I’ve ever seen! Good luck everyone, bu I got I get them! HA :)

  21. Luly R says:

    I am hosting my daughters bridal shower and I am soooo frustrated looking for these same espresso cups or something very similar. Please help if anyone knows where to get them. I have gone on the web with no luck.

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