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Hostess with the Mostess™ Surprise Giveaway: DarlybirdTalk about the ultimate hip-hostess package! Today’s Surprise Giveaway from adorable & design-forward online shop Darlybird comes complete with this sassy Cupcake Ruffle Apron, Vintage Keiko Earrings, French Bull Salad Servers, and the TableTopics Girl’s Night Out edition!

How to enter:
• Make {any} comment on this post
• You have until Midnight (EST) Tuesday, February 20th to enter.
• Anonymous comments cannot be counted – please use either your blogger account login, website URL, or first name and last name initial with your post so we can identity you if you win!

Hostess with the Mostess™ Surprise Giveaway: Darlybird
Click here to visit Darlybird – you’ll find everything from unique jewelry, modern baby & kid products, hip entertaining essentials, and great gift ideas…not to mention that the website is super cute.

Many thanks to Rachel for the great giveaway!

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

151 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Darlybird”

  1. Eliza says:

    what a wonderful idea!
    can’t wait for the site launch!
    (especially since i am in the midst of planning a baby shower and could really use some ideas.)

  2. mama k says:

    Awesome stuff! I feel a little shopping coming on.

  3. Emily Wignall says:

    great post! Hope it’s my lucky day!

  4. pink23 says:

    love love the pictures! great “thing” collage. i have never ever won a contest. might it be now?

  5. Erica says:

    Yay! Count me in. Love this blog.

  6. kohara says:

    Love this site! The apron is too cute.

  7. Jennifer H says:

    Wow! So nice of you to do this. I read everyday to see what you post. Always love what you have.

  8. miss j says:

    in agreeance that your blog is the best…i’ve sent links to all the girls in the office and we all can’t wait until the site launches. i’m especially eager to see the baby shower brunch idea. love the centerpieces!

  9. Jess says:

    Cute stuff–especially the psychedelic salad utensils!

    Once my mother won tickets to the circus and my brother once won a gameboy out of a Corn Pops box but me? I think I missed the lucky gene…

    Congrats to whomever takes home this fab little bundle!

  10. emily says:

    No way! darlybird has the COOLEST LOGO EVER. seriously, i’d kill for all that loot!

  11. Dad/David says:

    Loved the site. But the best reason for me to win is that I need this loot to save my marriage (Mama’s not takin’ my guff no more-I need points badly). David H.

  12. Meena says:

    This is so pretty! I’m a sucker for cute fun designs for my kitchen!!

  13. Sary says:

    Love your site! I’ve been a lurker for a while, but what a reason to comment — that apron is to die for!

  14. Katie says:

    Wheee a contest AND that apron is just calling my name

  15. singinole says:


    great idea and great giveaway!

  16. joanna says:

    love it all, rachel!

  17. Kimberly C. says:

    I read your blog every day. I can’t wait to see what you post next. You have such clever and unique website ideas. The give-away idea is fabulous darling. Kudos!

  18. Maggie G says:

    Fun! Great idea– I’d love to enter!

  19. Melissa says:

    This looks like a cute site. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while but this gives me an excuse to post!

  20. Kim says:

    What a cute store!!

  21. martha says:


  22. nicole.t. says:

    I love your site! I’ve been telling all of my friends about it!

  23. Maile M. says:

    Fun! And I just found your blog today!

  24. Leslie says:

    i’m feeling very unlucky lately. change that for me? thanks. :)

  25. Erin H. says:

    I’d be doubly lucky to win: all that fun stuff AND with a Girls’ Night Out game, I’d just have to throw a Girls’ Night Out! Fun!

  26. Ali says:

    Well, it doesn’t help that I knew Rachel once upon a time. I still drool when I visit her site!

  27. Natalie says:

    Ooh, pick me! Darlybird is the bomb!

  28. TARA says:

    I love the apron and the salad tongs! :) Thanks!

  29. Laurie says:

    Awesome… thanks so much!

  30. Jennifer Zankan says:

    This looks awesome! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  31. Gina says:

    Great items! I would love to win them. :)

  32. Lauren D. says:

    Seriously, how do you find all this awesome stuff?! I’ve never heard of this website before and it’s so cute :)

  33. Chairiste says:

    I love this site! Keep up the great work!

  34. Cindy says:

    Wow what a generous and fun offering of goodies. I have been wanting a set of Table Topics — all the items are too cool. Thanks for giving us all a chance to be totally spoiled. Your blog is fabulous — such a hip look and always so many fun finds and good ideas. Keep up the good work!
    Cindy H

  35. Kristen says:

    What a great site! Thanks for sharing it with us all. They have such cute stuff! Will be hard not to leave my credit card smoking after visiting it

  36. Vanessa says:

    I love this blog, especially the recommendations — even in law school, I still love to thrown dinner parties and your blog is just the inspiration I need to get away from school and have fun with friends.

  37. ben says:

    I love Darlybird!! Finally a website that has affordable, classy and sassy accessories

  38. Housewifery says:

    I love HWTM. This is a great blog and definitely one of my daily reads! :)
    Keep up the great work.

  39. alli says:

    Darlybird is so great! I love all of their creative and darling items.

  40. Jordan says:

    I hope I win the Darly Bird sweepstakes.