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I recently got “tagged” by Jessica and Holly – which means I’m supposed to post 6 strange, weird, or interesting things about myself on my blog for all the world to see…yikes! It’s a game/epidemic that’s hit the blogging world…so I’ll succumb to the peer pressure and play along :) Here goes:

1. I went bungee jumping at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe when I was 17. What was I thinking?! I was tempted to bail once I got to the top of the tower, but the lady going before me kept freezing up when they told her to jump and wouldn’t go, and there was literally a 6-year old making fun of her down below – so I was determined not to be mocked by a 6-year old (!). I was so scared when I first jumped that I tried to scream and nothing came out – but about half-way through it I realized I was (thankfully) still alive and suddenly it was so much fun :)

2. I met my husband on spring break in Cabo San Lucas my junior year of college. We’ve been married for 6 and a half years now. Guess some “flings” on spring break really do last!

3. I’m absolutely addicted to Diet Coke and Low-Carb Monster energy drinks. I probably keep them in business by myself!

4. I’m a semi-certified insomniac because I can’t get my brain to calm down and stop thinking when I’m trying to go to sleep (the Diet Coke and Monsters probably don’t help much either!) But sometimes I’ll get up and 2 or 3 in the morning and have to write an idea down or go on the computer because I’m not sleeping anyways, so might as well be productive!

5. I can’t whistle and am endlessly frustrated with trying to figure it out :0

6. I let my 2 yellow labs take over my side of the bed at night. (probably not helping with the sleeping either). But they’re just so darn cute I can’t bring myself to make them move!

Okay…so now I’m supposed tag some people myself…so I choose Leslie and Suzy. Let’s see if they play along!

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One response to “Tagged! Yikes…”

  1. kstyle says:


    Check out my wierdness post on kstyle. We share the diet coke thing. And I also wander out to my computer way to often because like you can’t get my brain to shut down. Definitely slept better before computers. k