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So here we are in the Honolulu airport – waiting for our connector flight to take us back to San Diego…and back to reality… It was a great 9 days in the Aloha state though! It’s hard to believe that barely 24 hours ago I was swimming about 20 inches (literally!) from giant sea turtles, touring volcanic sea caves, and bouncing around the pontoons of our Blue Water Rafting boat (which is why it’s painful to sit down today!)…and now here I am back on dry land, laptop in hand – and now it’s my head that’s swimming with all the things I need to accomplish in the next few days before the site launches…yikes! {Note to self: stock up on energy drinks on the way home from the airport}

Anyways, I’m so, so sorry that I wasn’t able to post as much as usual while we were away. I had planned to keep blogging as usual and even brought a bunch of things to post on, but when we got here I had to jump through so many hoops to get the internet to work on my laptop – literally carrying everything from room to room, trying to get the signal to last for more than 2 seconds – that I finally decided to take it as a sign that on Hawaiian vacations you’re supposed to spend more time staring at the beach and less time staring at the screen :) So the posts will be back to normal come Monday…hope to see you all then!

Jenn :)

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4 responses to “back to reality…”

  1. lorenzstudio says:

    So glad you were able to take a break and enjoy it. You deserve it, Jenn!

  2. decor8 says:

    welcome back Jen!

    I’ve missed you. :)


  3. ohmyGooshness says:

    Glad you are back, cant wait to see new posts… :)

  4. Jon says:

    hi! I just found your blog! thanks for linking me! I was in Hawaii too, looks like probably about the same time you were! I wish I was back there!