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Fun 4th of July Cocktails

The STAR Martini:
• Start with a classic Blue Curacao Martini:
– 3 oz vodka
– 1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
– Dash of Angostura Bitters®
• Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, add ice, and shake well.
• Strain the cocktail into a clear or blue martini glass rimmed with red cocktail rimming sugar.
• For the star garnish, take a red delicious apple, turn sideways, and slice into thin circular disks. Be sure to leave the skin on so you get the red color in your drink! Cut 5 triangles out of the apple disks to create a star shape. Strain the cocktail into the glass, the float the “star” on top. Adorable!

Ameri-Cran (can be made as a cocktail or “mocktail”)
• Cocktail version:Vodka Cranberry
– Mix 1 oz Vodka with 4 oz Cranberry and a splash of club soda
• Mocktail version: Cranberry Punch
– Mix one 4 oz Cranberry with 4 oz 7up® or Sprite®
• Garnish for both:
Take a bamoo skewer and trim down so it’s about 1.5″ taller than your cocktail glass. Thread cranberries and blueberries onto the skewer, alternating one of each color until you have a row of red and blue berries! Put the berry stick into the glass and voila! Another fun patriotic drink!

Independence Day Shooter:
• Ingredients:
– 1/3 oz Blue Curacao
– 1/3 oz Grenadine
– 1/3 oz Peach Schnapps
• Float each liquid one on top of the other into a chilled shot glass so they appear as red, white and blue “stripes”. Serve immediately to avoid mixing!

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Seriously Cool Tabletop. Seriously Easy Cleanup!

Looking for an easy and affordable away to create a great-looking tabletop? Then check out these great modern designs from Caspari™ and the French Bull™ Paper Collection ! Caspari’s green "Basketweave" design is perfect for a cool "preppy mod" summer dinner party…or throw a funky mod cocktail party with the "Delight" set from French Bull. Both available at…where else? Plum Party!

Quick tip: Be sure to mix solids in with patterns so you don’t end up with a "too busy!!" arrangement. For example, layer patterned salad plates on top of simple one-color dinner plates, or pair printed dinner plates with solid napkins…easy!

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Mod Monsters = Super Cute Tabletop!

Who couldn’t fall in love with these adorably funky japanamation-inspired plates? Available at in both Monster and Superhero patterns that are too cute for words! Plus – sturdy melamine means stress-free entertaining.

A super-cool tabletop for “kids” of any age: Start with Monster and/or Superhero plates. For a cool centerpiece, mix 1 or more Ugly Dolls with framed postcards featuring mod japanamation illustrations, like this Takashi Murakami set. Tie everything together with solid table linens and bold splashes of color. Cool, easy, and anything but typical!

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Fun Stuff for Bachelorette Parties

Aaah – the bachelorette party…the one chance other than Halloween that you and your girls get to dress like video stars, adorn yourself with body glitter and neon eyeshadow and don feather boas or hot pink cowboy hats in public without looking like complete idiots. Aside from the actual wedding day, the bachelorette party is often the most-looked-forward-to wedding celebration for both the bride AND her friends!

The past few years of my life could be dubbed "the wedding era" – and with so many people getting hitched – I’ve just celebrated the 10th bachelorette party with my friends. For those of you looking for some creative bachelorette party ideas, here are some of my favorites:


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